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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

rubenmorenoPurchased a Henry 22 with an octagon barrel and a loop lever last Christmas for my wife of 46 years, she will not put it down. Costing me $30 dollars or more per week in ammo. Guess she likes it! I try and get a turn with it and have a hard time getting in just a few rounds. Best gift I have ever given her. Guess Ill have to upgrade her this year….. Great gun, great customer service all made in the USA.

Ruben Moreno Claremore, OK

ron-sikkemaDear sir,

Thank you for manufacturing these magnificant rifles here in the USA.

I just received my Long Ranger after a 3 mounth wait and oh boy was it worth the wait, just one word discribes this rifle: fantastic. Beautifull workmanship, great trigger action, very smooth shooting and really nice wood.

Thanks to everybody at Henry Rifles, and y’all have a great Xmas.

Ron Sikkema Liberty, SC

scott-kirchhoffThanks again for the support of Hunter Safety.  The hunt was a grand success, and the Henry 45-70 rifle was a joy to carry and shoot.

I look forward to adding couple more Henry Lever Guns to me collection in the future.

Merry Christmas 

Scott Kirchhoff Hunt for Food LLC Watertown, WI

Dear Mr. Imperato,

I received a Henry.22 for Christmas as my first gun. It has killed many coons, squirrels, and rabbits. Thank you for making such a good, dependable rifle.

Ethan Blaylock

MERRY. CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!! To all @ HENRY Arms. Love My HENRY !!!!! Thank Yau’ll. for such a great AMERICAN product… nothing shoots better than a HENRY!!!!!!!, Just wanted to say thanks for devolping the shot gun line !!!!! Will order one in January in brass. GO. HENRY !!!!!!!!! Please keep up the great work all of us HENRY-ITEs have come to expect from HENRY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Mcgann

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for contacting me and the generous offer of Henry items for my son and I. I have attached a picture of me and my new 30-30 as I have seen with many Henry owners at the company website. My contact information is listed below as per your request. Again, many thanks for building great products and an incredible company. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Warm Regards,

Fred Stahl Woodland Hills, CA

Merry Christmas to you as well.

Here’s my 10 year old with his first deer this year with Henry 357  BBS  Carbine we got him for Christmas last year.

Its a great gun and you guys are great people so I hope you continue to expand your business and make Dad’s happy around the nation again this year..

Chris Johnson

Greetings Anthony,

It is Christmas Eve morning and I am watching your 30 minute spot on the Discovery Channel.  I am very impressed, but not surprised, of your focus on customer service and availability of you personally to the Henry owner community.

Here is my daughter’s Henry story:

In 2014 my daughter Morgan was 11 years old and we were at the Clay County Iowa Pheasants Forever Banquet.  I noticed the PF Edition .22lr and told my wife we should buy that for Morgan as 11 is when I was given my first gun (my grandfather’s 1937 Stevens over/under .410 restored) and I wanted to make my daughter’s first gun a special heirloom piece.  Knowing the quality and reputation of Henry I felt it would be the perfect firearm for her.  $1,350 later it was hers.  One of the people at our table said wow you paid way over retail for that.  I explained to them that 1) it was a donation to Pheasants Forever and 2) It’s a Henry – a special gun for my special girl!

As you know this industry is about relationships. Firearms bond families and friends.  Here are some pics of my daughter and I creating memories in the field.  She came up with me squirrel hunting while I was bow hunting the last day of the season before Shotgun season in Iowa last year in 2015.

Thank you Anthony for leading a first class company and making your products in the United States of America.

Kevin Robinson

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your assistance in obtaining the Long Range 308 for my customer who is certainly thrilled. It is a rare commodity this day and time to find a company that offers the service and customer care you provide. Thanks again and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Doyle Sweeney Hearthstone Guns Afton, TN

Anthony, this was an 87 yard standing shot made with the stock sights on my Henry 22 mag. My goal is to make a 100 yard plus shot with my Big Boy 45 Colt. Merry Christmas to all the folks at Henry.

Rick Hazlewood

Dear Mr. Imperato,

Not long ago we communicated via e-mail briefly. I mentioned that my son was serving in the military and you were kind enough to send some free Henry merchandise to me. One of the items was a coffee mug, which I packaged up and set to my son in Afghanistan, it arrived just before Christmas. It may seem like a small token to you but I thought you might like to know that you brought a smile to a young solders face. I’ve attached a picture of my son holding that mug. Thank you again!

