Beware of Fraudulent Online Dealers

For the safety of your personal and financial information, please be aware of several fraudulent online Henry dealers.

July 13, 2021



We have been made aware of at least two fraudulent online retail websites that present themselves as being dedicated Henry firearm dealers. In the interest of your privacy and sensitive personal information, we would like to make the Henry Family aware of these retailers as we work to remove them.

The websites share names like Henry Gun Store or Henry Gun Shop and require payment through apps like Zelle or a cryptocurrency wallet. If this looks like a website you have run across, please steer clear and do not provide them with any of your financial information.

It’s unfortunate that bad actors take advantage of a time like this when our firearms are in such high demand. If you believe that you have been defrauded by one of these retailers, we urge you to file a report with your bank, the FTC, and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Be safe out there!

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  • wailes blalock jr
    July 14, 2021

    Sure is nice to see someone trying to protect the public. We are in this mess together.

    • Tom Bledsoe, Sr.
      October 15, 2021

      Please send a current catalog to meat 331?white GravesRd NE Ranger Ga 30734
      Thank You
      Tom Bledsoe

      • James kuhr
        October 16, 2021

        Im trying to find a dealer in central florida. I live in astor florida. Zip is 32102. Hopefully you can steer me to the nearest dealer. Im looking for the 45. 70 Thanks james

    • Gary M Marshall
      October 20, 2021

      I believe I’ve been scammed
      Foe $910 for a axe 410 yesterday it looked Legit
      I found your message too late
      Mr Marshall

      • Teddy Owens
        November 16, 2021

        I would love to receive a Henry catalogue.

      • Gordon Warren
        November 27, 2021

        Is legitimate?

  • John Tomnitz
    July 16, 2021

    It happened to me when I ordered a Henry rifle. Fortunately for me the credit card company got me a refund after 90 days. PayPal is no help. Beware of them asking you to send a payment through PayPal “friends” or zelle or bitcoin, this is the way they can get your hard earned money without you being able to get a refund. They will keep telling you lies about shipping for 2 weeks then suspend your account and you will never hear from them again. Names to watch out for are “Top Guns of Texas”, “Jimmy Warehouse”, or “Guns Warehouse”, they are all fraudulent companies.

    • Pete
      November 28, 2021

      Same thing with Henry Armory. They are actively trying to scam using emails such as and others. The scam is that they are trying to get you to send money to a 3rd site thru Zelle

  • Steven Sohn
    July 16, 2021

    I came across “Henry Gun Store,” looking for a .45LC Big Boy. When they required crypto currency or Zelle only, did not smell right, so I contacted Henry Customer Service by email.
    They got back to me in less than 5 minutes, and identified the site as dubious, and gave me a list of sites that had the brass Big Boy .45LC. I bought it from Kentucky Gun and it is arriving tomorrow. Thanks to Henry Customer Service I will not be out a significant amount of $$$. It is an excellent thing to have a company like Henry take an interest in our requirements and assist in our needs. Flipping a highball (giving a salute, USAF slang) to Henry USA,

    • Samuel Fox
      September 3, 2021

      Your vigilance and Henry’s quality customer service obviously saved you money and anxiety. Oh, and thank you for your service!

        September 20, 2021

        I order a hammer extension from henry on September 1 2021 as of. September 20 I have my receive it is this a fraud

        • Marty
          October 5, 2021

          Where can I order this in Colorado

  • Will Melmoth
    August 11, 2021

    I am just seeing this announcement about fraudulent online dealers. I am pretty sure I got taken by I ordered a Henry Axe from them and sent them $756 in two Zelle payments. They are now claiming they have not received the funds but my bank shows the Zelle payments were sent.


    • B Flanagan
      August 15, 2021

      I’m in the same boat, they just got me for 750. I filed a complaint with the FBIs IC3 hopefully they get taken down sooner than later.

