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Pump Action Octagon Rifle

Pump Action Octagon Rifle

.22 S/L/LR or .22 Magnum

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The Henry Pump Action Octagon .22 rifle joins faded jeans, Mom’s apple pie, a restored ’57 Chevy as an all-American icon. Now fitted with a blue octagonal barrel, it resurrects the great old days of the traditional shooting gallery. The Henry Pump Octagon, available in calibers .22LR or .22 Magnum, is one gun that is built for fun.

Pump Action Henry

It also sports a grooved receiver for mounting a scope, and Marbles semi-buckhorn fully adjustable rear sights with standard 3/8″ dovetail slots enabling you to change sights if you choose to do so. Beautifully finished American walnut is used for the stock. The .22LR version can hold 15 rounds of .22LR and as much as 21 rounds of .22Short. The capacity of the .22 Magnum is 12 rounds. If you must extract an unfired cartridge from the chamber, we have included a grooved release button at the right front of the trigger guard. When pressed back, the lever unlocks the forend allowing it to be retracted to eject the unfired round.

Octagon Barrel

Shooting the Henry Pump Action rifle may be more fun than most people deserve to have. But we won’t tell.

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Henry Pump Action 22lr and 22 MAG Review

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Pump Action Octagon .22
Model Number H003T
Action Type Pump
Caliber .22 S/L/LR
Capacity 15 rounds
Length 38.5"
Barrel Length 19.75"
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:16
Weight 6 lbs.
Stock American Walnut
Sights Adjustable rear, beaded front sight
Finish Blued barrel
M.S.R. Price $550.00
Pump Action Octagon .22 Magnum
Model Number H003TM
Caliber .22 Magnum
Capacity 12 rounds
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:16
M.S.R. Price $590.00

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Customer Comments


cust-larry-brabecI received a birthday gift of the henry pump 22 cal rifle. Indeed a wonderful gift, and a joy to shoot, I spent about 50 rounds sighting it in at 25 and 50 yards, I’m on target with 2 inch groups. However I’m 2 inches to the right of target. I’m not sure how to adjust for windage, could you please advise. Note, the sighting was done from a bench rest. I just turned 64 yrs old, and received a Winchester pump at age 10, which I wore out, I purched a Marlin mounte lever action in 1962 which is wore out. I doubt if I’ll have time to wear out the Henry, but will try if you advise me with the windage adjustment.

Thank you,

Larry Brabec
Drayden, MI


” My favorite gun is my Henry 22 pump! I’m hoping to pick up a 22 lever for Christmas. Thanks for great products at a great price!”

Dominick Loiacono


cust-bill-macmillanThanks for making such a family-friendly collection of great rifles. You have a much better understanding of what people enjoy about shooting than do other firearm companies. Our Henry lever action is high quality, easy to use, accurate, and an absolute pleasure to handle. You have no competitors in value for the price.

Here is a photo of my wife at the range with the Henry I gave her for Christmas. As an immigrant from China, where individuals aren’t allowed to own firearms, she has a special appreciation of our second amendment rights.

Besides the Henry lever action, we had two other firearms made by a very well known manufacturer. Since gaining experience with all of these guns, I realized that the Henry was the most enjoyable to use and as effective for our purposes as more expensive choices. Counting a Henry pump action I have on order, the firearm count for our household is now Henry 3, other makes 0.

Best wishes to you and all the top-notch professionals at Henry!

Bill Mcmillan
Ypsilanti, MI