Beware of Fraudulent Online Dealers

For the safety of your personal and financial information, please be aware of several fraudulent online Henry dealers.

July 13, 2021



We have been made aware of at least two fraudulent online retail websites that present themselves as being dedicated Henry firearm dealers. In the interest of your privacy and sensitive personal information, we would like to make the Henry Family aware of these retailers as we work to remove them.

The websites share names like Henry Gun Store or Henry Gun Shop and require payment through apps like Zelle or a cryptocurrency wallet. If this looks like a website you have run across, please steer clear and do not provide them with any of your financial information.

It’s unfortunate that bad actors take advantage of a time like this when our firearms are in such high demand. If you believe that you have been defrauded by one of these retailers, we urge you to file a report with your bank, the FTC, and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Be safe out there!

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  • wailes blalock jr
    July 14, 2021

    Sure is nice to see someone trying to protect the public. We are in this mess together.

  • John Tomnitz
    July 16, 2021

    It happened to me when I ordered a Henry rifle. Fortunately for me the credit card company got me a refund after 90 days. PayPal is no help. Beware of them asking you to send a payment through PayPal “friends” or zelle or bitcoin, this is the way they can get your hard earned money without you being able to get a refund. They will keep telling you lies about shipping for 2 weeks then suspend your account and you will never hear from them again. Names to watch out for are “Top Guns of Texas”, “Jimmy Warehouse”, or “Guns Warehouse”, they are all fraudulent companies.

  • Steven Sohn
    July 16, 2021

    I came across “Henry Gun Store,” looking for a .45LC Big Boy. When they required crypto currency or Zelle only, did not smell right, so I contacted Henry Customer Service by email.
    They got back to me in less than 5 minutes, and identified the site as dubious, and gave me a list of sites that had the brass Big Boy .45LC. I bought it from Kentucky Gun and it is arriving tomorrow. Thanks to Henry Customer Service I will not be out a significant amount of $$$. It is an excellent thing to have a company like Henry take an interest in our requirements and assist in our needs. Flipping a highball (giving a salute, USAF slang) to Henry USA,