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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters


Thank you for responding to my email. There are four of us in our family which are real close. One of us which is an Attorney and bought four Henry Rifles all Big Boys 44s My brother myself and another cousin we are all like brothers and have been very close all of our life, after seeing your TV show this morning I thought that I would share this. My brother David has passed away but we have his Henry to remind us of him I hope you like this. The photo top left is my brother David top right first cousin BO, bottom left I Terry and the bottom right is Bobby the attorney.  We all love our guns and hope to have them engraved like my brothers gun they are all priceless to us. Thank you for letting me share this.


Terry Haney T&R Industrial Services Inc.


your guns are outstanding, the kiddies are making good progress and love to shoot only a Henry, accuracy in their little firm hands is unbelievable, as is the safety system. Thanks for helping a great sport and more importantly keeping the American dream rolling!


Adolfo Mrongowius

Dear Mr. Imperato:  I am the proud owner of two Henry Rifles and I have to say they are two of my most prized possessions!  The American heritage and quality that goes into each one is awesome!  Thank you for making an awesome product, one that every red blooded American would be proud to own!  My goal is to someday own one of every rifle you make.  I may never get there on a youth Camp director’s salary but it is my goal!  Thanks again and God bless you!

Rick Pearson

Dear Mr. Imperato, I bought my first Henry in 22M a week or so ago, mostly because the action was so slick out of the box it put a few of my trusty Marlins to shame. The Henry is a darn nice looking rifle as well. I took it to the range today and all I can say is “Well Done!”. This rifle rocks! You have a new customer for life. I really want a .357 next. Best regards, and think you for making a quality rifle right here in America,

Chris Edmondson

william-schroederMy Son (Brian William Schroeder) achieved his Eagle Scout rank on December 1st 2013.  The Big Boy Eagle Scout Centennial rifle was his gift from his mother and I.  He is very excited about it and is looking forward to his first opportunity to take it the firing range.  We had pictures taken for his Eagle court of honor…and the picture enclosed is the result.

Thank you for making the rifle that makes the perfect gift for our Eagle.


William J. Schroeder

jr-pyleMr Imperato

I wanted to share this picture with you, showing the joy on the faces of my son and grandsons Christmas Day, as they received their Henry rifles. You can see the pride of owning a Henry rifle on their faces. I must admit I got a little bit emotional and wish I had done this years ago – but its never too late. Thank you Sir for everything.

J R Pyle

Lacey-BartholowHello there, I thought you might be interested in my wedding pictures that we took with some of the golden boys.

Lacey Bartholow


Dear Mr. Imperato:

I picked up my Henry Lever Action .22 LR yesterday and shot it this morning. It’s a great rifle and after one minor rear sight adjustment it shot lights out. I’m looking forward to using it in local rim fire competitions. You can count on me to recommend  Henry Rifles to all of my shooting friends.

Best wishes,


Bob Smith


Dear Anthony Imperato,

These photos are Club Officers of the Dallas Arms Collector Association with their New Henry Golden Boy Rifles. As collectors and shooters these rifles were a perfect fit for us. The quality, fit, finish, smooth action, accuracy and the laser etching of our club logo was excellent. Great job to all at team Henry. We are looking forward to a future order of another Henry  Rifle. Thanks again to Anthony and the team at Henry Repeating Arms.


Larry Mathews Dallas Arms Collectors Association Board Member

Dear Mr. Imperato, My son-in-law is a former-Marine sniper, who served in Vietnam. I cannot describe what a superb marksman he is, no matter what type of firearm he uses. His shooting of my Big Boy was the highlight of our shooting day together. As I mentioned, we shot at a variety of distances. We also tried some five-shot rapid fire at 40 yards to put the lever action through its paces. His first group was all five hits within less than one inch! He shook his head in astonishment when we approached the target. He took the target down and wrote on it the date and specifics of how he shot. The target is now hanging on the wall in his shooting shed. Finally, my son-in-law said he is ready to buy his own Henry .357, because I won’t give mine to him! Needless to say, he was most impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this rifle. Take good care, and God bless.


Bob Bosanac

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato