I recently purchased my 5th Henry lever action rifle, the H001TLB. While they are all fine rifles, this one with a cheap Truglo 4x scope, 4 shots in one hole at 50 yards! The most accurate .22 rimfire I ever shot, and I have shot MANY in 60+ years of shooting! THANK YOU for making real American rifles that are made RIGHT! I don’t know what you did, but the trigger on this rifle is as good as any $300.00 custom trigger I ever had. WOW!!! Thank you to the Men and Women of Henry Repeating Arms!

Ben Torman

Don BareHello Anthony, I just wanted to share with you what my second deer in as many years with a Henry looks like. I’ve had all kinds of rifles and none has been as much fun to carry and shoot. I use my own hand loads and the accuracy I have achieved with open sights on this rifle is phenomenal.

Thanks for producing an excellent firearm and happy holidays.

Don Bare

Troy McCormickWe had a great opening weekend of gun season in Indiana and I put a nice 8-pointer on the ground with my Henry .308 rifle.

Troy McCormick Bootprints.TV

Hugh O'NeillMr Imperato:

I have written to you several times over the past few years regarding our Moncton Fish and Game Association annual fund raising dinner which you have generously supported with complimentary accessory items.


This spring you sent us a few extra mugs and hats and we decided to use them at a mid-summer fun shoot. We had 18 participants attend our 22LR bench shoot. Instead of a registration fee we held a 50/50 with proceeds to go to our club fundraiser for the IWK Children’s Hospital.


A few of us who own a Henry gathered for a photo with our local outfitter representative Paul Hebert from Green Diamond Outfitters (event sponsor). From left to right Bud with 22 traditional, Paul, myself with my Big Boy, Derek our treasurer with his Golden Boy, and Bob.


As always thank you for your ongoing and generous support to our Association.


PS…It was a hot day so as a retired warden, I dug out my old summer hat

Hugh O'Neill MFGA Range Manager and Secretary

Ferraro with Eagle Scout RIflesMr. Imperato,

I wanted to reach out and send you a brief note. We recently crowned our third son as an Eagle Scout. Peter joins his brother’s Nick and Matt not only to the elite group of Eagle Scouts but also to the elite proud owners of Henry Big Boy 44mag rifles. The Henry quality is the standard in lever action rifles and I am so excited that my boys now own their own.

I’m torn up though about the boys actually shooting them, – I have a feeling I will lose that battle, the boys want to rip some rounds through them so I’ll probably cave in on that.

Just a little bit of history here. Back in 2011 when Nick made Eagle Scout, I reached out and I believe you and I spoke on the phone, I was looking for a larger caliber Eagle Edition rifle and at that time you told me that the BSA had only authorized a 22cal Eagle Edition so I purchased the 22cal. model back then. I wrote multiple letters to the BSA over the years asking them to expand their offering with Henry Rifles, truthfully I felt like it would never amount to anything but who knows, maybe many other dads like me did the same…

When my second son Matt made Eagle in 2015 I went on the website and low and behold the BSA had approved lg. caliber Eagle Editions. As a result I picked up 3 of them (praying Peter would get his Eagle in the future).

These things are beautiful. I want to thank you and your associates for making such a quality product – especially here in the US.

Attached is a picture of “My Big Boys”, sporting “their” Big Boys. I wish you and your associates all the best and thanks again.

Mark Ferraro
Make It A Great Day!

Mark Ferraro

Dave TrombleyLove my Henry

Dave Trombley

Chris ColomboMr Imperato, I’m Thankful for Henry Rifles! Hunting Season 2017… Day after Thanksgiving with one of my favorite rifles… The Henry All Weather 30-30. Best wishes to you and the family.

Chris Colombo Hunting in New York

Jack VaughnMy grandson loves his Henry rifle


Jack Vaughn

Brad HowellAn American holiday

Brad Howell