Photo of Eagle Scout Centennial Tribute Edition

Eagle Scout Centennial Tribute Edition .44 Magnum/.44 Spl

Celebrating 100 Years of Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout 100To showcase this historic milestone, each Henry Big Boy rifle is etched with the Eagle Scout® Award Medal and selectively nickel plated on the right side of the receiver with an American style scroll pattern bracketing the medal and the banner with the words “THIS I PLEDGE MY SACRED HONOR”. These words are the closing line of the pledge that is recited to every Eagle Scout at his Eagle Court of Honor as a reminder of what has been achieved and what is promised. A black fill is baked into the side of the brass receiver to highlight the medal, scroll, banner and text.

This special Henry Big Boy Eagle Scout® Centennial Rifle is a symbol of American Pride, a reminder of youthful success, and a commitment in adulthood to the ideals of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

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Mark Ferraro
Darrell and Jane Gregory
Doug & Tricia Hardin
James Bucknall
Tom Kipfer
James Terrell
Mike Elsberry

Henry Rifles Customers- Ferraro

These things are beautiful. I want to thank you and your associates for making such a quality product – especially here in the US.

Attached is a picture of “My Big Boys”, sporting “their” Big Boys. I wish you and your associates all the best and thanks again.

Mark Ferraro

Henry Rifles Customers- GregoryEagle scouts Robert Jack Ooton, Joshua Carson Packer, and Kaleb Duane Gregory were presented with a Henry Golden Boy “Eagle Scout” rifle at their Eagle Scout ceremony. All three boys were awed by the beauty of these rifles. As the picture shows, they were thrilled by the thought that they all earned their own. One last note: the ceremony took place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 6th, 2010. Load on Sunday, Shoot All Week Long!

Darrell and Jane Gregory

Henry Rifles Customers- HardinHi Anthony,

I wanted to share with you my son (Harrison Hardin) who just earned his Eagle Scout Rank and was presented with the Henry Eagle Scout Big Boy Rifle in 44 MAG. This all started a little before the NRA convention in Louisville, KY. His friend Jonah Stephan had just earned his eagle award and he was presented the Eagle Scout Rifle in 22LR. Harrison was hooked and just loved it. When I saw that he was going to finish the requirements for Eagle I was elated to discover that the Big Boy was available in 44 MAG as an Eagle edition, so I ordered it. Harrison is a hunter and while he wouldn’t hunt with this rifle for fear of a scratch, I knew he would appreciate the 44 MAG over the 22LR. It came into Madison Outdoors here in Madison, IN and Wow were we impressed with it! The owner of Madison Outdoors couldn’t help but open the box and look at it when it arrived. Beautiful work! Please pass along this to those involved! Then this story got interesting. Harrison and Jonah went to the NRA convention and saw you there in Louisville (only 55 miles from here). During this time I had the new rifle hidden away and Harrison knew nothing of it. While visiting your booth they both saw you there, but didn’t talk with you. However, when they found out that Jonah was an Eagle Scout they interviewed him about his Eagle Rifle he owned on camera. They both came back excited and Harrison kept saying I would love to have a Big Boy rifle in 44 MAG. Oh man was it almost impossible to keep the secret! Finally once he passed the Board of Review I presented it to him early and he was able to display it at his ceremony a few months later. I can’t tell you how impressed we are with the quality of the rifle and there were so many people that saw it on display coming in to the ceremony that commented on it. (So you all got a bit of good exposure!) Also not only does it look so nice, It really handles and shoots beautifully. Accurate! This week we saw the documentary on one of the outdoor channels with you being interviewed and also the video clips from the NRA convention. Sure enough Jonah was in both shows we viewed. Attached is a picture of Harrison with his new rifle in full uniform. Thanks for making such a wonderful product and making a treasure for him to have throughout all his life!

Doug & Tricia Hardin

Henry Rifles Customers-BucknallHello, Here is a picture of my son Ethan, who recently was awarded his Eagle Scout and a Henry Commemorative Eagle Scout rifle. This email is a follow up to Jerry Bucknall’s email. Please let me know if you have any questions.

James Bucknall

Henry Rifles Customers- KipferMr Imperato,

I know you must hear this daily but let me add my voice and words to the countless others.