Steven Henry


I have not talked to you since I gave my grandson his Henry 22 youth rifle in May just to let you know he has shot about 500 rounds and loves it and I just added to my Henry’s a 30-30 aw to match my 45-70 and my dealer Dunkers has a 308 Lone Ranger ordered for me .But just wanted to tell you and the Henry family to have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may God bless


Pastor Rick Pirtle

matthew-watermanMr. Imperato,

Thank you and your company for all that you stand for, keep up the good work and may God Bless.


Matthew Waterman

joe-petrucelliWishing you both a very Merry Christmas.

Here are a coupe of pictures of when the 1000 Man Shoot Guns came in.

All the best in 2017.

God Bless

Joe Petrucelli Tri-County Sporting Goods Patterson, NY

harry-growDear Mr Imperato,

Please find an 8×10 family photo taken just last week at Christmas. Thank you for arranging the special American Beauty Rife with the personalized serial number for my wife. If you remember, I was deployed overseas with the Air Force and you sent my family a box full of goodies.

Each of my six children received a youth model .22 rifle on their 9th birthday, and my daughter-in-law borrowed one of my big body rifles for the portrait. After much traveling, we are all together in one place after 3 years!

We love your rifles and your hospitality! Thank you for your support of the 2nd Amendment and freedom! Our family tradition is to play “The golf-ball game”. We compete against each other shooting golf balls. Whoever’s golf ball is farthest away with five rounds fired wins. The girls often beat the boys and it is good fun.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New year.


Harry Grow Grantsville, UT


My wife gave me The Original Henry in 44-40 for Christmas.  It’s an excellent rifle.  We have a period correct 1880’s chuckwagon.  We cook at Cowboys for Heroes and Wagons for Warriors events in Texas, Kansas and Missouri.  Besides being a shooter, it will be displayed on the wagon as part of the wagons living history.  The wagon is like a mobile museum.


Rick Smith

Tricia D FliehmanThe new family heirloom. This is a memory my family will cherish forever.

Thank you.

Tricia D Fliehman

Tim NewellMr. Imperato, I wanted to thank you and your excellent company for making Christmas at the Newell house a very merry one. I had the good fortune to converse with you last year in reference to my very first Henry purchase, and how in love with my Henry big boy in .45LC. What you don’t know is that both of my children and my wife also love my Big Boy. So, for Christmas this year, I got my wife the Big Boy Steel in .45LC, as well as the American Beauty in .22. Of course, I also had to get both of my children a Henry, so I got the Golden Boy in .22 for both of them.


Tim Newell

Joe Sever Attached is a photo of my son and two grandsons after shooting my first Henry 22 Rife. Santa was good to me!! Wanted to try it on Christmas Day, but we had rain in South Jersey. Hope to buy one for each of the boys in the picture.

Happy holidays

Joe Sever

Brad MurphyHere are three new Henry rifle owners. Left to right: Shawn Mifflin – American Farmer, Glynn Murphy – Eagle Scout, and Michael Murphy – Eagle Scout. Would not have happened without you and the great folks at Henry Rifles. Thanks again.

Brad Murphy

Hello. I just wanted to take time and thank you for making an awesome product . My grandfather passed away a little over a year ago. He and I were very close. He taught me how to hunt, shoot, and be safe and accurate with a firearm. Before he passed, he purchased one last gift for himself, a Henry lever action .22. He had always wanted one and purchased it for himself as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, he never got to fire that gun. A few short months later, he was gone. My mother decided that it would be best if I had it to remember him by. With three young boys of my own, it makes me happy to know that I have such a nice heirloom to pass on to my kids and with it, the memories and stories of my grandfather and the time I spent with him.

Joshua Jakob

Thank You and your company for setting a standard of excellence for incredibly well-built rifles, customer service and participation in the shooting sports in America.  Your dedication and enthusiasm is compelling and infectious.  Every Henry employee I’ve ever dealt with seems to have caught it from you as well.  I’m about half-assed retired but I do still work a couple of day a week at Carthage Shooting Sports in Carthage, NC.  Here’s what our Christmas cards looked like this year.  How many Henry Rifles do you see seven people holding ?

J.P Johnson Sanford, NC

eric-foxworthyI recently received a Valentine’s/birthday/Christmas present this year. I am now a proud owner of a Henry (a rifle I have always wanted). It looks great hanging in my cabin and I can’t wait to shoot it!
I couldn’t decide which picture was my favorite so I thought I’d let you decide 😊
Thank you,

Happy Henry owner,

Eric Foxworthy



I got a new Henry.22 for Christmas. I had to wait until this past weekend to actually get to shoot it, but it was worth the wait!! I LOVE IT! What great fun! Smooth action and a pleasure to shoot.

Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

Carol Doerksen Scottsdale, AZ

Sure ShotAwesome Christmas Bonus !

Sure Shot

Bill Christensen Hi Anthony,

Attached is a photo of my son Harrison, Karen of Old West Guns, and I with all our Henry Rifles. Thank you for all your help; we love our Henry’s! Happy Holidays!
Best regards,

Bill Christensen


Rebecca Caron

Rebecca Caron

Steven Dittmar and FamilyAnthony and crew at Henry Repeating Arms,

Happy New Year from northwestern Illinois. I promised you a photo of the family at Thanksgiving, but we never managed to all get together at the same time. We did, finally, at Christmas, photo attached.

We are lucky enough to still own our family farm, which was pioneered by our great great grandparents in 1854. It’s a rough and beautiful land, and their spirit is still with us.

We hunt deer, wild turkey, and small game. We shoot targets and old soda cans. We teach our young ones right from wrong, how to think straight, and how to shoot straight.

We appreciate American Made products, and the talent and hard work it takes to produce these products. We hope you realize that all of you are also with us in spirit every time we take our rifles out.

As they say in the old cowboy movies, “If you ever get out this way, we’d be proud if you took supper with us.” God Bless all of you and your families in the new year,

Steven Dittmar and Family

Ben AmmonsHere is a picture of my family and the Henry Rifles I bought them. On the left is my brother with the Fireman Tribute gave it to him for his retirement as Fire Chief. I am the one holding two Henrys one a .22 and one 45 long colt. on the right is my daughter which I gave for Christmas the American Beauty/Rose Kneeled in front is my son with the Truckers Tribute for Christmas since he is a independent trucker. Everyone sends their thanks for American Made and best rifle they have ever owned.


Ben Ammons Athens, TN

My wife just purchased a Henry H010 45/70 for my father-in-law and one for myself as Christmas gifts. I shot it for the first time over New Years and want to commend you on an excellent gun. The rifle was accurate right out of the box. Love the ghost ring appeture sight. I am more than pleased with the gun’s performance, looks and quality; and above all, it’s American made. Thank you for a perfect rifle. Can’t wait to take it black bear hunting.

Tony J. Crew

James R. FieldsThis is a gorgeous piece of History.—Beautiful Rifle ! Thank You Henry—James R. Fields

Al QuarnstromAnthony,

Linda loves her new Henry American Beauty.

Thank you for securing #777. Lucky, lucky, lucky…

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Eve and day,


Al Quarnstrom Red Wing, MN.

Al ArviaMerry Christmas Anthony,

I cannot think of anything more American than a Henry Rifle, a source of American pride and workmanship.

Your forever fan and customer,

Al Arvia

Bob & June JohnstonMerry Christmas from Star Valley, Wyoming! It’s quite snowy here, as is appropriate for Christmas Day. I thought you might like a photo shot of everything. That is the Henry I bought my husband for Christmas. Our son also bought his grandson a Henry for Christmas as well.
Thanks again – and may 2015 be kind to all of us.
Bob & June Johnston

Bob & June Johnston

Travis CookThank you for the best Christmas ever Anthony! Here is a picture of my dad opening his beautiful Henry Truckers Tribute rifle

Merry Christmas


Travis Cook

good morning, hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas. and thank you again for making the best darn rifles in the world………..
-Ron Silvers

Alexis EstradaDear, Mr. Anthony
Thank you very much for you help and high quality product. You recommended, Mr. Neil Federov at the Bass Pro store in Las Vegas. He was an immense help and a wonderful person! Through both of you, I was finally able to aqquire My rifle I have been looking for, for several months. I am a very HAPPY,AND SATISFIED customer! I would also like to let you know , you know have a customer for life.
I attached a picture of me along with my .17 HMR Golden Boy.
Thank you very much!
God bless! And have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year!

Alexis Estrada Las Vegas

Mime and Rodney BarnesWe were honored to meet Mr. Anthony Imperato at the 2014 NRA conference in Indianapolis. His genuine spirit and care for his customers really warmed our hearts and increased our pride in our ownership of Henry guns.

