Dealer New for 2017

Shipping Now

H018-410Lever Action Shotgun .410 24″ Barrel
H018-410RLever Action Shotgun .410 20″ Barrel
H001TLBFrontier Lever Action .22 S/L/LR 24″ Barrel
H001TMLBFrontier Lever Action .22 Mag. 24″ Barrel
H001TSPRFrontier Lever Action .22 S/L/LR 24″ Threaded Barrel
H001TMSPRFrontier Lever Action .22 Mag. 24″ Threaded Barrel
H012AWBig Boy All-Weather .44 Mag./.44 Spl.
H012MAWBig Boy All-Weather .357 Mag./.38 Spl.
H012CAWBig Boy All-Weather .45 Colt
H004SATSecond Amendment Tribute Edition


Shipping This Month

H014S-223Long Ranger with Sights .223 Rem./5.56 NATO
H014S-243Long Ranger with Sights .243 Win.
H014S-308Long Ranger with Sights .308 Win./7.62×51


Shipping In May

H006M327Big Boy .327 Fed. Mag./.32 H&R
H006M41Big Boy .41 Mag.
H006MR327Big Boy Carbine .327 Fed. Mag./.32 H&R
H006MR41Big Boy Carbine .41 Mag.
H012M327Big Boy Steel .327 Fed. Mag./.32 H&R
H012M41Big Boy Steel .41 Mag.
H012MR327Big Boy Steel Carbine .327 Fed. Mag./.32 H&R
H012MR41Big Boy Steel Carbine .41 Mag.
H015-12Single Shot Shotgun 12 Gauge (Steel)
H015-20Single Shot Shotgun 20 Gauge (Steel)
H015-410Single Shot Shotgun .410 Gauge (Steel)
H015-308Single Shot Rifle .308 Win./7.62×51 (Steel)
H015-243Single Shot Rifle .243 Win. (Steel)
H015-223Single Shot Rifle .223 Rem./5.56 NATO (Steel)
H015-44Single Shot Rifle .44 Mag./.44 Spl. (Steel)
H015-4570Single Shot Rifle .45-70 Gov’t. (Steel)


Shipping In July

H015B-12Single Shot Shotgun 12 Gauge (Brass)
H015B-20Single Shot Shotgun 20 Gauge (Brass)
H015B-410Single Shot Shotgun .410 Gauge (Brass)
H015B-44Single Shot Rifle .44 Mag./.44 Spl. (Brass)
H015B-4570Single Shot Rifle .45-70 Gov’t. (Brass)