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Big Boy Special Editions II

Big Boy Special Editions II

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Henry Big Boy Cowboy Edition II

In the 1800s, the cowboys who drove the herds through untamed territory relied on their pistols and rifles for protection from man and beast alike. So it’s only fitting that we pay tribute those cowpunchers and wranglers who risked their lives to drive cattle across the frontier with this limitededition Big Boy rifle.

Each select American Walnut stock and forearm is masterfully engraved using techniques that combine the latest technologies with traditional craftsmanship passed from one generation to the next. The stock depicts a band of cowboys huddled around an open fire at the end of a long day on the range. The forearm is detailed with the image of a thundering herd of wild horses, kicking up dust as they gallop across the plains. After engraving, our highly skilled artisans painstakingly hand paint each detailed image using multiple, permanent acrylic colors with a final sealant coating applied for life-long protection. The result is artwork you’ll be proud to display on the mantle or wall in a lodge, den or office, but are built for the reliability and accuracy that have made Henry Big Boy rifles the choice of hunters and traditional shooters everywhere.


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The Big Boy’s classic look includes a 20″ octagonal barrel outfitted with a Marble semi-buckhorn rear sight with a white diamond insert and a brass beaded front sight. Just like the rifles preferred by the cowboys of that bygone era, it sports a 10-round tubular magazine the legendary smooth action that could only come from authentic American-made Henry rifle.

Henry Big Boy Wildlife Edition II

Ever since the dual-purpose .44 magnum rifle and pistol round was unleashed on the American West, it’s been the choice of hunters who enjoy its accuracy, reliability and unmistakable stopping power. From buffalo to bull elk, this powerful round has proven itself countless times over the past century and continues to be a traditional favorite wherever hunters pursue elusive trophies.


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With intricately engraved images of elk, white-tailed deer and grouse on its American Walnut stock and forearm, this latest limited-edition Big Boy pays homage to the America’s rich hunting heritage and some of the wildlife native to the American West. Each image iscaptured in remarkable detail using a combination of modern engraving tools and traditional techniques. Then, multiple layers of acrylic colors and a protective sealant highlight each image with spectacular color that will last for generations, making this a rifle you’ll proudly pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Like all American-made Henry Big Boys, the Wildlife II edition sports a classic look that includes a 20″ octagonal barrel outfitted with a Marble semi-buckhorn rear sight with a white diamond insert and a brass beaded front sight. A 10-round tubular magazine.



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Big Boy "Cowboy" Edition .45 Colt
Model Number H006CB2
Action Type Lever Action
Caliber .45 Colt
Capacity 10 rounds
Length 38.5"
Barrel Length 20" octagonal with 1:38rh rate of twist
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:16
Weight 8.68 lbs.
Stock Straight-grip American walnut
Sights Marbles fully adjustable Semi-Buckhorn rear, with reversible white diamond insert and brass beaded front sight
Finish Solid top brass receiver, brass buttplate and brass barrel band
M.S.R. Price $1,399.95
Big Boy "Wildlife" Edition .44 Magnum
Model Number H006WL2
Caliber .44 Magnum
Length of Pull 14"
Rate of Twist 1:38
M.S.R. Price $1,399.95

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“Mr. Phil O’Boyle, Events Coordinator for Cabelas, with Mr. Arnie Krell, proud owner of a Henry Big Boy Cowboy Edition”