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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

You are by far the best gun maker in America.  If I threw out everything not made in America, I probably would have nothing left but your rifles. Thank you for being a TRUE AMERICAN gun maker.

Benjamin Engelson Camdenton, MO


Attached are some of the pictures that I had taken of my son, Dalton, with his Henry .22. Now all I have to do is shoot a nice Buck November 15th with my Henry Lever Brass Octagon 30-30 so we can have a nice picture of me.

You make great guns.


Craig Lauerman

Mr. Imperato,

I received the Catalog and information from Henry, this date. Let me just say, your company makes some fine Rifles. I have purchased a 22 Mag Golden Boy, and I ordered a personalized Recever Cover.

The Rifle is for my Great Grand Daughter who is only 10 months old. We had it Engraved with her name, birth date and a partial guote of the second amendment, and signed J. Madison. I think this will be one of the greatest gifts she will ever receive.

John L Madison

The BSA Centennial Golden Boy that I finally got my hands on is amazingly well designed, superbly functional, and an extremely smooth and accurate rifle right out of the box; a true masterpiece of craftsmanship!

Achieving my Eagle Scout as a youth set the stage for everything I came to expect as an adult.  I am very discriminating and demanding, and I believe that my twenty-seven-plus years of combined experience as an aerospace grade composite manufacturing QC Inspector, as well as a Heavy Airlift, Evaluator-Instructor Pilot in the USAF, qualify me slightly to pass some objective judgment and end-user consumer evaluation of your product.

“Attention to detail” is a military buzzword, but it is attention to minute detail, which is the standard by which military objectives and meticulously planned, successfully executed missions are accomplished.  It is an ideal by which many systems and people’s performance are measured and where there is no room for error as it has fatal consequences.  The beautiful rifle I get to admire and hold in my hands exhibits exactly that level of attention to detail – WELL DONE!

Layne A. K. Hill

You probably get letters from happy Henry owners all of the time. I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with a Henry rifle. I LOVE my Henry 22 every time I look at it, hold it, load it and fire it. Thank you for building a fine firearm.


Dan Crossett Brighton, IA


Just dropping you a line letting you know how much I am enjoying my new Henry .22 rifles. Took it to the range and was very impressed with its accuracy and smooth action. I tossed a golf ball on the 50 yard berm and started shooting it – 5 rounds, 5 hits – WHAT A BLAST ! I am telling my shooting buddies. Golf ball enclosed.


Tracy Grissett Accomac, VA


The foremost collection of Henry Repeating Arms rifles in the country

Japser Dorr N Chittenden, VT



As promised, these are some pictures from the ceremony we held. The people in the picture are Dan Dawson ( White Beard); Scout Matt Jaszyn ( Huge smile attached to a Scout uniform); me ( Pin Stripe suit with a West Point lapel pin); and Rick Jaszyn ( obviously proud parent in a Scout uniform).

Henry makes great rifles and has great employees.

Thanks for all you’ve done for helping me make the 5,000th rifleman ceremony a memorable one.

John Kauza New Jersey

a great big thank you for what your doing for me. bryon called me to say lori i guess called him. about the shipment. my son is going to flip out over this. he loves shooting my 17 when he’s back. like i said anthony this will be my 3rd henry and it won’t be my last. i need to order a 22 that i can shoot. bryon my dealer has the 22 form the historical armory and said he’s extremly proud of it. they look great with the engraving on them. i had forgot he got one, actually he order 6 out of the ten they made for our county, for other people in my town. before to long he’ll be a henry man himself. especially after the way you looked after me. thanks again anthony which is my father, and my brothers name. my grandmother on my dads side was full italian. her name was fuastina angelina bortteliti im not sure of the spelling now on her last name. she was born in northern italy came with he parents when she was seven.  i will put in the henry word to all my shooting buddys.

again thanks

Scott Debarge

Dear friends at HRAC

There are few things in life that are worth waiting for and are to be treasured once they arrive, such is the case of my new brass Henry 30-30 that finally arrived last week – it is simply beautiful – a work of art. Thanks to each and every employee of HRAC. I have numerous Winchesters, Marlins, Brownings and Milsurps at home the the HENRYs give me the most pride of ownership – thay are simply awesome !!! Thanks also for “keeping it American” !

With warm regards,

Larry D. Allen Newport, MI

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato