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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters


Dear sir
I have three of your awesome rifles. the H001, H004 and H006 and next month I will be the proud owner of the H006C. I hope to own them all in time. Thank you for building such a fine rifle. Henry Repeating Arms is the best by far.
Thanks again

Larry Cargile


Henry RAC,

Just wanted to extend a big “Thank You”! Yesterday I purchased a Henry Lever Carbine in .22. I have been eyeing them at the local store that I but all of my stuff at for some time. I just loved the classic looks and feel of the rifle. Till now almost all of my shooting has been benchrest with bolt actions. I love doing that and will sometimes spend hours on end at the range enjoying it. I have a nicley equiped (Heavy target barrel, thumbhole stock, high mag scope) for doing just that. But the other day i couldn’t hold off anymore. Too bad I did as the price had just gone up $30. I had to buy one. I frequent “Rimfirecentral” forums often. And I have never heard anything bad about your rifles other then jealousy from those who picked other brands. I am not a “Brand” loyalist and if I like it and it feels good then I am happy.

I got it to the range yesterday and today. Yesterday was cut short due to my error in breaking the rear sight trying to adjust it. I picked up a williams sight today and went back to the range. All I can say is I am astonished in how well the rifle works.. The accuracy is astounding. As in unbelievable. The rifle is so un hold sensetive, easy to hold to aim (well balanced). The groups it was shooting was beyond my belief. I have most always used scopes and some as high as 32 power. As I have never been good without them.

With the Williams rear peep sight(fp-gr) it only took a couple of adjustments to center it at 50 yards. But when checking my adjustments, I couldn’t believe the group size. I wasn’t trying very hard(wasn’t focusing on bench rest tecniques, etc). Just resting my front supporting hand on a bag. The groups were litterly ragged one holes. As in dime size…with open sights??? This was at 50 yards and not 50 feet(which I would be happy with). Maybe I got lucky and got a “Good one”. But I have never seen a rifle with bas ic open sights do this before. I have a hard time getting my bench rifle to do this.

All I can say is I am blown away and extremely happy. The rifle cycled, fired and extracted every round perfectly(about 350 rounds). I am just shocked that a rifle that isn’t designed as a target gun can shoot so well. I was expecting the gun to function well due to all of the feedback I read on “Rimfirecentral”. But I was never expecting the accuracy I got.

So thank you for producing such a fun, good looking, smooth action, rifle. I am way impressed. I will call you next week to order a replacement rear sight. I could see it happening as i was tapping too. The drift slipped off the dovetail piece and put all of the pressure on the sight blade it self. My bad! LOL!!! Luckily I like tinkering with things!!!!

Thanks again

Mark Campbell



I would just like to thank you for your donation of the beautiful engraved Henry Golden Boy Deluxe Engraved to Ronald McDonald House.
Henry Repeating Arms generosity is helping to expand Ronald McDonald Houses with additional family rooms at the hospitals and new housing. I also understand that Henry sponsors shooting events at local ranges for the children of RMH. We certainly appreciate your support.

Dan Harbaugh President of RMH


Just purchased a Youth lever action 22 for my kids. What an awesome rifle!! Now I need to buy myself one!!! They love shooting the plinker target and are excited to go hunting in the future.

Thanks for keeping AMERICAN made in america!!

Keith Eshbaugh Pennsylvania



My boys (6 and 8) have enjoyed learning to shoot the minibolt. I am impressed with the quality and workmanship of this rifle. I bought it used, and it needed some external cleanup with a Scotch Bright pad and CLP. The bore and internals are in excellent condition and I foresee shooting them thousands of .22 rounds through it before they outgrow it and need to move up to your lever action youth model.

I will be visiting some of the local vendors on the list provided to start shopping for a Henry rifle for myself.

Thanks again,

Isaiah Boothby


My son and I now have two Henry rifles and we’re so impressed with the quality we’re looking for another.

Tom Pryor Federal Way, WA


I have been shooting rifles, shotguns and hand guns all my life, mostly large calliber and I saw this 22 henry rifle in a bass pro shop, wow was I surprised, well built, dead center shooting and fun, took me back to my childhood when I got my first red ryder bb gun 30 years ago. I want a big boy now. Hats off to the folks at Henry Rifles!

Edwin W Bailey Harrison, OH


My long anticipated moment of presenting as gifts two fine Henry Repeater .44’s came August 25th, 2008. It was a proud moment for me. My niece Spring Baker, 26 (disabled Air Force veteran) and her brother Pastor Able Baker, 29 were thrilled and very surprised. What a moment! I had each rifle engraved with their names making it all that more personal. Two fine rifles for two of the finest people I’ve been been privileged to know.


Chris McGarr


Picture attached of Prairie Dog hunt in the state of Wyoming. I dispatched five dogs but four were handy for the picture. It was a great day with a great rifle, I dispatched dogs out to about 130 yards with my .17 HMR Golden Boy, plus one Jack rabbit. I did not keep an accurate count but I figure between 30 to 40 dogs that day. I recommend Henry to every avid shooter, it is a fun accurate rifle. Mine is topped with a 4 X 12 Bushnell Scope which results in a very effective duo.

Gary Scorby Bandon, OR


Dear Anthony
Thank you so very much for your donation to the 8th Annual Ronald McDonald House Kids & Clays Tournament and Dinner Auction sponsored by Marcone.
Because of the generosity of many folks like you in our community, we surpassed all previous records for this event. On behalf of all the families of seriously ill children who call the St. Louis Ronald McDonald House their home-away-from-homewe extend our sincere gratitude.
Once, again, thank you for your support of the House that love built. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at (314) 773-1100, ext. 441.

Lindy Eberhardt Director, Development

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato