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Henry Repeating Arms is one of America’s leading firearms manufacturers and the world-leader in the lever action category. We aim to manufacture a line of classic, well-crafted firearms that every enthusiast can afford. Our employees’ passion, expertise, and dedication embody the company’s motto, “Made in America, Or Not Made At All.” So rest assured, when you read the roll mark on the barrel of a Henry, it’s going to say “Made in USA.”

Customer Service

Every Henry is backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty and a personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from the Founder & CEO, Anthony Imperato. Our award-winning customer service department is empowered to exceed expectations and deliver prompt resolutions.


Henry Repeating Arms employs over 800 people across three manufacturing facilities totaling more than 350,000 square feet. The company headquarters is in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and additional factories are in Bayonne, New Jersey, and Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Anthony Imperato currently serves as the Founder and CEO, and Andy Wickstrom as President. Anthony’s father, Louis Imperato, served as Chairman from the company’s founding in 1996 until his passing in November 2007.

Anthony ImperatoHistory

Henry Repeating Arms was started by Louis and Anthony Imperato in Brooklyn, New York, in 1996. The first model produced was the Henry H001 Classic Lever Action .22, and the first shipments were made in March 1997. Henry Repeating Arms takes its name from Benjamin Tyler Henry, the inventor of the first successful repeating rifle in 1860. However, there is no affiliation or lineage to Benjamin Tyler Henry or the New Haven Arms Company, which manufactured the original Henry rifle from 1862 to 1864. Anthony Imperato secured the trademark to the Henry name in 1996.


  • American Business Awards Silver Stevie – Best Facebook Page
  • American Business Awards Bronze Stevie – Customer Service Department of the Year
  • NRA President’s Special Recognition Award
  • Sporting Classics’ 2018 Company of the Year
  • Ballistic’s Best Reader’s Choice – Best Lever & Pump Action Rifle
  • True West’s 2020 Best of the West Reader’s Choice Award – Best Cowboy Action Rifle
  • True West’s 2020 Best of the West Reader’s Choice Award – Best Commemorative Rifle
  • IHEA-USA 2021 Industry Partner Award


Henry Repeating Arms held the record-breaking Henry 1000-Man Shoot in November of 2016 at Ben Avery Shooting Center when 1,000 participants fired Henry Golden Boy rifles simultaneously. CLICK HERE to see watch the 1,000 Man Shoot documentary.

Charitable Endeavors

Guns For Great Causes is the charitable arm of Henry Repeating Arms. Its primary focus is on pediatric cancer – providing financial relief to families of sick children and donations to children’s cancer hospitals. In addition, Guns For Great Causes benefits military veterans, law enforcement, and first responder organizations, particularly those assisting the wounded, injured, and the families of those who lost their lives in the line of duty. Wildlife conservation, preserving and promoting America’s shooting sports traditions, firearm safety education, and 2nd Amendment advocacy are all additional beneficiaries of Henry’s Guns for Great Causes program. 100% of all Guns For Great Causes firearms sales are donated. Since its inception, Henry Repeating Arms has donated over $3.5 million through Guns For Great Causes endeavors. CLICK HERE to read more about Henry’s Guns For Great Causes.


Henry Repeating Arms manufactures over 200 individual models of rifles, shotguns, revolvers, lever action pistols, and more, in a wide variety of calibers and finishes. Products and categories include:

Rimfire Lever Action Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms manufactures an extensive line of rimfire lever action rifles to suit a variety of needs like plinking, hunting, and collecting. Standouts include:

H001 Classic Lever Action .22

Classic Lever Action .22
The company’s entry-level .22 lever action rifle, model H001, is known for its smooth action, genuine American walnut furniture, and affordable price tag. Over one million have been sold worldwide, and Serial No. 1,000,000 fetched over $50,000 at auction.

Other variants of the H001 are available in .22 Magnum and .17 HMR for small game and varmint hunting as well as pest control.

H004 Golden Boy Hero

Golden Boy
The Golden Boy is one of Henry’s flagship models, whose moniker is “The Rifle That Brings Out the West in You.” The Golden Boy is available in 3 rimfire calibers and premium features include a blued steel octagon barrel, genuine American walnut furniture, and a Brasslite receiver cover.

The Golden Boy is also available in Silver and serves as the foundion for many of Henry’s engraved Tribute Edition rifles.

Lever Action Octagon Rifle

Lever Action Octagon Frontier

As a tip of our hat to a timeless barrel style, the Lever Action Octagon Frontier upgrades the Classic to accommodate a heavy-duty blued steel octagon barrel to aid in heat absorption and look good doing it.

The Lever Action Frontier is available in three rimfire calibers and other versions offer diffent barrel lengths, sight options, and a threaded barrel version for suppressed shooting.

