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U.S. Survival Pack

A Grab & Go Package With Survival In Mind

Wilderness survival, if you break down or get yourself temporarily misplaced, is always a challenge, and the most critical piece of survival equipment you can have is the determination not to give up. But having the right gear always raises the odds of getting out alive, and we’re happy to be there when you need help with the Henry U.S. Survival Pack, a grab & go package to cover the basics.

The Henry Survival Pack is organized around our 3.5-pound U.S. Survival Rifle. This very lightweight semi-auto .22LR rifle breaks down for carry in its 16.5-inch own compact and water-resistant lightweight ABS plastic and features the ability to stow three magazines onboard for small game foraging.

To help hang on while you’re scrounging for local edibles, we include a highly concentrated Datrex 1000-calorie emergency food pack containing four 250-calorie bars of all-natural ingredients, sealed in a polymer foil package and certified to stay fresh for a minimum of five years. Water? If you can find it, you can safely drink it with the ultralight Aquamira Frontier™ Straw that offers EPA and NSF/ANSI-certified filtration for up to 30 gallons of water.

Fire is a multi-purpose lifesaver; it can cook, dry wet clothes, warm you up, provide light in the dark, and signal to searchers. To help start that fire, we include an ESEE Fire Steel with your preferred sparking medium, a flint, or a Ferro rod. To help skin a rabbit or squirrel for the campfire or whittle roasting sticks or kindling, we include a Buck Rival folding knife with a 2.75-inch stainless steel blade, black nylon handle, and one-handed thumb stud opening.

For warmth, signaling, and shelter building, you’ll also find an H&H Mylar Emergency Hypothermia Blanket, silver-sided on front and back, that folds its 84”x56” size into a small fat vacuum-sealed packet for stowage; and 100 feet of MIL-C-5040H Type III green camo paracord to tie it all together with, break down for fishing line, or use for other cordage needs. And, as the core of your own first aid kit, we get you started with a SWAT-T black stretch, wrap, and tuck tourniquet that doubles as a pressure bandage and elastic covering wrap.

All items are quality-made here in the U.S., just like everything we sell. We ship with the U.S. Survival Rifle packed inside our black nylon Henry U.S. Survival Carry Case, which also fits our Henry Repeating Survival Kit in a tin. There’s a place in your backpack, truck, ATV, or snowmobile for this Survival Pack; don’t wait till you need it and don’t have it.

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Firearm Specifications


Henry U.S. Survival Pack»
Model Number
Action Type
8 Rounds
M.S.R. Price
Additional Specifications»
Barrel Length
Barrel Type
Steel Covered with Coated ABS Plastic
Rate of Twist
Overall Length
6.45 lbs
Receiver Finish
Rear Sight
Front Sight
3/8" Grooved Receiver
Scope Mount Type
Ringmounts for 3/8" Groove
Stock Material
ABS Plastic
Length of Pull
Best Uses
Two 8 Round Magazines Included. Black carry bag (available at, Survival gear with Paracord, Tourniquet, HHehboi, Fire Steel, Life Straw, Datrex Food Bar, Folding Knife

Gear and Bag Contents

Bag/Carry Case
Allen Case (custom made for Henry, also sold by itself in Pride)
Mil-C-504H Type III Camo Green 483x100ft - Henry Private Labeled
SWAT-T Black mode
Cold Resistance
Mylar Vacuum Sealed Space Blanket
Fire Steel
Life Straw
Water purifying flter
Datrex Food Bar
Highly concentrated food bars vacuum bagged in a specially designed polymer-foil package, certifed to keep fresh for a minimum of five years - 4 per pack
Folding Knife
Buck Rival folding knife, Henry Branded (on blade) and black handle

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The Henry Guarantee

The Henry Guarantee

From Founder & CEO, Anthony Imperato

“When you choose to spend your hard-earned money on a Henry, you have my personal satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty for the life of the product. Your 100% satisfaction is of utmost importance, and our award-winning customer service team is empowered to do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with your Henry.”