      • Aaron
        November 1, 2021

        As of this minute “Henry gun store” is still up and running. I smelled a rat when several of their products and descriptions didn’t match and half the features on their site like zoom function don’t work. Not to mention they’re using the Henry logo but not the right Henry logo.
        Sorry for your loss.

  • Bob Hettinger
    August 11, 2021

    Fraudulent online retail websites. I believe I surfed into a very questionable sites “” & “” while i was searching for primers and smokeless powder. I selected 2 items and elected to pay with paypal. I should have know something was up when I could find the site’s store join button. Received an email confirming my order and I would be contacted. Received a call from them. He told me to pay through Zellie. Told him no – paypal only. Then he agreed. Requested I use pp friends & family, told me he would walk me through the payment. I refused. Told him to email me the payment information. Received an email requesting a screen shot of my pp Friends & Family page. That was the end of my communications with him. Using “” to look up the url’s, both registered in a city located in Iceland. All other ownership information was not available.

    The site was professional constructed and looked good. Although I wasn’t looking for a Henry arm thought it’s worth passing on the information.

  • Deacon Bart
    August 14, 2021

    People get taken in by price or fast delivery they fail to look closely at the e-mail address
    I was ready to assist our Bishop with a fund raiser until I looked closer ar the address that was on the page. I was close but no cigar!

    • Dylan m dapo
      November 3, 2021

      Where can I order a Henry long ranger 308 lever action ?

  • David Roglin
    August 31, 2021

    I’ve sent money for a 410 Axe to Henry Gun Store. Is this a scam?

    • Nick
      October 1, 2021

      If you used a website called “Henry Gun Store” and paid them directly, then yes that would have been a scam. You should contact your bank or the app you used to make that transaction.

  • Richard Beane
    September 3, 2021

    Looking forward to receiving info on Henry products.

  • Arthur Birx
    September 8, 2021

    It was Henry Gun Store that tried to scam me for $690.00

  • Joseph V. Doria
    September 16, 2021

    I want to purchase a .22 Youth model H001Y but the fake HENRY Dealer
    are out there pushing their product???

  • Rudy
    September 17, 2021

    Please send me your complete catalog

  • Norman Witkins
    September 17, 2021

    Now that I am a Henry believer-why not a series firing Nato calibers…If this nation ever gets into a pinch those would be great calibers to have! This whole world is becoming filled with scammers who will need to be dealt with when they think they can own us.

    • Walter W
      September 21, 2021

      My older catalogue had a .308 that will take 7.62×51 I believe. The lever operates a bolt action through a gear linkage. It is fed from a 4 shot magazine. Very nice!

  • Wayne Bradley
    September 17, 2021

    Where do I buy your rifles

    • Anon
      October 12, 2021

      Who would be dumb enough to buy a gun online? Lol. You go to a reputable FFL and order it through them. Or call Henry directly and they’ll ship it to your desired FFL.

      • David
        November 24, 2021

        I will call Henry tomorrow to see if they will ship a shotgun directly to my FFL. Are we paying Henry directly for the gun? Do you receive a discount off the MSRP like the advertisement encourages you to seek. I have been “dumb” enough to buy two rifles from Daniel Defense and a Benelli M4 through I was able to get exactly what I wanted online. They were not available from local FFLs because their stock is limited and so is their suppliers

  • corrado de paolis
    September 18, 2021

    I would like to know your dealer in Italy. I live in Milano (Lombardia) north Italy.
    Tanks and best regards.

  • John Combs
    September 18, 2021

    I’ve sent you information to become a henry dealer. No reply. I have a FFL. No reply. I’ve ask for a catalog. Never received

  • Douglasglide bradley
    September 19, 2021

    Looking for a local dealer that stocks the Henry 22 caliber lever action rifle

    • Aaron Paz
      November 1, 2021

      Do you have a Sportsman’s warehouse in your area? The one near me has several in stock. They do store to store transfers if I remember correctly

  • Francis fox
    September 20, 2021

    I absolutely love the entire Henry Line. I was taken by the Henry Rifle Shop, for the 308 big boy. I had been looking to purchase this rifle for a long timed and got excited when I say the price of 880.00. I wish I had seen the warning first. I will now purchase the rifle from you.

