The Henry Repeater
The Henry Repeater

The Big Easy

Contributed by The Outdoors Chef

January 23, 2020

Henry Rifles- Recipes- Big Easy

Need a nice drink after a long day of work? Enjoy this cocktail alongside our other recipes from The Outdoors Chef. Please drink responsibly and never mix alcohol and firearms.

Recipe written by The Outdoors Chef. For more great recipes, hunting live streams, and cooking shows follow The Outdoors Chef on Facebook.


  • Brandy or Cognac – 1½oz 45ml
  • Cointreau – 1oz 30ml
  • Still Water – 2oz 60ml
  • Absinthe – ¼oz 7.5ml
  • Coarse Raw Sugar – 1pc
  • Angostura Bitters – 3 dashes
  • Lemon – twist or sliced – garnish
  • Fresh Rosemary – garnish
  • Crushed Ice – as needed


  1. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice to the rim, top with water, set aside
  2. In a second old-fashioned glass add sugar, angostura bitters, and water, muddle to combine creating a simple syrup
  3. Add a handful of ice into glass with simple syrup, pour over Cognac, and Cointreau
  4. Dump ice and water from first, chilled glass, add absinthe and swirl around coating the entire glass
  5. Strain the mix from the second glass into Absinthe coated glass, garnish with lemon and rosemary

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The Henry Guarantee

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