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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters


Mr. Imperato,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase of a new Henry Rifle! The feel and finish of this firearm is excellent and you may continue to brag about the quality of the wood you use for your stocks. I purchased this rifle (youth model) to enjoy inexpensive and instructional shooting with my son Daniel (age 6). You might find it amusing that when I took it home and pulled it out of the box Daniel smiled real big and said, “that’s John Wayne’s gun!” My goal is to pass this fine rifle down to him as he gets older as I hope to purchase a Golden Boy for myself when fiances so allow. Allow me to say that since other “American” firearm manufacturers have turn to foreign countries to produce their product, that I can’t help but have a sense of pride when I look along the barrel of our new Henry and see “Made in Brooklyn, NY.” Keep up the good work and I hope to send a picture some day with my son and I both holding Henrys!


Joe Litkenhaus Amelia, OH


Hey Anthony,

All I can say is….WOW! The Golden Boy is one of the best looking rifles I’ve ever seen and simply the best I’ve ever owned. And you know how I feel about the Survival Rifle.

A BIG thanks for both.

I took them both immediately to my ex-father-in-law’s house. He was a collector of both handguns and rifles until his stroke about 2 years ago. I knew that seeing these 2 very cool rifles would brighten his day…and I think the pictures tell the story.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pry the Golden Boy out of Joe’s hands. He used to load his own ammo until his illness prevented him from seeing.

His day was much better after this.

Thanks again, not only for your generous gift, but for making an old man’s day

Brad Staggs Nashville, TN

i purchased a new mod. hoo1 today i got it home and went to my range it is the best out of the box 22 cal.rifle i have every owned this is my 1st. henry but not my last


Dudley Huffman ,Jr Harrodsburg, KY

I own one of your .44 magnum rifles and its the most beautiful rifle I’ve ever owned. It’s also VERY accurate. A full magazine in one ragged hole from a rest at 50 yards !! Thats with the factory sights just as they came from the factory. It does not get better than that.   Respectfully,

James Taylor Kingsport, TN

Mr. Imperato and Henry Family,

Thank you for manufacturing such a wonderful American made product.  I am sold on Henry.  I recently purchased my first Henry rifle, but certainly not my last.  I am a new very satisfied customer and fan of Henry firearms.  I purchased the Henry Repeater Golden Boy H004, 22 LR.  I am a Law Enforcement officer and I have shot a vast amount of firearms.  I must say operating my new Henry was an awesome experience.  The ease of the lever action and accuracy of the firearms out of the box was amazing.   I Love the fact that your rifle is made only from American materials and parts.

J.D. Fail Louisiana

My name is Kip and I have been an avid hunter for most of my 37yrs.  I recently purchased my first Henry, a big boy 45colt, and I must thank you for keeping an American legend alive.  My rifle is the smoothest lever-action that I have ever used, and I do have a few, it is an absolute joy to shoot.  I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for building such a beautiful and functional piece of art!

Looking forward to my next Henry and thank you

Kip Rupert

Hi; bought 3 years ago a .22LR H001 as a Christmas present to myself from a local dealer that imported them. Gun performs excellent, being absurdly accurate even with the cheapest ammo available and has secured me a few tasty preys on hunting trips.

It has become my mandatory “trip plinker” gun; wife also loves the handling and lightness, and many of the shooters around here that have test-fired mine are busting their heads against the walls for not buying one when they were available. In steel silhouette-shooting matches held at a local gun club I’ve even outshot scoped rifles using the factory sights…Awesome!

Last road trip we took in August was to a mountain town called Huancaya and although I was unable to hunt since it’s a natural reserve, still managed to pop a few plinking shots outside the park and take a nice picture (Included) close to a lake, 11,800 feet over sea level.

Keep up the great work. Would love to purchase more of your lever guns when and if they are imported again.


Antonio Cuba Henry owner from Peru


I guess you could sum up my story simply; went into the store to buy some ammo and came out with a rifle instead!

Thank you for both producing an excellent rifle and making it here in the United States.

David R. Barboza


Greetings to All at Henry Repeating Arms,

I know it might seem strange, but with the current political climate I felt compelled to purchase my grandson his first rifle. I am enclosing a picture for your review. I did not want to wait too long to get him set up. In the picture he is 4 days old. Maybe some kind of record. I actual picked it up before he was born, but I didn’t think guns in the hospital was the proper approach.

I promise to write back and send another picture when he is actually trained on firearm handling and shooting.

Again Thanks for your excellent product.

Bob Ott Barstow, CA


Splitting a card 25 feet with my new Henry Lever

I sent you an e-mail about me  (Joe’s Fancy Guns) and that I had seen (Extreme Marksmen) on the History Channel a week or so ago, and it looked like they were using your Henry lever action 22 with the large loop, so I ordered in one from Jerry’s Sport Center my wholesaler that I use a lot, and then we got over a foot of snow on the 28th of January, so soon as I had the lanes opened up I took the little Henry back toward the barn and stuck the little white card in a snowbank and fired off at 25 feet two shots and both hit as you can see from the pictures.  Not bad considering I had never fired the gun before. So the little new Henry is really a keeper!!!!

Joe Wisener