  • Martha Owen
    September 20, 2021

    Would like a catalog

  • Charles Raymondevarae
    September 21, 2021

    Both of my rifles the Golden boy 30.30. And 17HMR That are everything I expected &more two very beautiful Rifles. THANK YOU HENERY!

  • Bruce Womack
    September 23, 2021

    how do i become a dealer for henry?
    Liberty Gunshop
    642 CR 4335
    Woodville, Tx. 75979
    FFL # 5-76-457-01-7F-04436

  • Donald Adams
    September 26, 2021

    Do you had a on line store thank you

  • Alexander Simmons
    September 26, 2021

    I came across the henry gun and it looks very fishy. I got off of it and turned off my phone for a bit. I think it’s a trap.
    Thanks Henry for the information.

  • Enrique Rincon
    September 26, 2021

    I’m looking for Henry side gate blued 30 30.

  • Douglas Scott Brown
    September 28, 2021

    Hi we are a small gun Shop and would like to become a dealer for Henry. is there a form or anything that we can fill out to become a wholesaler.
    Thank you
    Patricia Brown

  • Brian Young
    September 28, 2021

    My wife and I would very much like to buy a couple 45-70s. When and where can we find them? We have been looking all around the northwest and have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

  • John Cannon
    September 29, 2021

    I’m interested in a Henry Long Ranger in the 6.5 creedmoor and found it on Luckily I found that it was a fraudulent website before completing the order. Where I can purchase this gun?

  • Micheal
    September 30, 2021

    Please send me a catalog

  • Bret Douty
    September 30, 2021

    I wish to shop your products

  • Gary Charles
    October 1, 2021

    I like a catalog. I wood like to by a slide action 22

  • Mark Flemmer
    October 1, 2021

    Looking for a distributor in the Detroit Lakes MN Area
    Can you help

  • Michael J. Evancik
    October 2, 2021

    I have been trying to buy a Henry Big Boy Classic in 357Mag (p/n H006M) for several months. I have been working with my go to gun shop shown below:
    Midwestern Firearms Company
    829 E Camp St, East Peoria, IL 61611 (309) 694-4867
    I have provided their information as I received a call from them telling me I had to work directly with Henry if I wanted to purchase this gun. I guess I’m a little confused as your web site indicates just the opposite.
    Could you provide any information or clarification on the situation.
    Mike Evancik

  • Dawn G
    October 2, 2021

    “Henry Gun Store”. $940 Gone.
    Be wary of these fraudulent a**holes.

  • david villalobos
    October 3, 2021

    good to know online fraud

  • James Jackson
    October 4, 2021

    Looking for dealer close to New Orleans

  • James Prado
    October 4, 2021

    WOW… just came a

  • Deacon Bart Supino
    October 5, 2021

    Are there any local dealers in SO OH or do we need to go thru the factory?
    Also glad to see you got out of NY ,hopefully NJ is teaching you better.
    The deep south will be more friendly, I have lived there and in NJ, had an FFL
    in TX but we got a new pres and he sure did mess things up!
    For now keep on trucking.
    From OH which isn’t Too bad.

  • William Kafig
    October 5, 2021

    Almost bought the Henry-X 357 from these guys…

    Looks like a scam…

  • Spencer Norman Cline
    October 6, 2021

    Thank you! And thanks for an excellent company that cares about its customers!

  • Carlos Dukes
    October 7, 2021

    I am a FFL and SOT holder and interested in partnering with your company as a online retail company. My company’s name is Lucrative Business Solutions LLC with a DBA ,LBS Ordnance as the FFL division of the company.