Of course we are happy to receive the fireside mugs( HM001) that Mr. Imperato has offered. However, I also want to take this time to express my gratitude for his and all of Henry employee’s time and care for their products. We have and shoot often, a classic carbine ..22. This past Christmas, I surprised my husband with another Henry gun, a ..357 Big Boy.  I am overwhelmingly proud of my husband. He has served his country in two major capacities, as a CWO3 with the United States Marine Corp Reserve for 22 years, with two tours of duty in Iraq and as a police sergeant for over 25 years.  As you can imagine, many guns have passed through his hands and yet, the Big Boy is his favorite!

Please pass our sincere gratitude along.

Best wishes,

Mime and Rodney Barnes Dublin, Ohio


I just thought I would drop you a line with a couple of photos . The kids really liked their Henry rifles . Hope you had a Merry Christmas and your family is doing well. I saw the commercial, I thought it was neat. I never thought I would be on t.v. Oh yeah, Sammie the mule said thanks’ also. LOL I hope to see you sometime this year.

Merry Christmas from the Rowlands

God Bless Your friend,

Tom Rowland, Jr

Merry Christmas from the Phelix family!

Phelix Family

Phelix Family

Terry AdamsHere’s the picture of my son, Gabe Adams, Christmas 2010 with his very first Henry! He loves it! He didn’t want to put it down all Christmas morning. Not even to open his other gifts.

Terry Adams

Philip MolicaHi Anthony,
I must tell you it was a very merry Christmas. The kids loved the Henry’s. Fantastic as always. I have attached a picture for you with the happy gang. thanks again Phil
In the picture. standing left to right is Diehl, Georgia, Roxanne. Kneeling left to right is Philip, Dr. Phil, Tanky, and Kathryn

Dr. Phil Mollica Saddle Brook, NJ

homan familyAnthony,
It was a pleasure to meet with you at the NRA convention on Friday. I have attached the photo of our children with their Henry rifles they received this past Christmas as presents. Their names are Jeremy, Cassandra, Mindy, Duncan, Heidi, Renee, Charlton(named after Mr. Heston) & Hannah. As a firearms dealer, I sell many Henry rifles and my customers are always impressed with the good looks and high quality of your rifles. You should be very proud of your company and the workmanship and quality that goes into your products as I am of selling them. Thanks

Todd & Lisa Homan Homan's Gun Shop St Henry, Ohio


Bought a Henry Lever Action .22 cal for my 12 years son for Christmas, This is an acceptional firearm for him . He has become an avid outdoors guy and has been very successful in local trap shooting and other hunting and shooting activities. What a great way to bond with my son and develope a respect for firearms. This choice of gun was definetely a good one , thank you for your time and watch for up and coming world ranked target shooter. ( My boy’s dream)

Ray Brown Ontario, Canada

Season’s Greetings from the Kelley Pack!

The Kelley Family

The Kelley Family


Todd Adams Punta Gorda, FL

Dennis Armour“5 of a kind” – Bill and Mary Jane Davis of Brighton Illinois made their 5 sons very happy this past Christmas. Each received a beautiful Henry Golden Boy.


Dennis Armour Dennis Armour Sporting Goods Carlinville IL

I own a Henry 22 and love it. It has been my favorite gun since I received it as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. I have taught both of my children how to shoot with it. I just wanted to take time to write to you to tell how great your guns are. Im also hoping you consider making a 17wsm it is the next gun I plan on purchasing for predator hunting, and possibly small game hunting with my kids. Thank you.

Jason Scott

I purchased two of your fine golden boy .22 rifles this past Christmas for my grandsons. They are magnificently made. I am in the process of purchasing a big boy for myself. As an American worker myself I am very appreciative of American made goods. Thank you and your employees!

William McMillen

jr-pyleMr Imperato

I wanted to share this picture with you, showing the joy on the faces of my son and grandsons Christmas Day, as they received their Henry rifles. You can see the pride of owning a Henry rifle on their faces. I must admit I got a little bit emotional and wish I had done this years ago – but its never too late. Thank you Sir for everything.

J R Pyle

Dear Mr. Imperato,

Thanks for making such a family-friendly collection of great rifles. You have a much better understanding of what people enjoy about shooting than do other firearm companies. Our Henry lever action is high quality, easy to use, accurate, and an absolute pleasure to handle. You have no competitors in value for the price.

Here is a photo of my wife at the range with the Henry I gave her for Christmas. As an immigrant from China, where individuals aren’t allowed to own firearms, she has a special appreciation of our second amendment rights.

Besides the Henry lever action, we had two other firearms made by a very well known manufacturer. Since gaining experience with all of these guns, I realized that the Henry was the most enjoyable to use and as effective for our purposes as more expensive choices. Counting a Henry pump action I have on order, the firearm count for our household is now Henry 3, other makes 0.

Best wishes to you and all the top-notch professionals at Henry!

Bill Mcmillan Ypsilanti, MI

Mr. Imperato,

Hard to believe the president of a company as large as Henry has taken the time to help me as you have. I picked up my rifle today. This would not have happened but for your help. The rifle is beautiful and I can hardly wait to shoot it.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas.


Charles Blackwell Nixa, MO

Hi; bought 3 years ago a .22LR H001 as a Christmas present to myself from a local dealer that imported them. Gun performs excellent, being absurdly accurate even with the cheapest ammo available and has secured me a few tasty preys on hunting trips.

It has become my mandatory “trip plinker” gun; wife also loves the handling and lightness, and many of the shooters around here that have test-fired mine are busting their heads against the walls for not buying one when they were available. In steel silhouette-shooting matches held at a local gun club I’ve even outshot scoped rifles using the factory sights…Awesome!

Last road trip we took in August was to a mountain town called Huancaya and although I was unable to hunt since it’s a natural reserve, still managed to pop a few plinking shots outside the park and take a nice picture (Included) close to a lake, 11,800 feet over sea level.

Keep up the great work. Would love to purchase more of your lever guns when and if they are imported again.


Antonio Cuba Henry owner from Peru

Good morning!

I watched with great interest yesterday as Directv aired the hour-long special on your company.  I can’t tell you how proud I am to own a Golden Boy, especially after watching!

The only Christmas gift I really wanted this year was the Henry.  I felt like the kid in “A Christmas Story”, dropping hints and trying to lead my wife with her gift ideas.  I’m a 46-year old native of Southwestern Virginia, and my dad and I always shared our love for shooting.  We lost him eight years ago in January, and I’ve been a gun collector of sorts ever since.

I got my Golden Boy, and couldn’t be happier with it.  The quality and beauty are evident right out of the box, and the fact that it’s 100% American is one of the most important reasons I chose the Henry as my gun of choice.

May God continue blessing you and your family, and the Henry Repeating Arms Company!  If you’re ever travelling through Virginia, we’re right off Interstate 81, near the Tennessee line.  I’d love to show you around our town!  Keep up the good work, my friend!

Ken Heath Marion, VA

Anthony, I am beyond impressed with the quality and 100% American made parts of the Henry rifle. Shooting is a passion with me and having a rifle of this quality and asethetics makes it that much sweeter. The Henry Big Boy .44 magnum is beyond beautiful and after looking at Marlin and Winchester lever action rifles there is no comparison of smoothness of action and down right shootability. The octagonal barrel makes this rifle look antique but also acts as a bull barrel to help tame the wicked .44 magnums I choose to shoot. I despise a hooded front sight and the open front sight of the Big Boy allows me to see more of the field down range.

Have a safe and happy holiday season. Your company makes my chest swell with pride when I think that Americans can still make the best products in the world.

David Boggs Katy, TX

Bought a Henry Lever Action .22 cal for my 12 years son for Christmas, This is an acceptional firearm for him . He has become an avid outdoors guy and has been very successful in local trap shooting and other hunting and shooting activities. What a great way to bond with my son and develope a respect for firearms. This choice of gun was definetly a good one , thank you for your time and watch for up and coming world ranked target shooter. ( My boy’s dream) Ray Brown.

Kolton Brown St.Thomas, ON

My name is Chuck Pensyl and I recently ordered a .22 LR Golden Boy. I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic wood on that rifle! I am a gunsmith, went to the Colorado School of Trades way back in 1976 and have a deep appreciation for gunstock wood, having worked with some fine pieces of French over the years, and for a factory rifle to have such a great piece of crotch feather Walnut on it, well, I just couldn’t believe it! Attached is a photo of Cameron after he took the gun out of the box Christmas morning. He’d been asking for this rifle for some time, we had him believing he was getting a new camera. He was very surprised to say the least. Anyway, thank You again for such a beautiful rifle and wood. He’s been shooting it every weekend, he loves it. Good hunting and God Bless America!


Chuck Pensyl


We finally got a picture of my husband Kevin with his Big Boy while we were at our upstate NY property this past weekend.

Kevin loves his Henry Big Boy I got him for Christmas.  Despite my being out of work, we still thought it’s a worthwhile purchase because “it’s an heirloom”.

