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The Henry Repeater

Hard Lemon Iced Tea

Contributed by The Outdoors Chef

January 23, 2020

Henry Rifles- Recipes- Iced Tea

Guns and alcohol do not mix, so please enjoy this recipe responsibly. This is the perfect concoction for your next get together, or for sippin’ slowly on the front porch while watching the sun set and winding down for the evening. This tangy, sweet, fruity beverage is best made on Monday and enjoyed all week long.

Recipe written by The Outdoors Chef. For more great recipes, hunting live streams, and cooking shows follow The Outdoors Chef on Facebook.


  • Southern Comfort- 12oz/350ml
  • Brandy or Cognac- 6oz/175ml
  • Lemons- fresh squeezed, plus more for garnish- 3cups/750ml
  • Lemon- thinly sliced for garnish- 1pc
  • Black Tea- fresh brewed 5cups- 1250ml
  • Wildflower Honey- ½cup/125ml
  • Carbonated Water- peach flavored if available- 4cups/1000ml
  • Peaches- pitted and sliced into wedges, plus more for garnish- 2pc
  • Fresh Mint Leaves- rinsed and leaves stripped, plus more for garnish- 8pc
  • Ice Cubes- 5cups


  1. In a large pitcher combine southern comfort, cognac, lemon juice, black tea, honey, stir to combine
  2. Run paring knife around peaches down to the seed, twist and split, remove pit
  3. Add carbonated water, ice, mint leaves, lemon and peach slices
  4. Serve over ice in a high-ball glass or stemless wine glass with peach, lemon slice and mint to garnish

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