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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

Jeff WenteMr Imperato, I had recently emailed you about a veterans project we were doing and You and Charlie were kind enough to help us acquire a Henry military service tribute rifle to give away. I wanted to let you know what an extreme honor it was to hand your rifle over to Corporal Adam Patrick Snow of the United States Marine Corp. Corporal Snow served 8 years and during his time he was shot three times and hit by three separate roadside bombs, which his left him with a lifetime of injuries and scars . After each injury he begged to go back to fight with his men for our country. In addition to your rifle, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead wrote a letter to give to Patrick congratulating him on his rifle and reaffirming that Patrick is a true hero.

I could not think of a better way to have honored Corporal Snow in front of 400 people in small town Laramie, WY than with your rifle and the Governors support.

We also auctioned a Henry Golden Boy for $1450 and donated the money to Project Healing Waters local chapter. All said and done, a great night thanks in part to your support.

Thank you, Jeff Wente

Jeff Wente

Ryan kennellyHello Anthony,

I would like to commend you on the rework of the AR-7. The Henry U.S. Survival rifle is the most fun you can have for $250! Right out of the box we started feeding it any 22lr we could find, and it ate it all like candy. The small groups we consistently were getting lived around 1-1/4 at 25 yards. My friends and I were amazed at this novelty rifle that had accuracy of competitor guns of twice the price.

Please see my YouTube review of the gun. To be honest, we rated your weapon with high marks. Our only complaint was the heavy trigger pull. I feel I could shoot tighter groups with a 4 lb trigger or less.

Ryan kennelly

maynardjeromeDear Mr. Imperato,

Attached, you’ll find a photograph I took today after our monthly membership meeting.  Along with the excellent Henry Big Boy rifle, from left to right is Rod Schroeder, Second Vice President, Bob Kail, one of the Raffle Coordinators, Mike Thompson, First Vice President, and holding the rifle, George Van Dee, President of the Sandwich Sportsman’s Club in Sandwich, Illinois.

Thank you again very much for the items you sent, your cooperation & assistance and for making a damned fine rifle!


Maynard Jerome Membership Chair, Sandwich Sportsman's Club Sandwich, IL

briceballardThe Henry Military Tribute rifle went over great. We raised somewhere around $2500 raffling the rifle off.

Brice Ballard Bull City Gun Shop Alton, KS

paul-demunnickHello Anthony

Just wanted to tell you a short story about how much fun I am having with my Henry 22 Pump. My Henry 22 pump is my number 1 go to gun for fun. I took my Mother out target shooting and she loved it by the way this was the first time she had ever gone shooting she is now converted and understands now much fun it can be.I introduced a young couple to my Henry 22 pump and they had to get one for themselves they loved it. Just like to say thanks again and keep up the good work.

PS hope to put one of your all weather 45/70 in my future.

Paul Demunnick Summerland BC, Canada

Hello Anthony.

Tripp and I helped a group to raise money for a Honduras mission trip by giving away a Henry Golden Boy .22 Rifle. The group raised over $6000. The group all said that it was because it was a Henry Rifle is what sold the tickets. Here is a video of the drawing.

Jeanea Weigel

chuckjessellMr. Imperato,

I just brought home a new Fortress safe as my Heritage finally got filled up. I took a before and an after picture and thought you might get a kick out of my take on how to best christen a new gun safe (other than putting a new Henry in it of course). The pics are attached.

Also, I have a question about custom engraving. My wife and I bought a pair of American Rose rifles, one for each daughter. The plan was to have them engraved with their first initial and last names.  With the intent to preserve their last names as they will likely be taking on new names when they marry.  Since our purchase, we have been unable to find anyone that can engrave them for us. Does Henry offer this type of service?  Or do you have anyone you work with that is your preferred vendor?

Thank you so much for your time and making such great products. I already own 4 Henry’s and have another 12 or so on my short-term bucket list. My life goal is to get a Golden Boy or Big Boy in brass for each caliber you make, and then on to the big bore rifles in brass, and then depending on how long I make it, I’d like to move to the nickel series.

Chuck Jessell Amarillo, TX

dailasadlerMy first Henry Rifle

Daila Sadler Eastland, TX

bobjohnsonDear Sir,

Attached is a picture with my pride an joy , the Henry 30 30. I wear the hat with pride.

Thanks again so much.

Bob Johnson

frankgryncewiczMr. Imperato,

What would be more American then a large bore revolver on the hip and a Leaver Action on the shoulder? When our archery season ends, here in Tennessee, time to grab the hand cannon. In my opinion no one makes a finer production lever action “NONE”. I have attached an image of my new “go to gun” for this season. On top of the Leupold sits a TACTACAM video. Quite surprising was the fact the 45-70 recoil was not anywhere near what I thought it would be. On the other hand the 460 will let you know who the boss is (ha) so this long gun is tame in comparison. The other members of my hunt club are amazed, at least one is going to purchase your WS 30-30. Now this is “We The People” hunting. Video will follow up this season. Thanks again for manufacturing the best Lever Action on the market.

Frank Gryncewicz

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato