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The Henry Repeater

Got Venison? We’ve Got A Recipe.

Learn How To Make Venison Sausage Casserole! #HUNTWITHAHENRY

July 8, 2020

Host of #HUNTWITHAHENRY, Cody Butler, his wife Whitney, and their baby girl with a Kansas whitetail from their 2019 season.

If you spent last deer season hunting with your Henry, there is a good chance you may still have some leftover venison sausage in the freezer. While it doesn’t get much better than a perfectly grilled backstrap or a batch of fresh deer jerky, we wanted to switch things up a bit. In the latest episode of Hunt with a Henry, our host Cody Butler and his wife Whitney (mostly his wife Whitney) whip up a mean venison sausage egg casserole that had our mouths watering. Even if your culinary skills are less impressive than your marksmanship, this recipe is simple enough for any outdoorsman to prepare. We’re always looking for dishes to add to our wild-game repertoire, so this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Check out the video below for the full recipe tutorial, we promise you’ll be eating good in no time. Leave a comment below with your favorite wild game recipes and let us know if there are any dishes you’d like to see the Butlers prepare on the channel soon!

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