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Frontier Model Long Barrel 24"

.22 S/L/LR and .22 Magnum

Frontier Model Long Barrel 24"

Where Old Tradition Meets Modern Performance

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As you can see from our wide selection of lever actions, we’re big on both tradition in style, and quality in function. We merge both in the Henry Lever Octagon Frontier Model, with its instantly identifiable classic octagon barrel profile in front of our proven Slickest Gun In The West action.

Besides being true to the rifles that rode the horses, the wagons, and the stagecoaches of the 1800s in form, our precisely fabricated octagon barrels add weight, rigidity, and stability that all translate directly into high-grade accuracy just as much off the bench or off the truck hood. We take our barrels very seriously; no shortcuts, we carefully control every step of the process along the way, and you can see the results for yourself when you shoot one.

The Frontier Long Barrel caliber choices in .22 S/L/LR and .22 Magnum lets you take the trail that works best for you, whether it’s the humble shoot-all-day-long .22 Long Rifle or the energy-boosting .22 Magnum.

Shoot either one as they come, the semi-buckhorn rear and tall beaded front sights are easily adjustable to your preferred load and distance; or, mount your favorite glass on top of the grooved receiver cover. Old tradition meets modern performance, with a touch of style tossed in along the way.

ok for left hand shooters

Customer Comments


Dear Tony.

The 22 is becoming famous. I ran a good ammo test today from the bench at 25 yards. It will be part of a feature article at Outdoors Unlimited Magazine. 9 different dime sized dots were used, with 5 shot groups recorded. The scope was a Bushnell Banner 3×9 commonly used by many squirrel hunters.

The Bushnell Banner 6×18 has won more World Squirrel Rifle Championships on a CZ-452 than any other. Today using different ammo two Black Death Targets were achieved. I was only using the dots as an aiming point as the rifle was zeroed with Wolf Match Extra and no other sight adjustment was made. The scope was set on 4 power.

The results (without a vice) showed that you can even hit a dime with Federal (junk) ammo the worst group of the day. What is great is bolt action riflemen are challenging the Henry, I like that.

I wasn’t going to do it but I’m going to try to beat my CZ in a head to head accuracy test, even though they are not in the same class…Cowboy against Sporter. There is really nothing left to do, the Henry is perfect…here is the general ammo test.

John Simeone
Outdoor Writer
ODU Magazine

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Frontier 24" .22 S/L/LR
Model Number H001TLB
Caliber .22 S/L/LR
Capacity 16 Rounds .22LR, 21 Rounds .22 Short
Length 42.5"
Barrel Length 24" octagon
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:16
Weight 7.0 lbs.
Stock American Walnut
Sights Fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear with adjustable white diamond insert and brass beaded front sight
M.S.R. Price $470.00
Frontier 24" .22 Magnum
Model Number H001TMLB
Caliber .22 Magnum
Capacity 12 Rounds .22 Mag
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:16
M.S.R. Price $570.00

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