    Carlos A. Dukes
    FFL Manager

  • Gordon Fuller
    October 8, 2021

    My dad had a 30 30 lever action and a 44 lever action growing up and they were stolen,broke his heart even though he did not show it,old navy man from korean war,any way if i want to buy the same who is the best to go to i am in n.c. thank you.

  • Arlie Pinkston
    October 8, 2021

    Thank You For The “Heads-up”!!!!!!

  • Frank
    October 8, 2021

    Where can I buy a big boy steel side gate 357 large loop rifle?

  • JD
    October 9, 2021

    Why isn’t Henry instituting a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceeding to get their domain names pulled down?

  • Fred Burnet
    October 9, 2021

    Love my Henry rifle.

  • George Read
    October 10, 2021

    Oh saw this thanks for heads up

  • Kyle
    October 11, 2021

    Im looking for a Henry all weather 45/70 with side gate but idk how to order one or where from all the stores ive been to are sold out please help. Thanks

  • David Schultz
    October 11, 2021

    I would like to buy a Henry Axe .410 from you directly. I almost got suckered in to Henry Gun Store scam. I am retired Law Enforcement (32 yrs) with arthritis and the lower kick of this gun is what I need. I have been using buds gun shop for other purchases, but they do not sell this product. I will forward my ffl and any other info you need. I would love to be a proud owner of a Henry.

    Dave Schultz
    Birmingham Police Dept (Retired)
    Middle School Football Coach (21 yrs still going)
    Middle School Baseball Coach (15 years still going)

  • Greg mitchell
    October 11, 2021

    I would a catalogue of you guns I live in australia.
    Regards Greg

  • Terry A. Johnson
    October 12, 2021

    Was wondering when the “PIE” KELLER rifle was going to be available to BROWNELL’S in Montezuma and GRINNELL,Iowa? They acknowledge they have an order, but do not know shipment dates. I do not want to miss out on one of these gun’s and was wondering what to do! Could you get back to me and give me an update?

  • Dean Bailey
    October 12, 2021

    Is there a way Henry Rifle can connect an individual with an authorized dealer for a specific rifle?


  • David Newton
    October 13, 2021

    Interested in buying a rifle for hunting easy to carry for every day usage against hogs and snakes.

  • Terry
    October 13, 2021

    Is there a dealer in So. California?

  • Johnny Nix
    October 14, 2021

    I was ask to purchase a Henry Rifle directly from Henry but changed my mind because something didn’t deal right. It was for a Henry Golden Boy 22 with the Henry Engraving.

  • Brenda Childers
    October 14, 2021

    Looking forward to a new .22, hope you can help me out. My childhood Marlin wore out.

    October 15, 2021

    What is needed to become a HENRY DEALER – I do possess a FFL in Wisconsin! Best Regards! Dave

  • Lloyd E Thomas
    October 15, 2021

    Intrested in your repeaters

  • Fernando Rimando
    October 15, 2021

    Do I need a license to purchase

    October 15, 2021

    I bought a HENRY FRONTIER MODEL RIFLE .22 LR 20″ OCTAGON BARREL H001T online yesterday from Palmetto State Armory. Are they legit?

  • Donald Evans
    October 15, 2021

    Please send me a catalog to 1908 Russell Drive St.Bernard Louisiana 70085

  • Scott
    October 16, 2021

    I believe I found a fraudulent website selling your rifles. It goes to a Kingler Weapons distributor. They only accept bit coin and Zelle. Their phone number is 623-456-789…..

  • Fernando DeLima
    October 16, 2021

    Would like to purchase a Henry big boy classic 44 mag. can’t find available.

  • Randall Horst
    October 17, 2021

    My son Jon Horst is the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks. He lives in Franklin Wisconsin.
    He has always admired lever action rifles.
    I would like to buy him rifle in 30 30 cal manufactured at Rice Lake.
    Could you please tell me the best way to proceed

  • Kevin Boone
    October 18, 2021

    I’m ready to order a gun and send it to me dealer

    October 19, 2021

    How can I order a gun online that isn’t assemble yet,so I can build it .myself and give it as apressent

  • High Desert Firearms & Archery LLC
    October 19, 2021

    Opened my store Aug.1. 2021. Would like to become a dealer
    I have a retail store in Benson, AZ.
    Please advise
    Best regards
    Jack Dobson owner

  • Bill CULVER
    October 19, 2021

    I was just wondering if grabagun was able to sell your firearms, that were really yours, or were they fake Henry firearms.

  • Marc Drummond
    October 20, 2021 is pulling the same scam. Want me to pay with Zelle. Glad I found this post.


  • Terence Kyle
    October 21, 2021

    Do you offer any 45cal. rifles with a octagon barrel?
    Terence H. Kyle
    642 Baur Drive
    Wexford, PA. 15090

  • Jerome Price
    October 22, 2021

    All the dealers in my area say that they can not get your product in store.
    How can I purchase a Henry rifle I noticed you guys have commercials on every day but the three dealers in my area which is the bay area the San Francisco Peninsula to be exact tell me that they can’t get your product.

  • Larry Crabb
    October 22, 2021

    I would like a copy of your catalog

  • Pastor Tom Lacy
    October 22, 2021

    I only want to buy from Henry

  • Clifford T. Bradley
    October 24, 2021

    Just need a henry shotgun/rifle catalogue.

  • Lloyd C Cumby
    October 24, 2021

    Looking to buy a pcatinny 45-70. Not sure where to start. Seems hard to fine. Thanks

  • Adulfo Conde
    October 24, 2021

    I have just one of your perfect rifle and I love my 22 long special edition free mason I will buy all caliber for colección special are 100% made in USA

  • garrett
    October 27, 2021

    Are these guys legit or not?

    • Dan Clayton-Luce
      October 28, 2021

      No, they are not. This is a new site that just recently popped up and we are now taking action.

  • Jobn lawson
    October 29, 2021

    Where can I find a legit dealer in Washington State?

  • Paul Schofield
    October 30, 2021

    What about accuracy fo a 22 cal Golden Eagle andSilver Eagle? What about triggers and what are the differences in workmanship and quality between a Golden Eagle and a Silver Eagle?

  • Dave Addington
    October 31, 2021

    I ask for an updated Henry gun magazine almost a year ago and haven’t gotten it yet, do you still offer them?

  • Gerald Maxwell
    October 31, 2021

    Any possibility of gettin Henry’s delivered. To Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Al , or Maxwell AFB in Montgomery Al?

    I missed buying your brass Henry at Redstone but am now interested in the all weather .357 / 38
    Gerald Maxwell

  • Terry Clark
    November 1, 2021

    I’m very glad that I saw your warning before I paid for my order to Henry Gun Store via Zelle. Their site looked authentic and was very convincing.

  • Heath
    November 1, 2021

    Thanks for looking out & making it easy to find because I just downloaded one of them sights didn’t put any information in it

  • Ralph Fredda
    November 2, 2021

    Guys if your looking to buy a Henry just look on this site for Henry Dealers Near You. Just put in you zip and bingo you will find a dealers near you. Call them if your lucky they will have one in stock or can order it for you. It’s that simple.

  • Bill Green
    November 2, 2021

    I want the AR7 Henry for my birthday
    sure hope
    I get one

  • Dylan m dapo
    November 3, 2021

    Where can I order a Henry long ranger 308 lever action ?

  • Steven Simon
    November 3, 2021

    Please send me a Henry catalog! I have several times in the past two years and yet have not received any catalog! Valid address is to be sent as
    Steven Simon unit#6
    20109 HWY 36
    Brazoria, Tx. 77422
    I would appreciate it very much to start receiving new information from Henry rifles!

