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Customer Letters

Thanks Mr Imperato

I did receive your catalog, and I have since purchased a Golden Boy 22. Its everything your catalog side it was.  One of the finest firearms I have ever owned, and certainly the best looking and slickest to operate.

Thanks again for making a fine product.

Wayne Willberg Alberta

Anthony, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Henry H001L.  It will be used for plinking and squirrel hunting.

First trip to the range today I was shooting 0.5 inch groups at 30 yards (squirrel hunting zero) with 3 kinds of cheap bulk ammo from Walmart. This was with a scope mounted.  My eyes will not work with open sights.   The rifle is short, light, handy and smooth as silk.  I have had a H001 in .22mag for about 8 years and this new baby is a perfect complement to it.  Thanks for an outstanding American product and even better customer service.  Keep em coming and best of luck to you and your company.

Steve Clark

I own a Henry 22 Caliber lever action rifle, and my wife and I enjoy shooting it more than any of our other guns which include a Ruger mini 14 and a Rock River AR 15. It really outshoots both for a lot less money. Thanks for making such a fine product.

Jim Barkle West Valley City, UT

Just keep up the good work! You make one hell of a rifle. And please don’t stop, we need you!

Bob Anderson Emory, TX

Mr. Imperato,

I want to let you know that I am very happy with my new .22 Golden Boy.  It brings back fond memories.

I only shot a 50 round box, but loved every minute of it.  My brother enjoyed it as well.  I can honestly say that the rifle is everything you claim in your advertisement and then some.

A very satisfied customer!

Russell Durham


Thanks for the note.  I bought my. First Henry two weeks ago, and love the gun.  I own eight or nine rifles, but this one is the coolest, with beautiful lines and overall appearance. My wife has joined me in plinking now, and she likes that although it has some power (357 Mag) there is not much recoil.  The heft has value besides tradition and looks!

Great gun! Thanks,


I bought my rifle about 3 weeks ago and took it to the range last Sunday.

It’s a great shooting .22 with very smooth action.  The fit and finish are something I would expect on a much more expensive rifle.  I bought the model 001 and I’m going to order the model with the octagonal barrel. Keep up the great work…..I’m hooked.

Randy Gillette


Just got my first Henry rifle from my wife for my birthday.  It’s a golden boy 22 mag.  What a rifle!  Thanks for making such a quality firearm from all American parts.

Keep up the good work.

Dennis Beyer Owasso, OK

I added my 3rd Henry rifle, a .22 Octagon barrel H001T to my collection. I have a .17HMR Golden Boy and a .357 Big Boy. I still have other Henry’s I want to collect, such as the 30-30 and the .44 caliber.  My favorite rifles are Henry’s!

Mike Davidson Spring Hill, KS

I purchased a Golden Boy in a 17 HMR a few years back, after mounting a 2×7 scope I have not used another gun to take any small exotics. Axis or Indian Blackbuck taken at up to 90 yards in the head or spinal behind the head with one shot.

Absolutely the best money I ever spent for a rifle, keep up the good work & I am looking forward to the new catalog.


Doug Doubrava Kerrville, TX