The Forgotten History of the Inventor of the Legendary Henry Rifle

Benjamin Tyler Henry

March 17, 2021

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Black and white portrait of Benjamin Tyler Henry

Famed gunsmith and inventor, Benjamin Tyler Henry was born on March 22, 1821.

While he doesn’t have the same household recognition as Sam Colt or Smith & Wesson, Benjamin Tyler Henry is a towering figure in the world of ammunition and firearms – and those in the know, know. Henry invented the eponymous Henry rifle, which was the world’s first repeating rifle that actually worked.

Henry was born in Claremont, New Hampshire in 1821, to one of the most prominent families in the area. His grandfather, Colonel Benjamin Tyler, had been the town’s first millwright, who founded several successful mills in the town and invented the wry-fly water wheel. One of his cousins, James Tyler, likewise continued in the innovative spirit of their shared grandfather by perfecting this water-wheel design, creating much of the prosperity that visited the town during the early years of the Industrial Revolution but allowing paper and textile mills to spring up throughout the town using the power of this perfected design.

At a young age, he became an apprentice gunsmith, working his way up to the foreman at Robins & Lawrence Arms Company of Windsor, Vermont. It was here that he worked with Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson on the volitional repeater, which would eventually become the Henry rifle.

Henry Becomes Involved in Gun Manufacturing

This development prompted Smith and Wesson to form the first Smith & Wesson Company, later known as the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company, which is what it is commonly referred to as today to differentiate it from the later (and current) Smith & Wesson. This company was started in 1855, with the addition of some new investors, one of whom was Oliver Winchester. This was arguably one of the most stacked payrolls in the history of weapons design.

Unfortunately, it was not to last. Wesson left eight months later. For his part, Winchester forced the company into insolvency in late 1856, took the company over, moved it to New Haven, Connecticut, and transformed it into the New Haven Arms Company – which later became the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Henry was hired as the plant superintendent by Winchester because he was deeply trusted by all the principals of the company.

Black and white technical drawing of the original patent for the Henry rifle

Patent No. 30,446 – October 16, 1860

Henry Invents the Repeating Rifle

Henry had to work hard and doggedly to get a design that would work as intended. Finally, the hard work paid off. On October 16, 1860, Henry received a patent for the Henry .44 caliber repeating rifle, which soon demonstrated just how effective such a weapon would be on the field of battle during the Civil War. The repeating rifle quickly demonstrated its superiority to the muzzle-loaded rifle when it was rolled out onto the battlefield in 1862. It effectively gave a single man the firepower of a dozen men.

While a highly skilled rifleman could fire off a few rounds in a minute from his muzzleloader, the Henry repeating rifle allowed for 16 shots to be fired without any reloading at all. Muskets were much cheaper, often less than half the price of the Henry. However, the dollar of a soldier and the military was much better spent on something with the comparatively awesome firepower of the Henry.

All told 15,000 Henrys were produced, many of which are collector’s items today. The brass is known to patinate beautifully. No one at the time was able to see how much of an impact the Henry was going to have both on the world of firearms – and by extension, human history, thanks to its role in the Civil War and the Indian Wars.

The Henry Repeating Rifle Changes the Game

The weapon was likewise incredibly popular with the civilian sector. The sales were particularly brisk in places that were in the borderland area between North and South: Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana. It’s also worth noting that a number of these places were still reasonably considered “the frontier” at the time that the Henry repeating rifle made its debut on the scene.

This is because the rifle wasn’t just fast in terms of its rate of fire. It was also highly accurate. Major William Ludlow’s tale of the Henry rifle’s efficacy during the Battle of Allatoona Pass likely sold cases of the weapon: “What saved us that day was the fact that we had a number of Henry rifles.” All told, a company of 16 shooters hit the parapet and were quickly dropped with the Henry rifle. Indeed, such a psychological effect was produced that no one else dared to try to take the fort.

Henry Splits From Winchester

In 1864, Henry began his split from Winchester. He was unhappy about his compensation and even petitioned the Connecticut State Legislature to give him ownership over the company. Winchester, for his part, beat a quick path back from Europe and outfoxed Henry by once again reforming New Haven Arms as the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, the name by which it was known for decades. Winchester modified the original Henry repeating rifle to make it into the Winchester Model 1866.