Tribute Editions

Law Enforcement Tribute Rifle

Henry manufactures over a dozen different Tribute Edition rifles dedicated to some of America’s most deserving constituencies including the military, firefighters, law enforcement, first responders, farmers, truckers, and more.

Tribute Edition rifles feature highly detailed engraved artwork, which is often further embellished with hand painted color and 24kt plated gold highlights.

Youth Models

Henry Repeating Arms offers a premium line of Youth Models to provide a safe and reliable and platform for teaching the next generation of hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts. Standouts include:

Mini Bolt Youth 2024

Mini Bolt Youth
A lightweight, bolt action .22 built from the ground up with safety and ease-of-instruction in mind. Premium features include stainless steel metal components and fiber optic sights. The Mini Bolt Youth is the official youth rifle of the USA Shooting Team.

Single Shot Youth Rifle & Shotgun
Henry’s Steel Single Shot platform provides a great entry point for beginner hunters. Available in 20 Gauge, .410 Bore, and .243.

Centerfire Lever Action Rifles

From legendary revolver calibers to iconic large game hunting calibers, Henry’s array of centerfire lever action rifles set the bar for quality, reliability, and form factor. Notable products include:

Big Boy
The Henry Big Boy category is chambered for popular revolver calibers like .44 Magnum/.44 Special, .357 Magnum/.38 Special, and .45 Colt. These rifles are available in finishes like hardened brass, blued steel, color case hardened, hard chrome plated “All-Weather,” and an X Model variant with synthetic furniture. These are ideal for brush hunting, home defense, plinking, and competition.

Large Frame Lever Action
It does not get more iconic than a lever action rifle chambered in .30-30 or .45-70, especially when it’s a Henry. Available in over half a dozen different finishes, these rifles are built to exacting standards to last a lifetime and then some of hard use in the deer woods.

Introduced in 2023 in partnership with Remington Ammunition, several of these rifles are also available in .360 Buckhammer.

Henry Original

New Original Henry
The New Original Henry is a faithful reproduction of the Henry rifle patented in 1860 by Benjamin Tyler Henry and manufactured by New Haven Arms Co. using modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

Henry Long Ranger Rifle

Long Ranger
The Henry Longer Ranger delivers bolt-action accuracy with the speed of a lever action due to its gear driven bolt and six-lug rotary locking bolt face. Available calibers include .223/5.56, .243, .308, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 rifle

U.S. Survival Rifle
The Henry U.S. Survival Rifle is an updated version of the AR-7 designed by Eugene Stoner for U.S. Air Force pilots. It is a semi-automatic take-down .22LR designed so that all the rifle’s components fit into the buttstock.

Homesteader 9mm Carbine

Homesteader 9mm Carbine
Introduced in 2023 for home, property, and livestock protection, the Homesteader 9mm Carbine is the company’s first entry in the pistol-caliber carbine market.

Pump Action Rifles

Pump Octagon

Pump Action Octagon
With a design inspired by carnival shooting gallery guns, the Pump Action Octagon is available in both .22 S/L/LR and .22 Magnum.


Henry Repeating Arms introduced its first shotgun in 2017 and has since expanded its offerings to include:

Lever Action .410 Shotgun Side Gate

Lever Action .410
Chambered for 2.5” shells, Henry’s Lever Action .410 is available in a couple different barrel lengths and furniture options to suit hunters and those looking for a low-recoil home defense option.

Garden Gun Smoothbore .22

Garden Gun
The Garden Gun is a smoothbore .22 meant for use with .22 shotshells for small pest control.

Axe .410
The Henry Axe .410 is a non-NFA firearm featuring a unique axe handle grip and shorter barrel.

Single Shot Shotgun

Single Shot Shotgun
From a dedicated turkey shotgun to a rifled slug gun and most everything in between, Henry’s Single Shot Shotgun category blends premium materials and craftsmanship and simple functionality.

Lever Action Pistols

Big Boy Mare's Leg Side Gate

Mare’s Leg
As seen on TV! Inspired by the guns carried by the stars in the heyday of TV Westerns, the Henry Mare’s Leg pistol is built to deliver fun and flair in several rimfire and centerfire calibers.


Big Boy Revolver

Big Boy Revolver
Introduced in 2023, the Big Boy Revolver is the company’s first entry into the revolver market. It is a .357 Magnum/.38 Special classically styled revolver meant to be paired as a companion piece with the Big Boy Rifle or Carbine.

Henry Repeating Arms also offers a Custom Corporate Edition program, allowing companies and organizations to have custom firearms made for rewards, retirements, milestones, or fundraising.

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The Henry Guarantee

The Henry Guarantee

From Founder & CEO, Anthony Imperato

“When you choose to spend your hard-earned money on a Henry, you have my personal satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty for the life of the product. Your 100% satisfaction is of utmost importance, and our award-winning customer service team is empowered to do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with your Henry.”