Photo of Law Enforcement Tribute Edition

Law Enforcement Tribute Edition .22 S/L/LR

To Honor Those Who Have Worn A Badge In Service To Their Community And Country

American law enforcement has an enduring history as old as the nation itself. We are extremely proud to introduce the Henry Golden Boy Law Enforcement Tribute Edition. It’s perfect as a cherished presentation gift for retiring law officers or to celebrate any special law enforcement occasion.

Henry’s distinctive Golden Boy receiver is elegantly festooned with graceful 24K gold-plated engraving patterned by world-renowned engraver Heidi Roos. The bold American-style scrollwork makes this commemorative, heirloom-quality rifle a true functional work of art that pays a fitting tribute to those who have sworn an oath to serve and protect. Any active duty or retired law enforcement officer will proudly display, shoot and pass along this special firearm to the next generation.


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Karen and Steve Horvot
Larry Waimon
Todd Gleason
Douglas M. Hurst
Rob Young
Law Enforcement

Henry Rifles Customers-HorvotLieutenant Detective, Paul Jamolawicz with his new Henry Law Enforcement Tribute Rifle.

Thanks for helping us make this officer and friend, own a very special gift he will always cherish. What a beautiful rifle, would make anyone proud to own it.

Karen and Steve Horvot

Henry Rifles Customers-waimon
Kudos for being so “approachable”; all flattering comments about YOU, your company/staff and the Big Boy .357 I JUST got and fired this past weekend, WELL-DESERVED and EARNED! Thought for target shooting, I hit everything I aimed at right out of the box, I did order my black/gold Skinner sights from Andy, (nice collaboration BTW with this company). Haven’t been interested in long rifle shooting in many decades, (now retired from Millburn, NJ Police Dept. living in Lake George region). Suggestion here: Offer a speed loader as you do for the Golden Boy class and perhaps consider an offering for the dedicated “Law Enforcement ” tribute gun for this Big Boy model(s) as well. Lots of fellow officers like myself that would desire a working tribute gun in this model. Would enjoy an eventual reply to this query and again, congrats about being such a respected, distinguished company. I’m rediscovering this hobby now that I DON’T have to shoot twice a year; it’s fun again!

Larry Waimon

Henry Rifles Customers-gleason

Mr. Imperato,

I just wanted to touch bases with you regarding the BlueKnights Conference in June of 2015. It was a total success with over 140 members attending. The conference was conducted in Eagan, Minnesota, at the Best Western Hotel. Due to the fact we pre-advertised the raffling of a “Henry” {Law Enforcement Special Addition rifle}, we were able to raise well over $1000.00 for the rifle alone. Numerous compliments were made concerning your generosity and contribution.

I am including a picture from the conference.

As you are looking at the photo, I am on the far left (Todd Gleason). The winner of the rifle to the right is Dave Pasicznyk, a member our own chapter. To the right of Dave P. was “Mack” the knight, representing the BlueKnights, and on the far right is Dave Smith, our chapter president.

Todd Gleason

Henry Rifles Customers-Hurst


I wish I could send you a couple of pictures of my son Andrew… 1) when he was graduating from the Henrico County, VA Police Academy (being presented the Marksmanship Award) and 2) the look on his face when he opened his graduation gift from me and his mother… a Henry .22 LR Law Enforcement Tribute.

Both are priceless to me. Thank you so much for your All American attitude with regard to firearms,

Douglas M. Hurst

Henry Rifles Customers-YoungRob with LE Tribute

Rob Young

Henry Rifles Customers-lawHenry customer with his Law Enforcement Tribute Edition.

Firearm Specifications


Golden Boy Law Enforcement Tribute Edition .22 S/L/LR»
Model Number
Action Type
Lever Action
16 LR/21 S
M.S.R. Price
Additional Specifications»
Barrel Length
Barrel Type
Octagon Blued Steel
Rate of Twist
Overall Length
6.75 lbs.
Receiver Finish
Nickel Plated
Rear Sight
Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight
Brass Bead
Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type
Stock Material
American Walnut
Length of Pull
1/4 Cock
Best Uses
Receiver Engraving with 24K Gold Plating. Engraved/painted stock and engraved forearm

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  • Law Enforcement Tribute

    “To Protect and Serve”

  • Law Enforcement Tribute

    The hand-selected American walnut stock is laser etched with the image of the American bald eagle set in a hand-painted royal blue circle with the words GOD BLESS AMERICA’S FINEST.