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Fraternal Order of Eagles Tribute Edition

Fraternal Order of Eagles Tribute Edition

To Honor Those Who Unite For Liberty, Truth, Justice & Equality

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Over 115 years ago the Fraternal Order of Eagles was founded to speak out against injustice, seek truth, and promote peace and equality. It has since grown to over 800,000 members across the U.S. and Canada who unite through the 1,500 plus aeries to raise millions of dollars for charities and local communities. The international non-profit organization, which has included six former U.S. presidents is a driving force behind rectifying social issues, which has led them to found the Social Security Program, Mother’s Day, and keeping the Ten Commandments in public places to act as a moral compass. Henry Repeating Arms is pleased to offer the Fraternal Order of Eagles Tribute Edition rifle and support their charitable endeavors by giving a royalty to the organization for each gun sold.


The glistening nickeled receiver displays a 24K gold-plated U.S. flag waving in the breeze on the main panel of the receiver’s right side. Flowing back from the flag’s lower-left corner is a banner-scroll, also with 24K gold plating, that contains F.O.E.’s slogan “People Helping People,” with one word in each banner section. Set in among the American vine, leafy scrollwork are the initials “FOE,” with the “F” and “E” finished again in 24K gold plate.

An eagle, with its wings spread wide and talons extended, dominates the opposite side of the receiver in the panel’s center section. Looking as though it’s coming in for a landing, the Eagle’s talons are about to grab a flowing banner-scroll that extends back toward the stock. Inscribed in the banner are the words “Liberty, Truth, Justice, Equality,” each in a separate fold of the scroll. The eagle and entire banner-scroll are 24K gold pated, and the unique leafy-scroll designs border the top and underside of the eagle and banner engraving. A three-level banner scroll contains the words “Fraternal Order Of Eagles,” in a vertical format on the smaller panel to the front of the eagle.

The F.O.E.’s symbol of an attacking eagle, within a circle, is laser engraved and then hand-painted on the Golden Boy’s American Walnut stock. On the circle’s sides, but within its borders, are the words “Liberty, Truth, Justice, Equality.” On the circle’s bottom are the initials “F.O.E.”
This fully functional work of art sports an iconic 20” blued steel octagonal barrel, semi-buckhorn rear sights with a brass bead front sight, and matching brass buttplate and barrel band. It’s chambered in .22 S/L/LR with a capacity of 16 rounds of .22 LR and as much as 21 rounds of .22 Short. This tribute rifle is built on the award-winning Golden Boy platform so it’s inherently smooth action and top-notch performance will never let you down on the range when it’s not being proudly displayed in your home or local aeries.




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Fraternal Order of Eagles Tribute Edition .22 S/L/LR»
Model NumberH004FOE
Action TypeLever Action
Caliber.22 S/L/LR
Capacity16 LR/21 S
Barrel Length20"
Barrel TypeOctagon Blued Steel
Rate Of Twist1:16
Overall Length38.5"
Weight6.75 lbs.
Receiver FinishNickel Plated
Rear SightFully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front SightBrass Bead
ScopeabilityDrilled and Tapped
Stock MaterialAmerican Walnut
Length Of Pull14"
Safety1/4 Cock
Best UsesTarget/Hunting/Collector
Embellishments / ExtrasReceiver engraving with 24K gold plating. Engraved/painted stock, Eagles FOE Tribute
M.S.R. Price$1,050.00

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