Thank You so much for restoring part of our American heritage and keeping it uniquely American.

I was first introduced to your company back in 2010 when you partnered with the Boy Scouts to produce the Golden Boy for their Centennial. As a youth, I enjoyed shooting 22 rifles at camp and participated in marksmanship competitions. I earned the rank of Eagle in 1985 but drifted away from the program until my son became of age in 2010. I celebrated my reentry to scouting (after 25 years) with a purchase of your rifle.

On that day in 2010, another new interest emerged, a love for firearm collecting. I am now an Assistant Scoutmaster in a troop with 150 boys and a proud firearm collector with six Henry Rifles. It’s a great day when those interests intersect and the boys and their dads can experience shooting a Henry rifle.

It was a great honor meeting you in Louisville this past weekend. That excitement carried forward and today I am happy to say I purchased a Henry Original (BTH05961)… as an early Fathers Day present.

Again, thank you for restoring this part of our American heritage. The Henry Original is now the pride of my collection and part of my story.

Tom Kipfer

Henry Rifles Customers-TerrellJames’ sons Eagle Scout

James Terrell

Henry Rifles Customers- ElsberryI grew up in Iowa and was able to enjoy responsible firearems ownership and use from an early age, thanks to supportive parents and a midwestern culture which understood the importance of that aspect of our American heritage. It has been a challenge to raise my son with those same values and opportunities here in California. Fortunately, he has been able to experience the outdoors, including his 12 years in scouting (Order of The Arrow and Eagle Scout) as well as shooting sports, even though shooting opportunities are fewer and more restrictive than I experienced growing up. As a boy, Tyler began his firearms education (as did I) carrying an unloaded BB Gun on our firearms outings to learn safety and proper firearms etiquett. His ability and confidence progressed remarkably as he was given more freedom and responsibility, and he now works in gun sales at our local Turner’s Outdoorsman store while attending college. Tyler’s first rilfe purchase was the Henry AR-7 Survival rifle. His mother and I gave him his Brass 30-30 Henry for his 18th birthday, and we later presented him the Big Boy 44 Mag Eagle Scout and Order of The Arrow rifles in celebration of his attainment of the Eagle Scout rank. I first satisfied my “Henry thirst” with the 45-70 steel when it became available and most recently added the Henry Original Iron Frame to our collection. Regardless of what other weapons we take to the range, our Henrys always receive the most recognition and admiration from rangemasters and fellow shooters. Both Tyler and I look forward to adding the 1000 Man Shoot rifles to our collection. This will be Tyler’s 21st birthday present, and your assistance in getting consecutive serial numbered rifles would be most appreciated.

Thank you for keeping American tradition, values and craftsmanship alive and well for my son to pass on to future generations!

Mike Elsberry

Firearm Specifications


Eagle Scout Centennial Tribute Edition .44 Mag/.44 Spl»
Model Number
Action Type
Lever Action
10 Rounds
M.S.R. Price
Additional Specifications»
Barrel Length
Barrel Type
Octagon Blued Steel
Rate of Twist
Overall Length
8.68 lbs.
Receiver Finish
Polished Hardened Brass
Rear Sight
Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight
Brass Bead
Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type
Stock Material
American Walnut
Length of Pull
Transfer Bar
Best Uses
Receiver Engraving. Engraved/Painted Stock and Forearm

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  • Eagle Scout Centennial Tribute

    Into the right side of the American walnut stock is laser etched and hand painted in multiple colors rendering of a soaring eagle, a Bald Eagle with an enduring gaze, and the words “ONCE AN EAGLE ALWAYS AN EAGLE” an iconic expression that reminds Eagle Scouts that the spirit of the Eagle Scout Award is one demonstrated with honor and conviction throughout their life.

  • Eagle Scout Centennial Tribute

  • Eagle Scout Centennial Tribute

    On the left side of the receiver is etched the Official BSA® Eagle Scout 100th Anniversary commemorative logo which is selectively nickel plated. Also etched and black filled into the receiver are the American scroll pattern and a banner with the words “BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.”

  • Eagle Scout Centennial Tribute

    On the forearm’s right side are four Eagle Scout badges laser scrimshaw style into the American Walnut wood and hand painted in a nickel coloring. These badges represent the design changes of the badge over its 100 year history.