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Freemasons Tribute Edition .22 S/L/LR

Unique To America’s Most Enduring Fraternal Order

Freemason symbolWith roots dating back to the great European stonemason guilds of the 14th Century, the Freemasons later evolved into a fraternal order of brotherhood and service that spans the globe today. Each member is initiated into the order and progresses through the original medieval levels of advancement that include Apprentice, Journeyman (now called Fellowcraft), and Master Mason. Dedication to each other, and a belief in a supreme being (regardless of denomination), are essential elements that bind Freemasons together.

The Masonic lodge serves as a meeting house, educational center for matters Masonic, and a setting for the rituals associated with the various functions of advancement, along with local internal Masonic business and social activities. Lodges and rituals typically display standard Masonic symbols familiar even to non-members, and those include both stone mason symbology as well as references to the Temple of Solomon.

Freemasonry notes its beginnings here in America in the very early 1700s, with one of its most notable members being our first American president, George Washington. Open to all levels of society from cab driver to Congress, the Freemasons have included such names as country western singers Roy Acuff and Eddy Arnold, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, South Pole discoverer Roald Amundsen, hotelman John Jacob Astor, western star Gene Autry, comedian Richard Pryor, actor John Wayne, magician Harry Houdini, jazz legend Count Basie, America’s literary icon Mark Twain, and boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson, to name just a few.

We are delighted to recognize this ancient and honorable fraternal order with our new Henry Golden Boy Freemasons Tribute Edition in .22 LR rimfire, proudly featuring imagery instantly recognizable by Masons everywhere on its brightly polished silver receiver.
To further set off this striking tribute edition, the select American walnut stock depicts our first President in full Masonic regalia, with apron, trowel, and Warden’s column, standing on a “temple” floor in front of the Masonic staircase, in a painted tableau bordered by scrollwork in the same style as the receiver.

What better way to acknowledge the order’s long history, and reward the work and dedication you, or someone important to you, has invested in Freemasonry.

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Bill Post
Jack Welkenbach
Duran Shults
Cody Tanner
Billy Huett
Johnnie Gentry
Dewayne Crum

Henry Rifles Customers- PostMy name is Bill Post and I have been a Freemason for 40 years. I picked up my new Henry Free Mason Tribute rifle last week. It is better than I expected. Pictures do not do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is second to none.

Our Masonic Lodge, Gnemeth Lodge #577 A.F. & A.M. in West Des Moines, Iowa had a raffle to raise funds for our scholarship program. After a three month period of selling tickets, the drawing was held on September 6th and I was the lucky winner.

I am not new to the Henry family. I purchased a Golden Boy 22LR in 2003. It is my pride and joy … and one of the most accurate “open sight” rifles I have ever owned. I just had to send you a picture of my Henry’s. “Pride of Ownership” is an understatement when I shoot and show off my Henry rifles. Thank you to Mr. Imperato for manufacturing such outstanding “Made in America” Rifles.

Warmest regards,

Bill Post

Henry Rifles Customers-WelkenbachWorshipful Jack Welkenback presented Most Worshipful Steven Boring, Past Grand Master 2015, with a Henry Rifle engraved with Masonic symbolism at the 187th Annual Grand Communication. Most Worshipful Boring is an avid sport shooter and quite accomplished.

Jack Welkenbach

Henry Rifles Customers-ShultsMaster Mason:

Duran Shults with By-Pass Barber Shop just received his Master Mason! As a gift, his wife Brenda got him this Henry Golden Boy Free Mason Tribute .22lr. He was so happy!!

Tripp & Jeanea

Henry Rifles Customers-TannerMr. Imperato

We were able to raise 5000$ with a raffle of the Freemason Tribute Rifle. We plan to double the number of children we buy Christmas for as well as feed additional families. Enclosed I have attached a picture of the raffle winner and myself. The winner was Robby Wood. And he was more than enthusiastic to accept the winnings.

Cody Tanner

Henry Rifles Customers- HuettHere are some of my Henry Pictures. The 2 youth models are for my granddaughters. I have 3 of your Tribute Rifles, and close to 30 Henrys altogether. I was a fire fighter for 9 years, I have been a Master Mason since 1984, and was in the U.S.Navy from 1969 to 1973.

Have a wonderful day, Billy.

Billy Huett

Henry Rifles Customers-GentryVietnam Vet with Freemason Rifle

Johnnie Gentry

Henry Rifles Customers-CrumFreemason,

Dewayne Crum

Firearm Specifications


Henry Golden Boy Freemasons Tribute Edition .22 S/L/LR»
Model Number
Action Type
Lever Action
16 LR/21 S
M.S.R. Price
Additional Specifications»
Barrel Length
Barrel Type
Octagon Blued Steel
Rate of Twist
Overall Length
6.75 lbs.
Receiver Finish
Nickel Plated
Rear Sight
Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight
Brass Bead
Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type
Stock Material
American Walnut
Length of Pull
1/4 Cock
Best Uses
Receiver Engraving with 24K Gold Plating. Engraved/Painted Stock

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  • Freemason Tribute receiver

    On the right side, black and white mosaic squares represent the floor of King Solomon’s Temple to illustrate “human life, checkered with good and evil”. Ascending stairs remind a member of the path to higher levels of Freemasonry, with another “G” at the top as the ultimate goal.

  • Freemason Tribute buttstock

    To further set off this striking tribute edition, the select American walnut stock depicts our first President in full Masonic regalia, with apron, trowel, and Warden’s column, standing on a “temple” floor in front of the Masonic staircase, in a painted tableau bordered by scrollwork in the same style as the receiver.

  • Freemason Tribute receiver

    This tribute edition’s left side carries the famous compass and square retained from the earliest days of freemasonry, the mason’s plumb and level, the letter “G” which stands for both God and Geometry, the All-Seeing Eye of God as the symbol of divine watchfulness, and the words BROTHERLY LOVE, RELIEF & TRUTH that the order considers its foundation, along with FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, emphasized in a Mason’s First Point Ceremony, all in raised 24K gold relief against a background of classic floral engraving.

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The Henry Guarantee

The Henry Guarantee

From Founder & CEO, Anthony Imperato

“When you choose to spend your hard-earned money on a Henry, you have my personal satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty for the life of the product. Your 100% satisfaction is of utmost importance, and our award-winning customer service team is empowered to do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with your Henry.”