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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

The “Made in America” theme is SO effective. Just yesterday I went shopping at three stores and found every single item made in China. It’s sickening. Thanks for staying here!

Jeff Poole Comstock Park, MI

I would like to take a moment and thank you for the way you expedited the shipment to my dealer. My firearm is sure a beautiful crafted specimen. I am a gun collector and feel this one is my most prized. The craftsmanship is outstanding. I want to add to my collection the H003T as soon as they become available. I commend you and Henry Repeating Arms for a fine Made In The USA product.

Much Success,

Charles E. Block Milford, IL

Mr. Imperato, I got the Frontier model I ordered in a .22 caliber.  I love it.   I just ordered the .17 caliber Golden Boy.   Haven’t decided on which Henry I will get next.  I’m thinking maybe the Accu Bolt.

You should be very proud of your firearms and your company.

Doug Moring

Hello Anthony Imperato,

I have been watching the Saturday Night Knife and Gun Show for a long time and have been wanting to buy a Henry Rifle. You sent me a catalog back in July and I knew I had to have one. I went to Cabela’s in East Hartford CT last week and bought a Henry Golden Boy H004 GB199407, I have shot this rifle quite a bit and I am very,very happy with it.  The accuracy and smooth action is great. You have an excellent product  and I am going to purchase another one in the future.


David Chase Jr. Sharon, CT


Mr Imperato, Please extend to your staff….and more important to you..a grateful and sincere …THANK YOU….

How wonderful it is, to be able to give a gift…That is made here in America, Buy hard working Americans.  That has historical significance, and will be treasured for many,many years into the future.  You run a company that is outstanding, and your return of my emails , have given me the wonderful feeling of an extremely kind, and dedicated … person….What a pleasant feeling to know ,we still have individuals so as you, in this great nation!   Thank you “Tony” …This entire experience has been so very pleasant!

Richard Krause Shelter Island, NY

Hi Anthony,

I just wanted to let you know I had the privilege of watching your interview off of your website, I am Proud to be an American when I see a person like you that believes in America the way is used to be and products such as yours that are completely Made in America, and as Americans we need more products like yours to bring back the greatness America once had.

I just purchased two of your lever action rifles, ( Lever Octagon ? Frontier Model in .17 and Big Boy in .357 ) I had been looking high and low trying to find the Henry but was having a tough time which lead me to consider another rifle. I started to look at several different Rossi rifles, but the more I looked for a Henry replacement I realized there isn?t a replacement for Henry Rifles. I was totally disappointed with the quality and manufacturing techniques used on these other lever rifles, but finally I was able to order the .17 caliber and located a gun shop that still had the .357 caliber. I am one hundred percent glad I waited to make a purchase, also during my search I was afforded the knowledge that just plain and simple, ?Henry Rifles, There is NO substitute?J

I wanted to add the Henry Lever action Rifles are not my first lever action rifle, my first lever gun was a Marlin. I like the rifle but after having the chance to look at, work with and run the lever action on your Henry Rifles, I can say I made a big mistake in not making Henry my first Lever Gun, I really wish I would have waited.

Also I wanted to let you know; about two weeks ago I think you helped me with a second barrel purchase for my Henry Survival Rifle. I had asked if I could get the barrel in all steel and such, I received the second barrel in prime condition along with the manual you added for me, I had explained I did not receive a manual when I got the rifle. My Thanks to you and your Top Notch Customer Service

Please keep up the Awesome work, God Bless You and Your Family and God Bless America

Dean Cockerham


We are proud to be a Henry Repeating Arms vendor.


Ron Helsel Belle Vernon, PA


Mr. Imperato,

I just wanted to thank you for maintaining the tradition of the Henry Repeating Rifle.  It means a lot to those of us that enjoy reconnecting with our pioneer heritage.   I have two Henry (.22 LRs ? the Golden Boy and one I have personalized to remind me of times past).  I am saving for a Big Boy ? still trying to decide the caliber. I am sure that by the time I?m done I will also include the Frontier as well. I have attached pictures of the Henry I carry most often.  I hope you enjoy them.

Again, thank you —- for those of us that enjoy the shooting sports and our time in the woods, the Henry is a very special companion

Richard A. L'Heureux, Ph.D., CPCM Mora, MN

Dear Henry,

I just saw your commercial on the Outdoor Channel where the guy has his Henry rifle over the mantle and is tossing out all his stuff as he discovers it is all made elsewhere and not in the good ol’ USA !

I just have to write cause I own a Henry Golden Boy from my Grandpa and at first I wanted to use it but to me it is such a beautiful, well crafted piece of iron and wood that I put it above my mantle! AND I am a union workman and a proud American. It is harder and harder to find such fine craftsmanship and beauty at a fair price AND have it be made here in America. Money spent on a Henry is money well spent!

So, I put grandpa’s Henry up on the wall and I bought a new Henry Golden Boy in .22 LR and it’s my prize posession.

Thank you all for a great line of firearms and most of all, American made through and through. That was also a really good commercial, my compliments to you on that. It is a great message it sends out. BUY AMERICAN and make your rifle a HENRY!!!!

Best Wishes,

John Nottingham


i just wanted to share this picture of me and one of the squirrels i got this year of 2009 i am still amazed by its accuracy smooth action not only is the henry 22 long rifle fun to shoot but it is great to bring small game back to your plate and make memories that will last for ever thank you Anthony Imperato and your employees and keep doing what you people do best making fine firearms god bless.

Cassidy M Iowa

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato