Customer Letters

I am a person who has been concerned about owning firearms my entire live due to safety issues.  I recently decided to face those concerns and purchase a Henry Lever Action .22 rifle because a very good friend of mine owns an exceptionally nice .22 magnum octagon-barreled example.  I was so amazed by the safety, ease of use and fun factor of that rifle that I am a converted gun enthusiast.  So much so that I also purchased a U.S. Survival Rifle (it also helps that James Bond used gun in some of his films).  Thank you for helping me realize that the responsibility of gun ownership is such a pleasant and enjoyable part of life.

Casey Martyn Denver, CO

I own 12 Henry rifles of all different calibers including your recent Lincoln rifle and could not be more thrilled with the quality of every one of them.Thank you for having pride in your products.It shows.

Jim Robertson Newtown, CT


It is truly great to have a company that is an American Icon continue to remain committed to its heritage and being a proud American Company.

Thank you.

Dan Zeigler Twin Falls, ID

Henry,, Happy to report that I took delivery this afternoon of my new BIG GOLDEN BOY


Keven Story, of the AMERICAN TRADE AND LOAN, LENOIR, NC ordered the rifle for me.  I purchased some FULL POWER LOADED AMMO for the BIG BOY!!



Ken Sullivan

Great Rifles I would never get rid of my Henry 22 mag. It is a keeper. Extremely accurate it shows what the 22 Mag is capable of in a good rifle.

Jim Harter Superior, WI


We own two Henry rifles that are used in Cowboy Silhouette shoots. Both 200 meter and pistol cartridge matches. They still have the factory sights on them and consistently perform flawlessly. The accuracy of both right out of the box has brought awards home for my son and his girlfriend. Interestingly she had never shot in a competition format before and continues to outshoot many of the men using either of the Henry rifles. We are in the market for a couple more as Henry rifles are truly a pleasure to shoot. Thank you for making a quality American product.


Robert Liebsock Arvada, CO

I got my Henry .22 a number of years ago and I treasure it.  The fit & finish and smooth operation are amazing.  Thanks for making such a high quality product affordable.

John Conard Fort Worth, TX

My name is Josh Perkins and I live in Hodgenville Ky on our dairy farm.  I don’t know a great deal about guns, but I saw your ad in the back of a dairy magazine.  I saw that they were made in the United States and they looked nicer than other guns.  I bought the lever action .22 and I can’t begin to to you how much fun that little gun is.  I shot 200 rounds the first day I got it.  It’s also very handy to have to deal with raccoons and skunks.  Just wanted to say thanks for keeping the manufacturing of these high quality guns in the U.S.  I will be buying more from you in the future!

Joshua Perkins Hodgenville, KY

I just purchased a new Henry Big Boy Model H006. All I can say is WOW!

This is the finest lever action rifle I have ever owned. Thank You So Much.

Thank You Again

Russell E. Dysart

Went up in Cottonwood canyon today on my 4 wheeler and with my new Henry lever action 22. Met another young couple riding on their 4 wheeler and asked if they would like to do some shooting with me.  We had such a good time, we were all impressed with the rifle. It shoots straight and is fun to use. and the sound reverberating in the canyon was a blast. Way safer than a semiautomatic which is always loaded when you pass the gun around, when you pass the lever action to the next person the chamber is empty. Haven’t had a gun for forty years, I’m 73 and its going to be nice to do some shooting when I’m up in the canyons on my 4 wheeler.

George Lyons Kaysville, UT