Compensation was not the only source of his unhappiness. Henry was also unsatisfied with his work. More than anything, he wanted to be a designer rather than a foreman, leading the daily work of production. He was always looking for ways to improve and perfect his creation.

Henry continued his work as a lone gunsmith until his passing in 1898. By all accounts, he was happy and satisfied with his work, which allowed him to innovate and work with weapons in the kind of hands-on way that Winchester prevented him from doing. While he did seek what he believed was his, he never sought fame or fortune through making firearms – if that had been his aim, he certainly could have started up another weapons factory after parting ways with Winchester.

To own a Henry is to own a classic piece of American design. Think of yourself as owning a 1903 Harley-Davidson. Sure, you’re not going to win any motorcycle races with it, but who cares? It’s hardly the point.

Henry was in many ways the first wildcatter – a man who saw a need in the world of firearms and went about making what he and others needed. A true American original.

Photograph of New Original Henry Rifle balancing on a rock

The New Original Henry Rifle from Henry Repeating Arms is an opportunity to own a piece of history at a fraction of the cost that the rifles from the 1860’s sell for. It is a line-for-line reproduction with the only concessions being made to accommodate more modern calibers like .44-40 WCF and .45 Colt. Henry Repeating Arms is proud to manufacture these rifles back on American soil for the first time since the 1860s, truly making it America’s Rifle.

Logo with an image of a Henry rifle and the words, "The Lever Action - America's Rifle"

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  • Robert Anderson
    March 19, 2021

    Love all of the lever action rifles in the Henry lineup, can’t make up my mind which one I like best.
    Every time I find one seems like it is not available. I am looking for ‘Evil Roy ‘ Magnum , any help would be appreciated.

    • Richard Caine
      March 22, 2021

      I own several rifle’s, lever action, I have admired the Henry rifle all my life, ( I’m 76 year’s old), and I think it’s time that I own a Henry. I have alway’s loved the 44-40, now that it is offered in the 45 cal it,s going to be a hard choice.

    • Joe
      March 22, 2021

      Check on Arms List Missouri. Just seen two of them for sale. Happy hunting.

      • Dennis Young
        March 23, 2021

        Bought complete collection of Golden Boys for my grand sons. Recently bought 22 for myself.
        Would never have spent that much had I
        not thought it a
        valuable investment.
        Love plinking with the 22.

    • Frank Jensen
      March 24, 2021

      How much does it cost for the reproduction of the henry 44/40 or45 caliber Or where can I get one

  • Stephen Le Roy
    March 20, 2021

    The Henry rifle is perfect, very good engineering; Have you considered the more available .357/.38 or .44 calibers.
    I’m still waiting for a tapered octagon barrel, chamber end round in your single rifle, 308 – 45-70 – 3030.
    Great guns, job well done.

    • William R Colgate
      March 22, 2021

      I want the Rifle
      How much

    • Carmi Guyette
      March 22, 2021

      I own two outstanding Henry’s and that’s all I can say about them OUTSTANDING!!!!!

    • Wallace Norwalt
      March 22, 2021

      The ultimate rifle! Many lives were saved in the Wild West thanks to the Henry rifle. The quality
      of this rifle continues to be the epitome of the lever action repeater rifle. Happy Birthday!

  • Wayne Washler
    March 20, 2021

    I bought an “original Henry” when they first came out. I had aske the President of Henry if they could make one and sell them. As always he was ahead of me and sure enough I am now the proud owner one of these works of art. I have several other Henrys, but this is my pride and joy.
    Wayne L. Washler
    Lynn, IN

  • Garry Laxton
    March 22, 2021

    I have a Henry Golden Boy, Long Ranger and Original Henry. All are outstanding products. I”ve not seen the kind of polished, deep bluing exhibited by the Original Henry since the heyday of Colt – not to mention a really superior quality wood used on the stock. It is an absolutely beautiful rifle.

    Now if HRA would just make a reproduction of the 1866 and/or 1873 Winchester rifles, I would be ecstatic.

  • Leith Campbell
    March 22, 2021

    Great story. I think most people felt that Winchester was the original inventor of the repeating rifle. Thanks for printing the real history of this remarkable fire arm.

  • Tony D
    March 22, 2021

    Excellent and beautiful rifles I own 3 of them they are EXCELLANT weapons

    • Alan Smith
      June 23, 2021

      I own two beautiful Henry rifles. A Golden Boy William Cody Fire Arms Museum edition in .22lr and a Mares leg in .44 magnum. Absolutely beautiful design and high quality components. True collector pieces and worhty of display on custom made stands. Well done!! Thank you for a true American legend!

    March 22, 2021

    I enjoyed the history lesson , HENRY RIFLES ,are truly American history and a lovely gun to boot !

    • Tammy Burst
      March 22, 2021

      I won a Henry Axe in a raffle last fall. Finally found some ammo and will take it out tomorrow. It’s a beauty.

  • Mike Corforte
    March 22, 2021

    Curious as to why you don’t chamber your lever action rifles in the most popular calibers (9mm and 40cal) ??

  • ColJack
    March 22, 2021

    Love my Henry Lever Action!

  • Wayne Rickert
    March 22, 2021

    Great story regarding Henry.
    And great guns built by Henry.
    Keep up the good work.!

  • Steve
    March 22, 2021

    Nothing better than a Henry! Fulfilled my dream of owning a Golden Boy in 22LR. Only problem is they are like potato chips, you cannot just have one.

    I will say, without a doubt, this is best quality firearm I own or have owned and that is saying something. Wish Henry made semi-automatic pistols and revolvers too, given the fact their firearms work so well with such high quality standards. Plus customer service is 2nd to none.

    Thanks for allowing me to live the dream of a flawless lever action rifle.

    • Lawrence Hill
      March 22, 2021

      Steve, I couldn’t agree more. I have our Golden Boy displayed beautifully in our living room. What a attention getter!

  • Jonathan Koets
    March 22, 2021

    Thanks! Great History, thanks for advancing the story.

  • john mccormick
    March 22, 2021

    hello i am 81 yrs old and have been a collector of lever action rifles since the early 50’s mostly Winchester and Marlin most have come and gone from my collection. however, one day a few years ago i was at a local pawn shop that i frequent quite often looking for either levers or 22 pump rifles the owner showed me a Henry and let me work the lever back and forth. i was shocked at how easy and smooth it worked and was told that all; Henry’s are that smooth. since then i have a few Henry’s mostly 22lr and 22mag
    and as soon as i can i will purchase the Henry big boy X in 38/357 the only thing i regret is not buying the one at the Pawn shop that day. these are by far excellent firearms, and for those that only know the Henry’s by name only , go try one and be amazed to plus order the henry catalog its free
    thanks Cody/John

  • Michael W. Whitmer
    March 22, 2021

    I did not know his story.
    Very nice
    Thank You

  • Michael Egbert
    March 22, 2021

    I own two Henrys…the .30/.30 and the .22 magnum special edition (HPD)…one day I hope to own a Henry .45LC

  • Charles Dunn
    March 22, 2021

    I have a new Model 1860 in .45 Caliber. Love to shoot it… it is a quality work of art and
    a wonderful piece of history.. Thanks

  • Osvaldo Guerra
    March 22, 2021

    God bless Henry fire arms and its legacy. Nice rifle, in my own colecction I have now a 156 of 200 So happy all my friends and my kid. Thank you.

  • Bob Carrion
    March 22, 2021

    Just bought my first Henry. A side gate 30-30. Now I want a new original in .45lc. Seems that once you buy one, you can’t stop. Great product.

  • Robert Mcalinden
    March 22, 2021

    Even though l could never afford , such a high quality rifle like one of your lever action repeaters. I do enjoy looking at your catalog.

  • Robert W Carter
    March 22, 2021

    Great read!! I have 2 Henry’s Love them both the 44 mag and the lever action .410 shot gun.

