Second Amendment Tribute Edition

Second Amendment Tribute Edition Rifle

Recognizing The NRA’s Tireless Efforts To Defend Our Second Amendment Rights

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The National Rifle Association was originally chartered in the State of New York in 1871, with the goal of establishing marksmanship training for riflemen. The New York Legislature provided funding for a brand new thoroughly modern range at Creedmore, Long Island, officially opened in 1873, to support the effort. Beginning with its association with the Creedmore Range, the NRA became heavily involved in the rising sport of competitive rifle shooting both domestically and abroad, and soon organized other clubs in other states. The NRA’s instruction manual eventually evolved into the US Army’s training program, and the organization has provided instructors and training in several aspects of firearms sports and safety that include rifles, handguns and shotguns, to hundreds of thousands of new shooters of all ages for well over 100 years.


On the left side, a gold American eagle in flight, the Second Amendment in a gold shield, and the Bill Of Rights in a gold scroll.

In 1934, the NRA formed its Legislative Affairs Division, and became increasingly active in the politics of gun ownership with mounting pressure from more restrictive legislation in the years following, creating the Institute For Legislative Action (the NRA’s lobbying arm) in 1975. Since then, as America’s oldest civil rights organization, the NRA continues to be the leading national voice and face of millions of law-abiding citizens who peacefully exercise their Second Amendment rights, coast to coast.

In 2016 we built a limited run of 2,000-unit Golden Boy NRA Second Amendment Tribute Edition rimfire lever actions for Friends Of The NRA to salute the organization’s contributions during its 145 years of service in our behalf, and we felt so strongly about the matter that we decided to bring it back in 2017 as a general-issue cataloged model for everybody who wants one.

The NRA Second Amendment Tribute is based on our proven Golden Boy platform, with 20” octagon blued barrel and American walnut furniture, in .22 S/L/LR caliber, wearing our standard adjustable semi-buck and brass bead sights, and featuring a .22 LR magazine capacity of 16 rounds.

For display, or for affirming your right to own and shoot this tribute to the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment it so strongly defends, another Henry lever action you can be as satisfied to own as we are to make.

ok for left hand shooters

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The receiver cover, barrel band, and carbine-style buttplate are all brightly-polished in a hi-gloss silver-toned finish, and the cover is embellished on both side flats with 19th Century floral engraving set off by 24K gold plated and raised-relief symbology that includes on its right side a flintlock rifle above the now-famous FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS statement made by Charlton Heston, NRA president from 1998-2003, at the 2000 NRA convention, and on the smaller panel the NRA Seal.

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Second Amendment Tribute Edition
Model Number H004SAT
Action Type Action Repeater
Caliber .22 S/L/LR
Capacity 16 rounds .22 LR, 21 rounds .22 Short
Length 38.5"
Barrel Length 20"
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:16
Weight 6.75 lbs.
Stock American Walnut
Sights Fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear with reversible white diamond insert and brass beaded front sight
Finish Nickel receiver, brasslite barrel band, brass buttplate & blued lever and barrel
M.S.R. Price $1099.00

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