Best Regards,

Kevin & Sharon Fick Worcester, NY


Two Christmas’s ago my Dad gave my brother Eddie and I each one of your Boy Scout rifles…Dad also got him one too. I wrote you about them…

Then back in March of this year, my Dad gave me and my two brothers each an Eagle Scout Henry Rifle (Dad ordered with serial numbers in a row.)
Thought you’d like to see us with them. They are great!

Jim Hall -Eagle Scout 64′ (left in photo) , Eddie Hall, Dad, and brother Steve Hall.

The Hall's Columbus, GA


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my Henry Big Boy. It was a Christmas present from my wife 3 years ago and I use it for SASS matches and as of last year, for deer hunting. I was at a public range yesterday to sight it in at 50 yards (iron sights) for the season, and I happened to be next to 3 young men using scoped AR-15’s, and I shot the pants off of all of them, hitting 2 inch groups with Hornaday Lever ammo. Thanks again!

Jeff Ferrell Indianapolis, IN


I gave each of my four grandsons Asher, Anderson, Breckenridge and Kellan a Henry Golden Boy Youth .22LR for Christmas.They proudly show their Henry’s with me along the creek at our house. The rifles are excellent quality and workmanship. Thank you so much for helping obtain consecutive serial numbers for the rifles. It is a pleasure to be able to purchase a rifle with this quality and be made in the United States.

Frank Ward Chatsworth, GA

Hello Anthony,

I hope you and your family along with everyone at Henry had a nice Christmas and holiday Season. Attached is the photo of myself, wife and son with our Henry rifles. This is my sons first rifle as well as Rhonda’s first rifle and my first Henry.

We will put Hayden’s Mini Bolt .22 up for a few years until he is ready. Rhonda loves her Golden Boy Youth. She was so surprised when she opened it. She thought that I had only bought a rifle for myself and Hayden. She is so proud!!

Of course I have the Big Boy .44. It is a lot of fun to shoot. Thanks so much for the advice. Has to be one of the smoothest and well balanced rifles I have fired.

We are extremely happy with our Christmas presents and everyone who has seen them is so jealous!!

Thanks so much for making such a fine product.


Darryl English Sophia, NC

Dear Anthony and everyone at Henry Repeating,

Growing up I had a deal with my parents that if I earned four semesters of straight A’s I would receive a rifle of my choosing. I had three of the four within a year and it took me almost a decade to get the fourth. (I always managed to get one B) This Christmas I was finally able to pick out my rifle. I had seen a golden boy at a local shop a year or two ago and the image stuck in my mind. The day I got the gun my was filled with exclamations of “it’s about time” and “took you long enough”. After firing the gun for the first time however I knew that this wonderful rifle was more than worth the wait. Not only is it the nicest firing of the nine rifles in the house, it is by far the best looking. Thank you so much for making such a great product!

Eddie Kish Hardwick, VT

As a consumer it’s is increasingly rare to be satisfied with a product that you purchase. More times than not, we are disappointed with the quality and value of the products we buy. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and your company on a job well done. I purchased a Henry .22 caliber rifle as a Christmas gift for my 12 year old son. I am an avid hunter and shooter and own many firearms, but this was my first experience with a Henry Rifle. I was so impressed with the quality and value of this beautiful rifle, and my son is absolutely thrilled with the gun. Thank you for such a great American made product. You should be very proud!

Mike Turney Newton, NC

Mr. Imperato,

First off I would like to extend my best wishes to you and your family during this holiday season. Secondly, I live in a semi remote part of town where you can get away with shooting a .22 caliber firearm in the back yard and get away with it. My father, before he past away, often shot in the backyard with a Henry so I figured I must continue to do the same. While the nice fall weather was in I was outside shooting very often. I also made sure to grab some of the neighbors, young and old, to help show them how to shoot and some safeties when shooting. It has become a neighborhood thing now to shoot and get together. I had a few neighborhood wives who asked for my assistance in choosing a firearm for their husbands and kids. Of course I recommended your rifle’s. I am proud to tell you that on Christmas morning they will be new proud owners of Henry Firearms. They chose your rifle over all of the others because of the support you showed me in my continued time of stress and recovery. I also read a few minutes ago in my monthly American Rifleman how you donated 50 rifles to NRA youth sports program. That is huge in my book and very important in the continued right to own and ENJOY our gun rights. You and your company are true patriots. Please know that it is recognized and appreciated more than words can describe.