  • Phoebe L Everett
    March 22, 2021


    • Lawrence Dixon
      March 22, 2021

      Enjoyed the read, thanks! I just ordered my 2nd Henry and am very excited to get it

  • Kenneth Polk
    March 22, 2021

    I own two Henry’s ,a golden boy 17 hr and a 44 magnum ,wish I could afford more ,would love to have an original or one of the new originals . In this part of the country Winchester has always been the leader in the past but that is changing ,made in America is what it all about ! Happy Birthday Mr. Henry !

  • Ronald Durand
    March 22, 2021

    Such a great Rifle, and a wonderful story of Mr Henry.

  • Frank Gugino sr
    March 22, 2021

    Henry was the one who was the originator of modern “weaponry) and should be noted in history along with the Wright Bros., among the many other( geniuses)

  • michael jansky
    March 22, 2021

    Love your company. I am having problems ordering a firearm from you at the dealers. Can I order directly from your company and send to licensed firearms dealer. How long does it take for an order to be filled?

  • Donald W. Shreve
    March 22, 2021

    I am a proud owner of two Henry rifles, a Henry 22 mag and a Henry 44 magnum black steel with a side gate. Both of these rifles are are absolutely beautiful with very smooth operation. “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Henry. Thank full for his life and contributions that he has made to this Industry. A true “Pioneer” !!

  • Randel Phillips
    March 22, 2021

    I am proud to be the owner of several henry rifles it’s hard to choose your favorite but I use the exception of considering giving myself bragging rights of owning a Henry 4570 I bear hunt with it shooting a Hornady 325 grain bullet i target practice with it. It’s action is unbelievably smooth I’ve been stop many times with people asking me about the rifle I’m carrying The first words out of my mouth is that it is a Henry 4570

  • John Fulton
    March 22, 2021

    The story is familiar as I grew up reading about firearms. I always wanted a lever action rifle. I have owned lever acrion BB guns for teaching my children and grandchildren. Not a man of modest means I had to wait to purchase my first real rifle. I new which rifle I wanted but there was one drawback. The sidegate. I knew Henry did not make one but Winchester did. So I waited and waited. To my surprise and my pleasure Henry finally decided to manufacture sidegates rifles. I took me awhile to hunt one down but that I did and I am happy to say my new HO-24 30-30 is a masterpiece in quality, performance and appearance. I just got it this past December. It was worth the wait ! Thank you Henry I have my long awaited rifle of choice ! I look forward in showing it off and it will be a hand me down to my children and grandchildren. You see they only know about guns and shooting from me theie PaPa ! Now 67 I look forward to teaching them about the Henry rifles and the history I always loved !

  • Jerry Dymond
    March 22, 2021

    Wish it was made in .41 magnum !

    • Gene H. Mittelstaedt
      March 22, 2021

      got a 41 mag. carbine a couple yrs. ago. Check their newer catalog.

  • Howard McGlennen
    March 22, 2021

    Do I have to go through a Henry dealer to purchase a Henry gun or can I order it directly from the Henry company

    • jim thomas
      March 22, 2021

      I now own 5 of your works of art. thank you for making such beautiful guns. I also have an original on order.

  • Paul Hillar
    March 22, 2021

    I am fortunate indeed as to have been able to work on an original Volcanic pistol, serial # 296. It was missing 5 pieces I had to make by hand. The original inventor of the Volician rifle mentioned, was a man named Hart. He had also invented the “rocket ball” ammunition used in it, which was a caseless self contained cartridge.Henry actually saw the Volician while working for Jennings manufacturing. Smith and Wesson purchased the patent for the Volcanic pistol from Hart, and manufactured it for only 3 years from 1854 to 1856. Unfortunately the ammo was the down fall that lead to the end of that firearm, as it would set off a chain fire and blowup the gun, and probably didn’t do the shooter much good either. Henry, 100% American!

  • Robert van Brederode
    March 22, 2021

    The only problem is getting your hands on one. I am looking for a Henry Big Boy X Model .44 Mag/.44
    Special Lever Action 7rd 17.4″ Rifle, H012X, but no dealer has them. Is it possible to buy directly from the factory with delivery to a licensed dealer?

    • Mark R. Schultz
      March 22, 2021

      Fleet Farm store in Sioux Falls, SD has one in stock.

  • Tim Stephens
    March 22, 2021

    Great and powerful story. I have purchased the original Henry in the 45 colt. I only wish they were made in case color.
    Thanks Tim

  • Thomas Burns
    March 22, 2021

    I harvested my first deer with a lever action rifle ( a Winchester 94 ). That gun sits in my cabinet beside my Henry Long Ranger and Henry Golden Boy. When I hunt these days it is with one of my two Henry’s. Everyone who I let operate the action comments on it being smooth as silk. Henry rifle’s are not only excellent for hunting & plinking but are just as much pleasure to just look at…..what a beautiful piece of work. Tom

  • Frank Kinder
    March 22, 2021

    Great story. Enjoyed reading about Mr. Henry. There is a series on Prime that is called GUNS. It talks about all the great gun designers. Mr. Henry was one of the best. First repeating rifle that actually worked and the accuracy was outstanding.

  • Danny Summers
    March 22, 2021

    Very nice to see this as to think that the history of such a great man has not been forgotten. I love my 44 beautiful gun.

  • ruth simpson
    March 22, 2021

    love history, love henry weaponry, love the fact that they are still being manufactured in the USA! thank you for the quick story. would love to know if there is a book out that i could purchase from you re: a biography of mr. henry. thanking you in advance, ruth simpson.

  • Charley White iv
    March 22, 2021

    Great story.

  • Joe T McKnight
    March 22, 2021

    I own several Henry’s which include a Golden Boy Deluxe First Edition (SN: GB0005020), a Silverado (SN: THS0242), a Mare’s Leg and 12 other assorted calibers.
    There is a bit of history concerning my GB Deluxe. Late in 2004 I purchased a Henry HOO1 for my Grandson and ordered a GB Deluxe for my Wife’s Christmas present. Sometime shortly after Thanksgiving my Grandson broke the tip of the plunger on his H001. In late December I went to the dealer where I purchased the rifle to purchase a new plunger. I was told that I didn’t need to buy one, just go to the Henry website, list the serial number of my rifle and one would be sent to me free of charge. That night I logged on to the website and ordered the plunger. When I went to log off I got a “pop up” that asked if I would like to “leave a comment for the President”. I left a message saying how much I liked the H001 and how disappointed I was that I missed getting my GB Deluxe. The next morning I was shocked beyond belief when I logged on to my Email account, There was a message from “The desk of Anthony Imperato” stating if I would send my information and the name of my nearest Henry dealer he would send me one. On April 30, 2005 I picked up MY GB Deluxe I had no idea until then, just how much emphasis Henry places on Customer Service. I have never the GB Deluxe or Silverado and never will. At my death my Will states they are to go to my Great Gran Daughter who loves to shoot as much as I do.

    Proud to be a Henry Rifle owner.

  • Michael Miecznikoski
    March 22, 2021

    I currently own a Henry Golden Boy in 22lr and a Henry Big Boy (brass) in .357/.38. Both are beautiful rifles and they are deadly accurate. Every time I bring them to the range, at least a few folks come over and want to handle / shoot them. In every case those folks are amazed at the buttery smooth action. I hope to purchase the New Original Henry Rifle one day.

    Made in America!!!

    Keep up the great work.

  • GARY
    March 22, 2021


  • Pheldon J Majors
    March 22, 2021

    Interested in that Henry.

  • Fred Rigsby
    March 22, 2021

    I will be buying my 12th Henry this year. My grandson will be 10 years old this this year and his name is Henry. They will all be his in time.

  • david wayne radford
    March 22, 2021

    I Love reading about henry, enjoy their rifles , i have 3 on order from high calibers gifts, one for my son , my older brother & my self. keep up the good work. thanks David W Radford

  • Richard Scank
    March 22, 2021

    Excellent read.

  • Mark Dekreon
    March 22, 2021

    Great article!

  • Mark S.
    March 22, 2021

    I bought my a Henry Golden Boy with the engraved receiver. It is a .22lr/l/s. I also bought myself a .22 pump in the same cal. Really great rifles! I am waiting on a list to get the .410 axe lever action. Will be hoping that I can get it by Christmas!

  • David Dempsey
    March 22, 2021

    Thanks for the History Lesson. I like the Big Boy Steel X Model in .357 Mag/.38 Spl and I Will go to the nearest Dealer to check it out.

