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The Henry Repeater

Customer Letters: David F.

March 20, 2020

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Mr. Imperato,

I wanted to reach out and send you a brief note. We recently crowned our third son as an Eagle Scout. Peter joins his brother’s Nick and Matt not only to the elite group of Eagle Scouts but also to the elite proud owners of Henry Big Boy .44 Mag rifles. The Henry quality is the standard in lever action rifles, and I am so excited that my boys now own their own.

I’m torn up though about the boys actually shooting them, – I have a feeling I will lose that battle, the boys want to rip some rounds through them, so I’ll probably cave in on that.

Just a little bit of history here. Back in 2011 when Nick made Eagle Scout, I reached out and I believe you and I spoke on the phone, I was looking for a larger caliber Eagle Edition rifle and at that time you told me that the BSA had only authorized a .22 Eagle Edition, so I purchased that model back then. I wrote multiple letters to the BSA over the years asking them to expand their offering with Henry Rifles, truthfully, I felt like it would never amount to anything but who knows, maybe many other dads like me did the same…

When my second son Matt made Eagle in 2015, I went on the website and low and behold the BSA had approved a large caliber Eagle Edition. As a result, I picked up 3 of them (praying Peter would get his Eagle in the future).

These things are beautiful. I want to thank you and your associates for making such a quality product – especially here in the US.

This is a picture of “My Big Boys”, sporting “their” Big Boys. I wish you and your associates all the best and thanks again.

– David F.

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The Henry Guarantee

The Henry Guarantee

From Founder & CEO, Anthony Imperato

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