In the mid-1880s, the medium bore .38-55 cartridge hit the market as a single-shot and lever-action rifle round and quickly grew in popularity for hunters and target shooters alike. Generating up to 1500 ft/lbs of energy, the .38-55 was certainly no slouch in its day. Today, the story is much the same. While medium bore cartridges are often overlooked by the modern hunter, there is no denying the .38-55 is still as venerable today as it was on the frontier. When hunting in thick brush, small-bore projectiles are likely to be sent off target. Medium bore loads, like the .38-55, are less susceptible to deflection while offering lower recoil for fast follow-up shots in the deer woods. As a nod to the Wild West, or a purpose-built whitetail bruiser, the Henry H024 .38-55 is as capable as it is handsome.