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Brass Lever Action .45-70 .45-70

The Premier Choice of Big Game Hunters

From its origins on 19th-century battlefields to its contemporary presence in hunting camps nationwide, the .45-70 Government cartridge can handle even the largest game in North America.

Introduced by the US Army in 1873 as the .45 Government, the cartridge soon leaped the commercial market as the .45-70. Aptly named for its .45 caliber projectile, loaded with 70 grains of black powder, nearly all late 19th and early 20th-century firearms manufacturers chambered their rifles for the .45-70.

These original rifles, and their manufacturers, faded from popularity with the passing of time. The .45-70 certainly did not. Loved by big-game hunters, committed outdoorsmen and women, and Wild West aficionados alike, modern .45-70 loads pay homage to the past while packing a truly contemporary punch.

Our H010BG Brass Side Gate carries the torch for the .45-70, pairing old-world aesthetics with cutting-edge precision manufacturing. Its signature hardened brass receiver sports a side-loading gate, allowing the user to keep the four-round tubular magazine topped off without dropping the rifle from your shoulder. In addition, we’ve retained our traditional removable tube magazine, allowing for safe and easy reloads after a successful day in the field. With both loading options at your disposal, you’ll always find your rifle at the ready and sights on the fur.

A classic semi-buckhorn rear sight and brass bead front sight sit atop the visually striking 22” polished blued steel octagon barrel, accompanied by a straight grip genuine American walnut buttstock and forearm and a polished brass barrel band. Like all Henry lever actions, our slick, finely machined action inspires confidence in the field, making quick follow-up shots effortless.

For those seeking vintage aesthetics and a time-honored cartridge without sacrificing performance or reliability, the H010B deserves a spot in your safe and on your next adventure.

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Firearm Specifications


Henry Brass Lever Action .45-70 Gov't»
Model Number
Action Type
Lever Action
4 Rounds
M.S.R. Price
Additional Specifications»
Barrel Length
Barrel Type
Octagon Blued Steel
Rate of Twist
Overall Length
8.10 lbs.
Receiver Finish
Polished Hardened Brass
Rear Sight
Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight
Brass Bead
Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type
Weaver 63B
Stock Material
American Walnut
Length of Pull
Transfer Bar
Best Uses
Large Loop Lever, Side Loading Gate, Sling Swivel Studs

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