.44 Magnum/.44 Spl

.44 Magnum/.44 Spl

From the deer woods to the cowboy action range, to the silver screen, the .44 Magnum is as American as a cartridge can be. Developed as a big-bore revolver cartridge in the 1950s, the .44 Magnum quickly grew to widespread adoption. However, like most pistol cartridges, the .44 Magnum “wakes up” out of a carbine length rifle barrel. Our Big Boy models will push a 240-grain projectile up to 1600 feet per second, more than enough energy to take any North American game with a well-placed shot. Pair a Henry H012 with your .44 Magnum revolver for a big bore hunting load-out, or build an H012MX into a capable hog hunting or home defense platform. Clearly, the versatility of the .44 Magnum is unmatched.

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The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato