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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

The pleasure of owning my Goldenboy 22WMR is not unlike sitting and talking to a friend who has something to say worth listening to.  I’ve studied the Rolls-Royce automobile the Rolex watch and the Dunhill pipe and I can truthfully say the Henry method of construction is shoulder to shoulder with the best of manufacturers.  The Golden Boy causes a stir where ever it is seen.  You have prospered just a bit because of my buying your rifle.  I have prospered much.

Thank You,

Rick Mallardi

Thanks very much – you have a great product, no super great, lol.Oh I traded a crappy 10/22 even for this gun. I came out great!

1st God then the 2nd is the rite to bare arms

Rick Pierce

I bought a Henry 44mag rifle, it was better than I expected, Its a piece of Art from the Past. Wonderful rifle, and best of all…..MADE IN AMERICA!”


Thomas Mc Grath Lakeside, CA

Dear Mr. Imperato,

Just learned of your company and the Henry rifles a few days ago.  Mostly being a ?pistol guy? something struck me about your products.  They have character and a soul!  I enjoy some type of emotional bonding to my gun collection.  After watching the RFD-TV video I was sold.  Went to visit my local dealer and placed the order.

Thought I?d share with you my reasoning for buying your product.  It?s really quite easy to explain.  Your passion and commitment is above and beyond.  I?ve been in marketing and sales for 30 years and would be hard pressed to name another product or manufacture exhibiting the Henry Repeating Arms code of ethics.  Bravo to you and your entire company!

Very excited to test out the new Henry rifle soon as I can pick her up tomoorw.  Willing to bet I?ll be a much better shot with it than with my pistols.

Warm regards,

Monty Brown Danville, CA

Soon after I received your catalog I ordered a Henry rifle (H001M) from A&P Arms in Va. Beach.  They were very helpful and  pleasant to deal with and notified me promptly when the rifle arrived at their store.  As far as the rifle itself goes, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF WORK IT IS!  I could not be happier with it and have shown it off to all my gun enthusiast friends. It is everything–and more– that your catalog says it to be.  Thank you Mr. Imperato for your follow-up email and interest in your customers!


Thomas McHenry

I have owned your Henry H001 for just over a month now, and I have put at least eight or nine hundred rounds through it at the range.

All I can say is what a sweet shooting piece of work that Henry is!

The lever action was silky-smooth to begin with and has only gotten smoother with use.

My Henry is truly a joy to use and it routinely out shoots guns costing three times as much.

Congratulations on making the best rifle that I have ever owned.

Terrance Mcgrath Burlington, VT

I am a person who has been concerned about owning firearms my entire live due to safety issues.  I recently decided to face those concerns and purchase a Henry Lever Action .22 rifle because a very good friend of mine owns an exceptionally nice .22 magnum octagon-barreled example.  I was so amazed by the safety, ease of use and fun factor of that rifle that I am a converted gun enthusiast.  So much so that I also purchased a U.S. Survival Rifle (it also helps that James Bond used gun in some of his films).  Thank you for helping me realize that the responsibility of gun ownership is such a pleasant and enjoyable part of life.

Casey Martyn Denver, CO

I own 12 Henry rifles of all different calibers including your recent Lincoln rifle and could not be more thrilled with the quality of every one of them.Thank you for having pride in your products.It shows.

Jim Robertson Newtown, CT


It is truly great to have a company that is an American Icon continue to remain committed to its heritage and being a proud American Company.

Thank you.

Dan Zeigler Twin Falls, ID

Henry,, Happy to report that I took delivery this afternoon of my new BIG GOLDEN BOY


Keven Story, of the AMERICAN TRADE AND LOAN, LENOIR, NC ordered the rifle for me.  I purchased some FULL POWER LOADED AMMO for the BIG BOY!!



Ken Sullivan

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato