Peace and Quiet at the Range

A Case for the Henry Frontier Model Threaded Barrel

July 14, 2021

Image of Henry Frontier Model Threaded Barrel

The best thing about shooting outdoors is the reduced noise. The ringing of plates, the chirping of birds…but the rifle report is definitely an optional extra here. Henry made the Frontier Model Threaded Barrel .22 with noise reduction in mind. A 24″ barrel produces a borderline ear-safe report with subsonic ammunition all by itself, but a sound suppressor makes it quieter than most pellet guns. Fired with 38-grain Aguila subsonic HP, it emits just a click from the hammer drop followed by a “clang” about two-thirds of a second later as the 100-yard gong returns a hit. With 2MOA dispersion using non-match ammunition, long-distance hits are easy with it.

While this rifle boasts an impressively long sight radius, my ability to hit with irons reliably stretched not much further than 60 yards: the highly visible brass bead on the front sight post is made for speed more than precision. A 1-3x Weaver scope mounted directly to the grooved receiver made all the difference, allowing quick snap shooting unmagnified, easy hits standing at 2x, and a decent degree of precision at 3x. No can of pop at the 100-yard line was safe.

The octagonal barrel is heavy enough to sustain prolonged firing. The modest powder load of .22 subsonics keeps the suppressor cool enough, especially since the 10-round tube magazine forces cooling breaks every ten shots. The barrel makes the rifle slightly front-heavy, so a leather sling is worth having for support and not just for carrying the rifle across your back in the woods.

Man shooting a rifle using a sling wrrapped around arm for support

If shooting for meat or varminting, use 45-grain CCI subsonics instead: they are equally accurate and hit with more authority. However, if going after paper, lighter 38-40 grain loads are a little quieter. The difference isn’t much though.

This rifle has become a range favorite, especially with left-handed shooters. The manual action stays clean longer than a semi-auto would, and it has not needed cleaning even after about a thousand rounds.

Woman shooting a rifle left-handed

Henry’s lever action rifles are safe for left-handed shooters

This Frontier variant is quiet perfection.

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  • Robert Barbitta
    July 25, 2021

    where is magazine

    • Jimmy Carter
      July 25, 2021

      Tubular magazine under the barrel

  • Jimmy Carter
    July 25, 2021

    Would be even better with side loading port.

  • Dennis Gann
    August 12, 2021

    Tha is for the information on you guns. Can I buy an information book on all your guns ? I have longed to have a Henry rifle or several rifles!! I am just 73 yrs. Old and I ha e always been fascinated with the Henry Rifle !! Do you make a lot action 410 with a magazine on the barrel I ordered a new catalog !! Ps. Can people take a tour through your factory if we can get to your area ? Live on Alabama!!! Woild be worth the miles to vacation in your area if we could. My goal is CASE KNIVES AND HENRY RIFLES !!! THANKS FOR THE MADE IN THE USA !!! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES !!

  • Brent A Hommer
    August 13, 2021

    I can find this weapon in stock anywhere. Is it still being manufactured?

  • Jim Jacobs
    September 16, 2021

    I live in Forney, Texas 75126. Forney is 30 miles east of Dallas. I cannot find a dealer with any Henry stock. Can you share some of your dealers in my area?

    Additionally, do you sell any reconditioned rifles??

  • Frank Hadden
    November 1, 2021

    Price? I guess my favorite gun store can order it, Correct?