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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters


Here is a picture on my son Danny with his HOO4BSA 201 and in full uniform!  He loves his rifle, but still has’nt shot it.  He says he wants to save it for his Eagle scout son.  We’ll see.  Sorry it took so long, but it seems to be the boy scout way. Thank you again for ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad Beeke

Dear Mr. Imperato: I was watching the Fox news channel last night and lo and behold a commercial for HENRY rifles came on the screen.  I think it’s the first commercial in twentyfive years that I have not muted. Thanks for the advertisement it was wonderful.

On another note, is it possible to obtain a price list for small parts for my H001 carbine? I wold like to acquire a collection of parts in the event there is a malfunction.

I have mounted a Weaver 1×3 power scope on it. That 1x setting is wonderfully fast. I’ll be 83 this month and still able to shoot fairly accurately. A lot of joy in my life is attributable to my Henry. I have owned quite a few rifles in my life, but the Henry sits up there on top. Thank you for a very great product.

George J. Fischer Pisgah Forest, NC


Dear Anthony,

Attached please find a photo that I received from John Wyman,Hunter Education Inddor Shooting Range, Fairbanks, AK of a group of campers, ages 11-14, who attended one of this summer’s sessions of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s Alaska Conservation Camp.  Each camp session hosts up to 30 youth and teaches hands-on hunting, shooting, fishing and related activities and skills.

John expressed their thanks to YSSA (see the lane banner in the photo) and partnering businesses and manufacturers that help make the Alaska Conservation Camp happen.  Thank you to you and Henry Repeating Arms for your continued support of youth shooting sports.

Steve Miller, Executive Director Youth Shooting Sports Alliance


This is my new Henery Lever action 22. I bought it for my 65th birthday and Just love it

Ruth Howell

I own one of your H001 and H009. Straight shooter out of the box. Very Smoooooth action. I am very impressed and can hardly wait to purchase my next Henry.


Kenny Watson Haskell, TX


My friend and I were shoot our rimfires this morning, I was shooting my H001 and he was shooting his Japanese made Browning BL22. The Henry consistently shot better groups than the Browning. Average 3/4″ to the Browning’s 1″. Thank you for keeping your products American made and providing your very skilled employees the much needed jobs in these trying economic times.


Owen Beene Teague, TX

“MADE IN AMERICA AND PRICED RIGHT” would be an accurate company motto if you had actually said:


Thank you.

A Henry Rifle Owner

Dear Mr Imperato

thank you for keeping Henry hear in the U.S.A  I recently purchased a 22 Golden Boy. I own several guns costing a lot more than the goldenboy but none are as well made as  my henry .In my opinion. Nor have i or my 12 year old son had so much fun shooting at the gun club together. Thank you and your craftsman so much.

Bart Wiggs

I have owned a Henry .17HMR for over a year now and it is by far the best rifle I own and I will be buying larger calibers in the future. Made in America. Shot in America. Loved in America. Thank you so much for the quality American made product.

Adam Tower Casper, WY

Thanks for the catalog.  I was looking for a 22 to start my grandson out on and I happened to locate a used one in excellent condition at a sports shop in Kalkaska Michigan.  My daughter and her family joined us (my wife and I ) at our cabin in the woods the day after I purchased the Henry 22 lever action rifle with 4 power weaver scope.  After they settled in I asked my grandson if he wanted to do some shooting.  He said sure and we walked out to the pole barn.  On our way out, I asked him if he wanted to shoot with my 22 or his. He said ” grandpa, you know I don’t have a rifle”. I said, “oh yes you do ! ” The cost of the rifle, $250.00,  The look on his face,  priceless!!  I am sure he will have many years of enjoyment with his  new friend, Henry.  As for me,  I still have the 22 my dad bought me many years ago.  I sure do like the looks of that Golden Boy in 44 mag.  I am approaching 69 years old, have two cruiser type motorcycles and am enjoying my second childhood more than my first.

Mr Jerome Ciesinski

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato