The Henry Repeater
The Henry Repeater

Some Hunts Are More Memorable Than Others…

This was one of those hunts.

July 29, 2021

Geoff Rowley smiling and posing behind Axis deer with canine hunting companion

My introduction to Geoff Rowley started long before the first time I met him in person at SHOT Show a few years ago. I grew up skateboarding and idolized Rowley as one of the most talented and daring pro skateboarders out there. I vividly remember the first time I saw a video clip of him flying across a 15-foot gap between two stacks of cargo containers over 50 feet in the air. And that was just one trick in one clip of a long and illustrious career that continues to this day.

Fast forward to SHOT Show and I come to find out that the man is also passionate about hunting, and I mean deeply passionate. His respect for the animals and the habitat that they call home is inspiring. Beyond that, he and his crew have a passion for the tradition and heritage of hunting, which he instills in the hunts that he helps guide with Kika Outfitters. As evidence, Henry Repeating Arms partnered with Geoff and Kika Outfitters to put together a short film called ‘Iron Sights,’ which you can watch below.

Recently, Geoff Rowley headed to Texas in search of axis deer with a Henry H024-3030 Side Gate Lever Action .30-30 in hand. As with most hunts, it’s the people and the journey along the way that make the memories, maybe even more so than the end result of the hunt. This one had it all though, and well, I’ll let Geoff tell the story…

The back of an axis deer showing the white stripes and spots on brown fur

Some hunts are more memorable than others; this was one of those hunts.

Humbled by a missed opportunity on a bedded buck mid-afternoon, I was able to connect a 100-yard shot on this beautiful Axis deer. It was the last hour of the last day of my hunt, and my first time hunting the species. I’m hooked on the Texas brush country and the unique species that call it home. Hunting axis reminds of hunting red deer in the north of England, spot and stalks with noise and wind being a major factor in closing the distance for a 100 yard or less shot with the lever-action.
The hospitality and guiding abilities of Kolton Moore and Clinton Parkhill at Safari Specialists were top-notch. They worked their tails off for us and showed a clear understanding of their leased hunting grounds and animal movement patterns. They were fast to pick up animals and fast to make make a clear plan of action and reaction.
This particular hunt for me was mentally tough, my head was in a tough spot and I just couldn’t focus. My guide Kolton helped me adjust my attitude, mindset, and his positive reinforcement sealed the deal along with a little help from above. He did his job twice over and I learned a valuable lesson.
Shoot, shoot and then shoot some more! Nothing replaces regular sight acquisition and hardened practice.
Geoff Rowley holding up a Henry rifle
Photos courtesy of Jake Franklin (@jakemfranklin)
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