God Bless,

Christian Fleming

Dear Mr. Imperato;

This year Santa Claus brought my 14 year old Son his first firearm, a Golden Boy .22 rifle for Christmas. Needless to say, he loves it. I have hunted with and fired other lever action rifles over the years and none of them compare to the workmanship of a Henry. The action of this rifle is as smooth as glass, cycles like it?s greased, the fit and finish is impeccable. It?s clear to me that the craftsmen who build these arms are at the top of their field; in my mind this rifle is truly a work of art. I am so pleased to see that American craftsmanship is still alive and well and still means something! The only thing I had to do was to adjust the windage just a shade, only took a second. He and I spent the day at the range yesterday sighting it in, it fired and cycled flawlessly.

Hats off to you and your staff for producing such a wonderful product.

Best Regards

L.S.Wyman Texas

I purchased (7) Lever Youth .22 rifles as Christmas Gifts for my grand kids and had their names engraved on each one from their Grand Paw. The grand kids hunt and shoot every time they get the chance. The grand kids have put 1000?s of rounds thru these guns with no problems.Thanks for making a fine 22 rifle and making this Grand Paws hunting times even better.

Have you ever seen 7 kids on the front porch of a cabin empty their lever youth .22 rifles at the same time? Oh, it?s a great sound, so much fun with my grand kids. I will soon have a 4th Great Grand Baby, (hope mom and dad like Henry’s for Christmas)

Bob Hester Eagle River, AK

My oldest son just received a .22 cal Henry Lever Action Rifle for Christmas from his grandfather.  Having grown up with a Ruger 10/22 all my life, I was surprised at the weight and balance of the Henry Lever Action.  My father-in-law stated that he had a Henry .22 Magnum Rifle and wanted to get one for his grandson.  We spent the last few days shooting, and I just wanted to say that this little gun has the smoothest action of any rifle I have ever shot.  We tore through about 300 rounds over the past couple of days and the Henry kept coming back for more.  And I get to teach my son the responsibility of cleaning the gun after each use (with a Hoppe’s 9 Kit).  I am interested at looking at the other calibers and hope to make a purchase on a new Henry Rifle this coming 2009 year.

Take care,

Jay D. Smith Fort Worth, TX


The photo shows the five personalized Golden Boys we got for this past Christmas. Hard to believe that the weather was nice enough to shoot on Christmas Day. We plan on having a special Henry shoot and cook-out every summer with our Golden Boys and a weekend spending time together. The picture shows from left to right my three sons: Andy, Jason, Josh, my picture Gary and my brother Bob. We sure enjoy the rifles and look forward to the memories of the special yearly Henry shooting weekends.


Gary Lake


I love targeting shooting with my Golden Boy. My husband bought the rifle for me as a Christmas present, and it?s the best present ever!



steve-culleyA few years back I got tired of buying cheap Chinese junk for my grandkid’s Christmas and birthday presents and decided to buy them something that would last and maybe even be passed down to their children. I embarked on a program to buy each one a Henry lever action .22. I finally got it done recently, the oldest is 11 and the youngest got hers at 1 month of age. I am very proud to have purchased a fine American product as well as passed the shooting sports on to my grandchildren.

Steve Culley Richland, OR

Dear Mr. Henry,

A little less than a year ago I received a .22 Golden Boy as a Christmas gift. I promptly loaded it up and went out and found just how great your guns are. The brass receiver, walnut stocks and octagonal barrel and most of all the PIN POINT accuracy made a believer out of me. Now I am buying the third Golden boy for our family! The second one is engraved with your plate for my son Nick, and the third for my Dads birthday September 21st which I will hand deliver when we meet a long beach island where I spent all my summers.

I have been shooting since age 12, then spent 4 years in the Navy Special Operations Community as a hard hat diver and have shot a lot of guns and own even more. Anthony, the Henry takes the cake, man what an awesome product straight out of the heart of the U.S. East Coast where I grew up.

I hope you sleep easy knowing that the age old tradition of Henry is in good hands,Thank You.

Craig Hayek

Dear Anthony, I wanted to let you know what a awesome gun your Henry Big Boy in .45 is. I received one for Christmas from my wife. Went shooting that weekend, beautiful gun!! The action on it is so smooth and clean!! Went thru 100 rounds in it with no problems..I received several compliments on it! Just wish .45 long Colt ammo was cheaper!! lol…thank you for making a truely awesome rifle!! Can’t wait to take it out again along with my Ruger single action .45 revolver. Love my Western Cowboy guns! Take care.