  • Mike Stephens
    November 4, 2021

    I would like to purchase a 410 double barrel shotgun. Please send a catalog to 408 N Illinois St ,COLFAX Indiana 46035

  • Linda
    November 4, 2021

    October 30,2021 placed an order on and now know it was a fradulent website. It was given the green checkmark by my security system Kaspersky. I now know you can’t trust your security that you pay for either. Hopefully, I will be able to recover at least half of the $910.00. What a nightmare,

  • Gayle Little-Robinson
    November 4, 2021

    Info on 422

  • Donna Deshazer Byrd
    November 5, 2021

    We had got a catalog in the mail but it must have gotten thrown out I can not find it.
    My husband never ask for anything but, this is the one thing he has repeated.

    November 5, 2021

    Would like to order a catalog

  • Don Trojak
    November 5, 2021

    I’ve been trying a year to find a dealer in the Schenectady, NY area

  • Gary Lynn Pollard
    November 5, 2021

    I would like to know the price on a Henry 30-30 rifle

    November 5, 2021


  • Debra J Duperroir
    November 6, 2021

    I just got scammed for about $700 (gun and ammo)……not a Henry fraud, just a gun dealer fraud. I wanted an AR type 22lr and thought I had found what I wanted. NOT. Anyway, I’m going to check out the Henrys and buy myself a good firearm. The scam site is They’re good and I knew better, but still got sucked in.

  • Gloria don
    November 6, 2021

    Does the catalog come from Henry and how do we know who is going to be correct if we mail order

  • Murray Zane Clark
    November 7, 2021

    Why is it that on this site you have accessories for sale if you don’t sell direct? Is this a fraudulent site?

  • Bob osipower
    November 7, 2021

    Interested in your AR7

  • Byron Cagle
    November 8, 2021

    Iv been trying to buy a Henry 30 30 lever action. I’m in South Texas. Close to San Antonio and Houston areas. Any idea who in South Texas who may have a Henry for sale? Thanks… 956 330-8499. McAllen TX.

  • Gregory Dunham
    November 9, 2021

    I live in Florida zip code 33567, looking for the nearest Henry dealer.

  • Rick Chambers
    November 9, 2021

    Thanks for the heads up. They are still doing this.

    Do you sell rifles direct to the customer?


  • frank pepe
    November 10, 2021

    I am very interested in purchasing a Henry.
    Can you please mail me the latest catalog?

  • JR Johnstone
    November 10, 2021 almost got me for 900.00 until I smelled a rat. Came close through.

  • Terry Joe Harrison
    November 10, 2021

    Would like a book

  • Larry Barbee
    November 10, 2021

    Looking for a 28 gadget shotgun for a 7 year old for competition Skeet.

    Thank you,

    USAF Ret. Major Larry Barbee

  • Steve Paukoski
    November 11, 2021

    Why can’t I find a Henry Golden Boy /Silver in a 22 or 22mag anywhere in Wisconsin. I recently bought a 22 Golden boy at fleet farm in Oconomowoc and am very happy with it and have been trying to find a Silver for months ?

  • Rodney Epley
    November 11, 2021

    Please send me a catalog Big fan address 102 willow st SW apt 110 Lenoir NC 28645

  • Elizabeth Brown
    November 11, 2021

    I did not see this until I made an order and paid $660. For a rifle.

    New Order: #3471
    You’ve received the following order from Elizabeth Brown:

    [Order #3471] (November 6, 2021)

    Product Quantity Price
    Subtotal: $640.00
    Shipping: $20.00 via Flat rate
    Payment method: Zelle
    Total: $660.00

    I did not see the warning until after I ordered this gun. It’s sad we can’t trust anymore.

  • George baumgardner
    November 11, 2021

    I would like one of your catalogs

  • Robert walker
    November 12, 2021

    Needed a replacement stock for my 45/70 h010b I scratch my stock

  • William Rappold
    November 12, 2021

    How can I get a catalog? 133 e main Street new freedom, pa, 17349

  • Renato De Villa
    November 12, 2021

    Good warning info to prevent fraud .