  • Phillip Andes
    March 22, 2021

    I only own 6 henry rifles now but im sure there is more to come

  • lonnie GAFFNEY JR
    March 22, 2021

    Will the cost of the 44/44mag rifle stay the same till June of 2021 $999.00 figure?

  • Mark R. Schultz
    March 22, 2021

    Fleet Farm store in Sioux Falls, SD has one in stock

  • Kenneth Duda
    March 22, 2021

    Thanks for the history of the Henry rifle.

  • Jun Bocalbos
    March 22, 2021

    I’d like to own one and start a collection

  • Al
    March 22, 2021

    I own 3 Henry’s. I have a 4th one on the way. What a beautiful piece of machinery. From the elegance of the walnut, to the super smooth action. In a world where a lot of firearm owners are getting AR’s, they don’t know what they are missing. I would like to note, Henry’s customer service is top notch. Thank you for being “MADE IN AMERICA, OR NOT MADE AT ALL” that means everything to me. God Bless.

  • Bill Montgomery
    March 22, 2021

    Totally awesome in every way!!!!!!!

  • Terry L. Kloth
    March 22, 2021

    Great article of history. Thanks for printing it. Thanks, Terry

  • Carlyle Paulsen
    March 22, 2021

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  • James Harris
    March 22, 2021


  • john l epp
    March 22, 2021

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  • Carmin Allen
    March 22, 2021

    Of all my rifles my Henry is the most enjoyable one to shot.

  • Steven Wood
    March 22, 2021

    In 2019 I bought 3 Henry rifles from Cooks Sports in Venice, Florida. This year I tried to buy a couiple of more 30/30 with side load. I’ve been told by them and other dealers they are unavailable or the wait time is too long. Can you advise me? I am a big fan of your rifles.

  • Steve Plautz
    March 22, 2021

    Happy Birthday Henry! Happy to be learning some history which just fuels my desire to own a Henry lever action. Thanks for the information.

  • greg mitchell
    March 22, 2021

    great article

  • Roger L McDonald
    March 22, 2021

    Very interesting… I did not know that Henry worked with Winchester or Smith and Wesson for that matter. I own a Golden boy also a Bison engraved 45/70- Absolutely heirloom rifles. I have 2 model 94s.. But I still want a Henry 30 30. I’ll get one. Your company is a United States and sincere thanks again…

  • Eric
    March 22, 2021

    Got a Mare’s Leg and a 22 survival gun I love them both

    • Eric Montgomery
      March 22, 2021

      Got a 44 Mare’s Leg and a survival 22 I love them both

  • Dennie jackson
    March 22, 2021

    I have a golden boy 22 very pleased in the future I am going to get the golden 410 and 45 colt I also am trying to obtain an old henery 30/30 made in 18? Rumerd to haven used by butch cassedy it belonged in the Parker family for Shour it’s still in working order last year they shooting snakes with it over in colorado if I can get it I will give more info on it thanks Dennie jackson

  • Thomad Glenn
    March 22, 2021

    That was a great history lesson about the Henry repeating rifle. I already knew about the link with Winchester but it was great to read about Henry’s role and passion.

  • Robin Kelley
    March 22, 2021

    I purchased a .44 big boy for my retirement gift,,,has been One of the best guns I’ve ever bought!!!!!

  • Antonio Hernandez
    March 22, 2021

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  • john hamstra
    March 22, 2021

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    March 22, 2021

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  • Joe Marrott
    March 22, 2021

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  • Jeffery
    March 22, 2021

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  • Gerard A Streicher
    March 22, 2021

    My Henry22LR Lever Action is my favorite Rifle I also own The Henry AR-7 which I enjoy!!! Henry makes Great Rifles.And being made in America means a lot to me!!!Great Company!!!

  • Joe Murray
    March 22, 2021

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  • Jessie G. Harrold
    March 22, 2021

    Happy Birthday Mister Henry I’am proud to be An owner of A henry Rifles Thank You.

  • Daniel Bailey
    March 22, 2021

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  • Kirk D. Relford
    March 23, 2021

    Great man, great company, great rifles.

