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Customer Letters

Dear Sirs:

I just bought one of your rifles and I want to tell you what a beautiful, well crafted item it is!! It is an H001 .22, and is the equal, in workmanship, of my Winchester 30/30, from the 50s. Wish you all the Best and continued success–I will recommend you to everyone.


James Wilkinson


Dear Mr. Imperato,

Your little Mini Bolt is the best trap line rifle my grandson and I ever used. It’s in the bed of my truck from Nov thru Feb enduring all weather conditions  and NEVER failed us once. My 8 year old grandson Butch has dispatched a lot of coon, fox and coyotes using the 22 CB Longs out of it. Enclosed is a picture of Butch.

Gordon Morgan

Mr. Imperato,

Hard to believe the president of a company as large as Henry has taken the time to help me as you have. I picked up my rifle today. This would not have happened but for your help. The rifle is beautiful and I can hardly wait to shoot it.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


Charles Blackwell Nixa, MO


Mr. Imperato –

As soon as I got the rifles home, I unwrapped them, photographed them and sent the pictures to my Scouting acquaintances world-wide.  Your BSA Commemoratives have been well received by my colleagues in the Scouting community.

One reply I received from my best friend and fellow Scouter included these enthusiastic words –

“Well you fell in it and came up roses. I have no idea what you paid for those rifles but the walnut in the stocks is beautiful let alone the engraving. The commemoration makes them priceless.  They certainly are too pretty for wall hangers (that’s a joke, son! – no lectures).  In future years, regardless of the books that measure such things, they should be impossible to value. I could guess that Mr. Imperato would have to be a ex or current Scouter to want to produce such a work of art for the organization. God bless him.  Don”

Like myself, Don is a Scout/Scouter with more than a half century of experience and service in and to Scouting.

I will continue to exhibit my rifles in the Scouting community and let them speak for themselves.  Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Scouting community and all who serve the youth of our nation.

Yours in Scouting,

Ron Shoupe Sr. & Jr. Eagle Scouts


So far, I have purchased the Henry Big Boy.357/.38, and the Henry Golden Boy .17 HMR.  I play to also purchase the Henry lever action .22 Mag., the new .30-30 lever action, and the Big Boy .44 Mag. I love the precision action of the Henry, and I always get compliments on their looks. Thanks for a fine piece of shooting equipment.

Mike Davidson Spring Hill, KS


Greetings from a satisfied customer.

I purchased my Henry Golden Boy .22 cal almost two years ago. My son and I are proud members of your “Customer Letters” web page. Here is a current photo of my son shooting our Golden Boy at our local range, Oak Ridge Sportman’s Association (ORSA).

It is still my favorite gun…

Thanks Henry Repeating Arms,

Ken and Kody Miller Lenoir City, TN





Joe Calandra Queens, NY


Mr. Imperato,

Thank you for checking up to see that i received your catlog, I have and really enjoy it.  Have also purchased two of your Henry Rifles this month.  A Henry H001 and have already had a very nice scope put on it.  I also purchased a Henry Golden Boy H004.  I have fired a lot of guns in my, almost 69 years, but none as smooth as the Henrys.  The Action is outstanding and such a joy to fire.  They fit so well to my shoulder, sort of like they were made just for me.  Thank you for such special firearms and the part of being “Made in American” is so outstanding.

Thank you for the wonderful job you and your employees are doing, please keep up the good work.  I would also like to thank you for Lorie.  Lorie is the one I ordered several items from your catolog thru.  Had a small problem with my first order but no problem as Lorie had it taken care of in no time.  Took the time to call me back and explain just exactly what had happened.  You do not find this much anymore especially doing business on the phone.

Again thank you for all you do to produce such  wonderful and beautiful rifles.  I am attaching a picture of one of my targets to show you what a great job your rifles do.  This was at 25 yards, indoors..



Helen (Pat) Falcon


Dear Sirs, Recently I purchased an H001 Henry rifle. I took it to the range a couple times, and then took my wife with me after I had drifted the rear sight some to get the windage right. To make a long story short, she’s 54 years old and has very little gun experience. After learning the basics of safety and aiming, she is hooked. Worse for me, she’s hooked on the Henry! Now, I have to buy another, as soon as I can get her back to work, as she is laid off at the moment. All it took was hitting that eight inch circle at twenty five yards, then she hit it a few times at fifty. That really did it. Now, she’s confiscated it for her own. I think the little H001L suits me great, and I love the carbine length too. Thanks again, Henry, you made a believer out of me and a shooter out of my wife. You guys have a great product and I enjoy it a lot. Sincerely,



My wife and I have put about 5000 rounds thought our Henry Big Boy. With out any problems or jams. We shoot SASS and practice alot. Now our daughter is starting to shoot and we want to purchase one in caliber .357 The one we have is in .45 Colt. Your product is well made and we would like to Thank You for a job well done.