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A Very Henry Christmas

Santa came early this year. New Henry All Weather in .357/.38spl. Yeeeee Haaaaaa.

Anthony your people have created another awesome rifle. I can brag enough about your products and outstanding service. You should be very proud. My Twin brother Dave also included will be jealous.

Steve Freidell

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A McGriff Christmas

A McGriff Christmas

My father is 93 and last year he wanted his two sons, son-in-laws, grandsons and great grandsons to have a gun and not just any gun!! He gave them all a Henry and have plans to add 3 more for his newest 3 great grandsons.

This was my brother Barry McGriff’s idea, he is President of my fathers company, McGriff Tire Company. Barry is the most sentimental of the boys and wanted dad to give a gift that would be remembered long after my father is gone.

I am really writing this on behalf of my brother, as any older brother would do he told me to, “Handle it.” I do believe my fathers story would a great read for your other customers. My father is a World War II veteran, purple heart survivor. We are blessed beyond measures to still have our father living and in good health. We are a very close family and continue to follow traditions. The guns he gave were all the same and every male received one no matter the age.

Terri McGriff-Waldrop