Gerald Woods

Tommy BlewwettI am very happy with my 17HMR. My wife tends to spoil me on my birthday and Christmas so I am now looking forward to a 22 Magnum. My Golden Boy and the 17HMR outshoot any gun I have ever owned. Smooth action and quality raw product give an excellent end product.

Thanks again for your high quality American firearm .


Tommy Blewwett

Andrew C. Pinkham Dear Mr. Imperato

I retired from the U.S. Army in 2001 with 22 years of service and have always prided myself on my marksmanship skills. The only problem with the Henry Golden Boy is it does not really require any great deal of marksmanship. I have fired over 1000 rounds with it and the accuracy is impressive. I think I have have to try to not hit my target with the weapon. Again, I am a very happy customer and am truly impressed with this rifle. I am so impressed that I plan on purchasing a Big Boy 357 for Father’s Day and tell my daughters it is from them.

Sincerely, Andrew C. Pinkham

Andrew C. Pinkham Master Sergeant, United States Army (Ret)

Kevin Kuhens Anthony:

It was a pleasure meeting you in Louisville. Thank you for taking the time to go with me to the Cabela’s booth so the crew could have a photo.

I’d like to thank you for honoring my instructor Mary (M.J.) Vowell for her service in the U.S. Army. You may have heard the roar in the audience with you gave her the rifle! We’re quite proud and fond of M.J. here at FTG, and I can think of no person who deserves recognition more.

On a more personal level, it’s always my utmost pleasure to meet a Great American – you are one. Your mark on this great nation will be remembered by millions of Americans. God bless you for that, and God Bless America!


Kevin Kuhens Cabela’s Pro Staff & Executive Director for Training Freedom Training Group, LLC Louisville, Kentucky

Kell FinchOff to the gun range again with a pair of nice Henry’s! Life is good.

Kell Finch

JoAnn MertensMy husband’s birthday gift this year. He loved it! Perfectly fitting for my husband that sacrifices his family life to drive his big rig.

JoAnn Mertens

Ray GauthierDear Mr. Imperato,

Attached are a couple of photos with me and my grandson Josh holding our Henrys. He with the .22 Golden Boy and me with the 45-70 Gov’t. I also have the Henry .22 survival rifle and recently purchased the U.S. Survival kit which is very nice and complete. Very well thought out piece of equipment.

Sincerely, Ray Gauthier

Ray Gauthier

Marion BarnesGood morning Sir, I wish to formally let you know that my American Beauty has finally hit my Australian shores after four months. As impatient as I was, she truly was worth the wait. What a magnificent piece of stunning craftsmanship, I’m proud to stand her next to my Golden Boy. I thank you for your involvement along with Marilyn and Chuck Yurchick in getting her to me. I will continue to promote and sing the praise of Henry rifles here in Australia.


Marion Barnes JP

Ryan kennellyHello Anthony,

I would like to commend you on the rework of the AR-7. The Henry U.S. Survival rifle is the most fun you can have for $250! Right out of the box we started feeding it any 22lr we could find, and it ate it all like candy. The small groups we consistently were getting lived around 1-1/4 at 25 yards. My friends and I were amazed at this novelty rifle that had accuracy of competitor guns of twice the price.

Please see my YouTube review of the gun. To be honest, we rated your weapon with high marks. Our only complaint was the heavy trigger pull. I feel I could shoot tighter groups with a 4 lb trigger or less.

Ryan kennelly

Mr. Imperato,

Just wanted to say just unboxed my new .357 steel carbine, and it’s just beautiful.

In the past I have been in manufacturing, created a brand, designed and built products, your product looks like it jumped off the drawing into 3D , fit and finish is perfect.

Proud it’s made in the USA, keep up the good work hope you have continued great success.

Can’t wait for deer season

Mark Vertanen
Ames Iowa

Mark Vertanen Ames, Iowa

James FirimonteMr. Anthony, I would like to compliment you on your fine firearms. I have a classic 22 Lever Action Rifle that I have bought for controlling predators around my property. I have a nice flock of backyard chickens that I raise here in Florida which will always draw a meal for anything especially at night. I like shooting the 22 shorts mainly not to disturb my neighbors at night. I have owned several 22’s and still do, but the Henry is my go to rifle when predators are lurking around the chicken coop. Keep up with this fine tradition of building fine rifles. Even though I own a 45/70 from your competition, My next purchase will be a Henry 45/70!



James Firimonte

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato