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July, 2022

Henry Donates 50 Rifles to Benefit Parents of Pediatric Brain Cancer Victim

Danica Strong

Rice Lake, WI. –  July 28, 2022

Henry is donating a limited-edition series of 50 “Danica Strong” rifles to raise funds for the family of Danica Brianne Mulholland after a battle with pediatric brain cancer took her life at just twelve years old. All proceeds from the Guns For Great Causes campaign will be presented to the Mulholland family of Levittown, Pennsylvania, in memory of Danica to assist with any remaining medical and funeral expenses.

When most children would be opening presents on Christmas Day 2018, Danica was undergoing a CAT scan at her local hospital due to a worsening headache and nausea that alerted her parents about something being wrong. The results would change their lives forever when a 3cm lesion was found on Danica’s brain, leading to the official diagnosis of a grade IV medulloblastoma. Danica then underwent surgeries and a full course of treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) over the following three years.

Tragically, as Henry Repeating Arms began developing the “Danica Strong” rifles to help with the medical expenses associated with pediatric brain cancer, Danica succumbed to her illness. Even through her treatments, Danica’s kindness prevailed. In 2020, she made and donated thousands of homemade ear savers for healthcare professionals and fellow cancer patients in the Philadelphia area. Danica had an artistic, creative eye and wanted to be a makeup artist when she grew up. She was also a natural at archery and loved spending time at the shooting range.

“It brings tears of joy to us that Henry is honoring the memory of our precious Danica with such a beautiful rifle. The detail in the artwork capturing Danica’s bumblebee pillow pet is astonishing,” says Danica’s father, John Mulholland. “Those close to her know that bumblebee brought great comfort during her difficult journey. We are sure Danica is smiling ear to ear, looking down at all this.”

Danica Strong rifle buttstockHenry Repeating Arms CEO & Founder Anthony Imperato says, “My heart is broken for Danica’s parents and sister. We knew we needed to proceed with this special edition despite the tragic news of her passing, so my hope is the funds raised will give the family one less thing to worry about.” He continues, “Danica’s memory is going to live on through these rifles, and while she never got to see the final design, I hope that she is looking down on all of us with that big smile of hers.”

The Henry “Danica Strong” Golden Boy .22 S/L/LR lever action rifle features a design that is intricately engraved and painted by hand, depicting the “Danica Strong” tagline and a stuffed bumblebee companion that followed her throughout her battle. The flower petals on the wind represent the freedom and relief she now has from her ailments. The gray and gold ribbon recognizes the symbol of childhood brain cancer awareness. Baron Engraving of Trumbull, Connecticut, donated each rifle’s artwork, engraving, and hand painting. The rest of the rifle follows suit with Henry’s award-winning Golden Boy platform, including a polished blued steel octagon barrel, genuine American walnut furniture, and fully adjustable sights.

Danica Strong

Danica Brianna Mulholland of Levittown, Pennsylvania passed away earlier this year after a battle with pediatric brain cancer lasting over 3 years.

To learn more about the Danica Strong Guns For Great Causes campaign or to purchase one of the limited-edition rifles, visit In addition, the first and last rifles of the series are up for auction on, item #941051379 and item #941054771. The online auctions close on August 10th at 9:00 PM Eastern.


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