  • Donald Scheiner
    November 12, 2021

    I’m very glad to find this out, I didn’t realize your company didn’t sell direct. Do you have a current list of actual Henry firearms dealers?

  • Florencio Torres
    November 12, 2021

    I would like to purchase a repeater rifle i Portland Michigan

  • Charles Campbell
    November 12, 2021

    I am 81 yrs old ( used to be avid Hunter) I currently do not possess any firearms since I can no longer hunt. I am interested in having a “Survival AR-7” for home defense purposes but would rather have an AR-7 in “22 Magnum” caliber. Are there any plans to retool this
    very useful and high quality rifle in “22 Magnum” caliber?

  • John Kaleialoha
    November 12, 2021

    The gun shops in Honolulu tell me that they can’t get the Henry rifle I want. Model# H011. What do I need to do to get one?

  • James
    November 13, 2021

    I want a heneru rifle 44 . With the longest barrel

  • Barry Andrews
    November 13, 2021

    I went to my local Sportsman’s Warehouse, and tried to buy a H006MR; but the salesman was unaware of any discount offered to me even though they are a Henry’s authorized dealer.
    I ordered another catalog, but I was hoping for a written statement in my catalog or on your website.
    I did see the short statement saying “Expect a discount off MSRP from a Henry dealer. Thanks, Barry Andrews

  • Kyle meinert
    November 14, 2021

    Hey Henry call phislabs and they can get all the fraud sites you identify taken down and help with a bunch of other stuff. It’s a minimal investment for the hit to your brand. I work in cyber security and if you need anything ping me. As a business owner and a long time fan. I want to help you guys!

  • Sierra r
    November 14, 2021
    this looks like a fraudulent online dealer

  • Bernard Freeman
    November 15, 2021

    Please send me your catalog to 1936 Orchard Way Richland Washington 99352. Thanks . Bernard Freeman

  • Joseph Stigliano
    November 16, 2021

    Please send catalog and how to purchase information to 70 east chestnut street Clayton NJ 08312…. thank you

  • Larry L Leatherman
    November 17, 2021

    have been interested for quite a while in purchasing a Henry rifle. I don’t know how to do it. The list of dealers you provided never responded. I have talked to Bass pro and would like to purchase through them. Please advise of steps I need to take.

  • Thomas Weiland
    November 18, 2021

    Hello, just curious about buying from They seem pretty legit but when I favorited the Henry Axe 410 on their site it was out of stock, which I can understand. They had it list for a great price of $701 so I kept waiting for it to come back in stock. The next day it was in stock! But the price was $1696. Of course I didn’t buy it but wanted to know if this online store is credible for me to spend my time watching for a good price when in stock.


  • Ron hentz
    November 18, 2021

    I would like to get one from sportsmen store but I want to make sure it’s the one I want

  • George Lambert
    November 18, 2021

    Looking to buy the 410 AXE. Where can I order this. My zip is 48430

  • Tony Schuver
    November 18, 2021

    Love to see what you all have. Have been admiring your guns for a long time. Interested in starting a collection to hand down to my sons someday

  • Steve Martin
    November 19, 2021

    Thank you for this information, please send me a catalog to Steve Martin, 1181 Greene 625 Rd, Paragould, AR 72450. I appreciate an honest business.

  • Roy Ballard
    November 19, 2021

    Do you recognize as a bonefide dealer if your products?
    Thank you
    Roy Ballard

  • Grady Richardson
    November 19, 2021

    I recently saw Henry rifles in a Walmart. Are these really Henry rifles and are they of the same quality as the Henry in my local gun store?

  • John Bartlett
    November 19, 2021

    I know you discontinued the .41 magnum caliber rifles Is there anything you can do to help me find a new or lightly used rifle?

