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Henry Original Deluxe Engraved 2nd Edition

Henry Original Deluxe Engraved Rifle 2nd Edition

Limited Edition, One of 1,000

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Benjamin Tyler Henry

Made In USA Engraving has traditionally been reserved for very special guns, a way to set a highly prized personal possession or gift aside from the everyday pack. All the way from highly ornate and unique presentation pieces, through standardized patterns, to merely a name and a date; artistic engraving can add beauty to any gun, along with value and heirloom historicity. Engraved original period Henry rifles are very rare, and extremely desirable to collectors.

Recognizing that, we created our H011D Deluxe Engraved Original Henry Rifle in a very distinctive Limited Edition One Of 1000 version that duplicated the style and quality of a highly-engraved masterpiece of the gun-maker’s art from a long gone era. That highly collectible deluxe Henry proved so popular that Serial No. 1 sold at the NRA’s Foundation auction for an astounding $83,000 and the entire special run sold out very quickly.


For those who missed out, we’re happy to announce a second limited edition series, the H011D2, also in a finite 1000-rifle production run, and also with its own unique serial number range from BTH0001D2 to BTH1000D2. Featuring an engraving design inspired by Serial No. 18, an early vintage Henry rifle done in the style of Samuel J. Hoggson around 1862 and chosen for this edition by David Baron, president of Baron Technologies, Inc., the pattern is executed by master engraver Rob Bunting at BTI, with background and artistic help from engraver Seth Karlak and artist Catarina Pech.

This classic American scroll pattern is duplicated on both sides of the brass frame; cut, not molded, and hand chased. Truly beautiful work on our finest and most iconic Henry rifle – this edition will also disappear in a hurry, so order your instant family heirloom now!


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curtis lord

Mr. Curtis Lord, Henry Collector, with his new Original Henry Rifle Deluxe Engraved



Henry Original Deluxe Engraved

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Henry Original Deluxe Engraved 2nd Edition
Model Number H011D2
Action Type Lever Action
Caliber .44-40
Capacity 13
Length 43"
Barrel Length 24.50"
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:36
Weight 9 lbs.
Stock Fancy American Walnut Buttstock with Hardened Brass Buttplate
Sights Folding Ladder Rear, Blade Front
Finish Hardened Brass Receiver with Blued Steel Barrel
M.S.R. Price $3,495.00

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The Original Henry Rifle Deluxe Engraved is a proud part of our effort to maintain the Henry legacy of beautiful and exemplary rifles. Limited to 1,000 units and featuring deluxe fancy American walnut buttstock. Serial number range is BTH00001 to BTH01000.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $3,495. To purchase one, you must do so through an authorized Henry dealer (retail gun shop). A list of Henry dealers in your area can be found at our dealer search.

Customer Comments

Ross Perot

To Anthony Imperato, With Best Wishes, Ross Perot.


curtis lord

Mr. Curtis Lord, Henry Collector, with his new Original Henry Rifle Deluxe Engraved