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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters



Attached is a target I shot about 2 weeks ago at my outdoor range. It was shot (10 shots) with my Henry 44 Magnum Big Boy at 100 yards at an 8 inch Shoot-N-See. What amazed me was that I made no adjustments to the sights! For an out-of-the-box rifle with open sights from a bench rest, one could not ask for a better performance! Thank you for making such a great lever action rifle.


Bruce Jackson Chalfont, PA



Part arrived today and is perfect. I have bragged you up to my Classmates at College and they are asking to see the catalog. My business professor is very impressed with your customer service and has asked to view the catalog too.

God Bless You and thank you

Alan Stevens



We would like to thank Henry Repeating Arms once again for their support of the Ronald McDonald House Kids & Clays event. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and the firearms that you have donated to our event are absolutely beautiful.

This year, you donated the Golden Boy “Military Service” Tribute Edition rifle. I think this guy is a very memorable tribute to our men of service. We would like to present you with this picture as a token of our appreciation for your generous donation.


Jackie Metzger


Dear Mr. Imperato,

I was in the midst of relocating and have since relocated again. Just a salesman trying to make a living. But that hasn’t stopped me from buying my 3rd Henry rifle! An H001T. And like my H006M and my H001, the “T” is simply a FABULOUS rifle!

I don’t own “a lot” of rifles….11 currently….but just shouldering one of my Henry’s never fails to put a big grin on my face! I NEVER go to my club without at least 1 Henry! Usually my Big Boy .357. A man shouldn’t be allowed to have as much fun as that gun is…..especially since I put a Marbles tang sight on it!

I don’t have any pics of myself with my Henry’s, but I have attached a couple of pics from last deer season of my Henry H006M and the 2 deer I took with it. I promise that when deer season reopens I will provide a few pics that include my ugly mug!

I’m going to be buying an H009B 30-30 shortly just because I love your centerfire rifles and it is simply not right to not have a levergun in 30-30. And I have to find a Big Boy .357 for my younger Brother or else he is going to steal mine!

Thank you again for making top quality rifles right here in the USA!


Kris Littledale

I just wanted to express how I feel about my new Henry Repeating Rifle. I am a 57 year old Canadian who hasn’t owned a rifle since I was a teen. I am recently retired and decided to purchase a Henry Model 001 for some plinking fun. I can’t tell how much I enjoy this rifle. I put at least 200 rounds through it the first day I had it and It was dead accurate right out of the box. I also really enjoy the smooth lever action and it’s ability to fire short, long and long rifle rounds.. This rifle is extremely reasonably priced and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your product to anyone who is thinking of getting a .22. Congratulations on manufacturing a quality Made in the USA North American product. I wish you and your Company much success.


Edward Chlebowski

I love my Henry. It has the smoothest action I’ve ever seen, and it has that old west look that I wanted. It’s the only rifle I need to take when I want to have some fun target shooting or small game hunting. Thanks for making such a great product.

Gerard Kuhn Scranton, PA

I own one Henry Golden Boy, .22 Long rifle. By far the best shooting gun out of the box I have ever shot or owned! A pleasure just to hold in your hands, not to mention the history and pride put into it! I plan on purchasing alot more of the Henry products in the future.

Jeff Brooks Winnemucca, NV

Yesterday I picked up the Henry Golden Boy rifle in the .17 HMR caliber that I had ordered from a local dealer. I took it out of the box at the dealer and had men wanting a closer look. To say I am happy with my purchase is an understatement. This gun is stunning. One of the fellows looking at it said it was “too good looking to shoot”. I agree it is a super nice looking rifle. I can’t wait to take it to the range.

Robert Murphy

You people are great, I love my Henry rifles. If you guys build a car let me know…

Terry Reynolds

Good morning, a couple yrs. ago,I got my friend a Henry .22 cal. rifle..last weekend we were target shooting and he told me that was the best gift he’s ever received…and in a whisper, he said” don’t tell the wife…

Greg Gunterberg Stone Mountain, GA