  • Tom Marshall
    March 23, 2021

    I thouroghly enjoyed reading the history of Benjamin Tyler Henry. He had a big part in the out come of the civil war. I’m a member of the VFW and every year we have a gun drawing for 15 guns in 15 days with assorted calibers and manufactures. Out of the 15 weapons, 4 are Henry’s. Tickets for those 15 are sold to the public, however; we also have a 16th rifle for our post members only. This is a 22LR Golden Boy with engraving of VFW design and our Post number done by your factory as a tribute to our post. We have a drawing for this rifle at our Christmas party. This is the last year we will do this based on COVID-19 making our post income way below our ability to provide. I have spent thousands the last 15 years and won nothing. The last 2 years I couldn’t afford to participate, but I decided to spend 10 bucks and won the post rifle. I have several weapons in my home, but that Henry is my most loved. I have it displayed on my gun rack above all the others. I have one other lever action, 30-30 Marlin. The action of the Henry surpasses all the others, including the semi-automatic. I thank you for this excellent rifle.


  • Rudy Binter
    March 23, 2021

    The Winchester model 1866 is a marvelous rifle. While mention is given it the designer name is not credited, that being John Browning. I am fortunate to own a WCF-33, manufactured in 1906.

  • Dennis Sylvester
    March 23, 2021

    I recently purchased a Golden Boy youth model for my great grand child. What a wonderful rifle. A rifle that will last for many generations.

  • Wm mayhall
    March 23, 2021

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    March 23, 2021

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  • Charles E.Kleinert
    March 23, 2021

    Great information about the Henry Rifle. The absolute truth mentioned in the article. The use of the Henry Rifle in the Indian Wars
    can be affirmed by the Sioux Indians at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, which the Sioux had quite a few when they demolished the Seventh Cavalry in June of 1876. If I am not mistaken, one of the areas of that battle has the Henry name due to the numerous expended brass found there from the Henry Rifles.

  • Bob Harrison
    March 23, 2021

    Very good story about Henry I did not know how he got started and how Win tried to shaft him.

  • Dan Jester
    March 24, 2021

    I own whinchesters and three Henry’s and I’ll NEVER get another Winchester after owning a Henry. Henry is s far better rifle and your company stands behind its lifetime guarantee

  • Thomas White
    March 24, 2021

    Happy Birthday to the Henry Company in memory of B.T. Henry! I did not realize until reading today the wonderful story of Mr. Henry, that my oldest granddaughter shares his birth date of March 22nd. I have yet to buy a Henry’s. Will have to remedy that soon!

  • Bj crider
    March 24, 2021

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  • Larry E Yelton
    March 24, 2021

    I have a old Henrey ride would to know how old it really is Theys nothing like a Henrey im fixing to buy me 357 ride. Thank you very much

  • Joe Castaneda
    March 25, 2021

    I own a Golden Boy 22 and is very big difference then others 22 rifles.!!

  • mike lockhart
    March 29, 2021

    mr. anthony, i would just like to say how impressed i am with ur product. i own a bth,and it is absolutely one of the best firearms i have ever held. the fit & finish are 2nd. to none. thank you for making a really capitol product . respectfully mike lockhart

  • George Bruen
    April 4, 2021

    I love the gun would like to own a original some day

  • Bill Burraston Sr.
    April 7, 2021

    I just got my first Henry. The Side Gate Lever Action .30-30 (H024). It is AWESOME! It was extremely difficult to choose which one to get but I’ll tell anyone who wants to buy a Henry, after you finally decide which one you want you won’t be disappointed. They are the best made rifle you’ll own and a dream to shoot. My advice, pick your dream Henry and buy it now you will not regret it!

    • Ronnie Montgomery
      April 19, 2021

      The Henry lever action rifle is the best that I have seen, in the world. Knowing more about them now I will always love and cherish the 4570. It will be passed down to my son and hopefully the grandchildren. Thanks mr. Henry for a awesome gun.and may your legacy live on.

  • Dick Hall
    April 15, 2021

    beautiful rifles!

    • Dick Hall
      April 15, 2021

      beautiful rifles!

  • Ronnie Montgomery
    April 19, 2021

    The Henry lever action rifle is the best that I have seen, in the world. Knowing more about them now I will always love and cherish the 4570. It will be passed down to my son and hopefully the grandchildren. Thanks mr. Henry for a awesome gun.and may your legacy live on.

  • Jake Roop
    April 20, 2021

    I grew up being a Winchester Model 94 fan. I have hunted the past 46 years with a model 94 32 Winchester Special that was left to me by my grandpa when I was 5 years old. I became somewhat disenchanted with Winchester when they quit making the model 94’s. I still love the lever action rifle, partly due to the history behind it.
    A few years ago I heard a Henry commercial with Anthony saying, “made in America or not made at all!” That got my interest up and I started looking at Henry Rifles every time I went into sporting goods or gun stores. It’s getting harder and harder to find anything made in America anymore even though I shop hard to find these things. This means a lot to me. I decided I wanted a Henry .357 / .38 rifle, and looked for a year with no luck. Finally I e-mailed Anthony and to my surprise, he answered me that very day. He sent my “Gun Guy & I both one. I have since purchased 4 .22’s for my grandsons, and 1 for myself. I will be buying another soon for my youngest grandson. I am saving my pennies now for the Henry .308 Long Ranger. I am just hoping that our new President and his administration doesn’t screw up my plans for that! I want to thank you Anthony for making these guns in America by American workers, and for offering such great service. Long Live the Henry, Long Live the 2nd Amendment, God Bless The U.S.A.!
    Thank You!

  • Dewayne
    May 2, 2021

    Im wanting to buy one of these for my dad for Christmas. Is it possible to start an account and make payments?

  • John
    May 8, 2021

    I have two Henry’s one big boy 44 the other 22 Magnum both lever action.
    Any advice where I can find 22 Magnum Long rifle.
    Any brand preferably CCI.

  • Sam P. Lockard
    May 30, 2021

    My great grandfather carried a Henry at the Appomattox surrender as a member of the 10th WV infantry. The10th with Henry’s was instrumental in blocking Lee’s escape west.
    My father as a young man shot the rifling out of a 22 Henry hunting
    small game.
    I would love to have a collector Henry above my fireplace but social security retirement doesn’t permit it.
    They are not firearms but art works.

  • Michael Whaley
    June 9, 2021

    Cannot find Ammunition for my newly purchased .45-70 Henry Rifle.
    Is there a source you would recommend to acquire practice rounds in Central FLORIDA area near Orlando?

  • John A Whelan
    June 23, 2021

    Hello, and greetings from Ireland, is it possible to trace the serial number of an old Henry Rifle.?
    Kind regards John A Whelan

  • Chris Krolack
    September 13, 2021

    Thanks for a terrific article well written and extremely readable.

  • Steven
    September 15, 2021

    I would like a new catalog on the new Henry rifles

    • Steven mock
      September 15, 2021

      I would like a new catalog on the new Henry 4572 pad lever action gun and all other henry rifles

      • Steve mock
        September 15, 2021

        my address is 194 W. Schrock Rd., Wasilla AK 99654 I would like a new catalog on the Henry 4570 Cupid labor record cellar gun and all other guns I am upI am a big fan of Henry repeater arms

  • George Ziegler
    October 11, 2021

    Love the history story of Henry. I purchased a 22lr back in the early 2000’s. What a buy. Grandkids love the gun. Since then I now have golden boys and big boys for a total of 9 henry’s. Best guns (rifles) I own. Just got the long ranger in 6.5 and plan on getting a long ranger 243. Plus X model 45-70 side ejection. Glad to see side ejection on the market. Will try also to get a 30-30 side ejection. Keep up the good workmanship. Love all my Henry’s,

  • Brian C.
    October 26, 2021

    Great article. A lot of interesting information in these articles. My son is an Eagle Scout and I am considering getting him the Eagle Scout rifle.

  • bill shaw
    November 14, 2021

    I am proud to own a h009 30.30 and think it is the finest rifle i have ever owned. It is a timeless piece and henry will live a very long life. Thank you .

  • Donna J Housworth
    November 27, 2021

    Can anyone tell me what the storage tunnel is for?