  • Michael Pellittiere II
    November 19, 2021

    As an owner of several Henry Rifles I was anxious to to get a mares leg 22 as a Christmas gift for my wife. I had a friend order it in to my local FFL where I would affect the official transfer to me. Unfortunately, I sow your warning banner too late. I do have a comment to make. It was out of desperation that I went online looking as several of the dealers I use we not able to obtain this item from their distributors. My friend (using my cash) went through “the Henry Gun Store” and used zelle for the transfer

  • Keith Callahan
    November 20, 2021

    Dear Henry ,
    I’ve been looking for a Henry Big Boy with the Big lever due to a severed right hand through a log splitting accident and I found one on a Sportsman Outdoor Superstore that claims they carry Henry rifles ? Some are in stock and some aren’t but everywhere I’ve checked I’m having a difficult time finding one.
    I am curious as I’ve tried to look up this company and just can’t find where you have them listed as a Henry Dealer .
    Can you let me know if they are legit ?
    I appreciate if you can let me know or send me to a dealer that you Trust will have one in stock.
    I live in Md. and no one is giving me a date on when they will have Henry’s again.
    God Bless and thanks for any help in this manner .
    Keith Callahan

  • Bea garrison
    November 20, 2021

    Where can I purchase a Henry rifleman firearm?

  • Timothy Summey
    November 21, 2021

    Would love to get a catalog I have asked for one three times and never received it

  • scott vincent
    November 21, 2021

    Another one i believe is Henry Armory, they use those payment methods as well

  • Richard W. Ferguson
    November 22, 2021

    I am looking to purchase a “Small Game Carbine”, model H001TLP chambered to accept .22 LR, L or S, W/skinner peep sight. I was told I could order it from you and have it shipped to a dealer in my area. I assume I would pay for it when I picked it up but I don’t know. Is this workable?

    Thank you
    Rich Ferguson
    Flagstaff, AZ 928-526-4237

  • Malcolm Cooper
    November 23, 2021

    Not scammed. I’m interested in the Big Boy x

  • Chris
    November 24, 2021

    Easier said than done! but if you were to make an over and under shotgun for sporting clays sporting model! You wouldn’t be able to keep them in stock especially with a lifetime warranty and made in USA

  • Earl King
    November 24, 2021

    I would like to say thank you ,for this information about fraudulent activity and there websites. I’m looking for a cantilever scope mount for my wife’s 22 youth rifle. If you could direct me to the right place to get one I would appreciate it. Thank you

  • ned lawrence
    November 24, 2021

    What do I need to do before I buy a Henry .22
    lever action rifle

  • Ralph Eure
    November 25, 2021

    thanks for the catalog

  • sue preston
    November 25, 2021

    Would like a real catalogue if you are legit

  • Alonzo L Anderson
    November 26, 2021

    Thank you for warning me about those scammers. Please keep me up to date on those scammers.

  • Rosemary Lee
    November 27, 2021

    I would love one of your catalogs

  • Jeff Meadows
    November 27, 2021

    Please provide local dealers near zip code 92394

  • Damon Ortagus
    November 27, 2021

    please send me your catalog.
    Damon Ortagus
    261 Mt Top Loop
    Pell City,Al

    thank you,
    Damon Ortagus

  • Michael L Peltier
    December 20, 2021

    Considered purchasing a Henry Axe from a web site The site displays a logo for Klingler Weapon Store
    Their contact phone number is an incomplete number. The site let’s you chat with a rep who promptly told me of special Christmas pricing,,,$750. Their regular price is $800. They won’t take call and only wanted payment via Bitcoin or Zelle
    I asked if they could take a credit card and the reply is that person is not in right now and asked if I could use Western Union
    Followed by “ don’t worry it’s ok” just complete payment and it will be good
    My scam radar lit up like crazy. Thing is,,my local gun store said oh yeh, they purchase thru them all the time.
    Something ain’t right

    January 7, 2022

    I want to find and purchase a golden Boy model H004MAS, can you help?