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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

susan ballOur Banquet was a huge success! I have attached a picture of the lucky recipient of the Henry Silver Eagle!

Thank You,

Susanne Ball Chairman, Northern Loons Ladies Ducks Unlimited

Joe LerouxI just purchased my 9th and 10th Henry Rifle. Both are Big Boys, a 30-30 and 44mag.  I collect guns and am especially proud of my Henry’s. Number one , they are made in America, secondly the craftsmanship is impeccable. Third the action is as smooth as silk and the accuracy is second to none. Fourth the triggers are awesome, far superior to any other lever guns on the market. I could go on and on.  You are a Great American my friend. I appreciate all you do in defense  of the second amendment and all the other great cause’s you support. I recently moved to Long Island from Georgia and would like to visit your facility if possible. If you see a white Ford pick-up on Long Island  with Georgia plates and a Henry Bumper sticker that would be me. Thanks again Anthony, I hope Henry Repeating Arms continues to be successful.


Joe Leroux

Today I bought my first of many to come Henry rifles (large loop carbine)  I own over 100 fireams ranging from Remingtons to Berettas, and this is by far the finest one I own.  Quality, quality, quality.  It has been missing from the industry for a long time, and I salute you and the fine people who work for you.  I am especially grateful that you keep you firearms true to there period, and not adding on senseless and unattractive safety devices that are so often uncalled for.  Thanks you again for a true Quality American product, and look foward to owning many more.

Thomas Makofske

Dennis Armour“5 of a kind” – Bill and Mary Jane Davis of Brighton Illinois made their 5 sons very happy this past Christmas. Each received a beautiful Henry Golden Boy.


Dennis Armour Dennis Armour Sporting Goods Carlinville IL


Our family wanted to share our sons first gun with you. We thought you would love it because he sure does. We got him a golden boy .22 mag and he was only 6 months old. Please let us know if you like it as much as we do. Thank you from the Stephens family.

The Stephens family

Sir, I order one of the new original Henry .44-40  rifles through Hyatt Gun Store, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Serial # BTH01489. Anthony; I couldn’t be any happier with any purchase I’ve made in the past, this includes several Brownings’. This is one fine weapon.


Phil Anderson Cashion, Ok.

I bought an eagle scout commerative edition .22 in 2011 for my son when he earned his Eagle Scout rank. I was thrilled with the quality of the rifle. It is my son’s prized possession. He has vowed to never shoot it.

I recently purchased one of your .22 Magnum rifles. My son and I had the opportunity to shoot it this past weekend. I am very pleased with the accuracy, and quality of this rifle. The action is incredibly smooth.

Thank you for making these fine products in the U.S.A.


Jeff Burbach


I purchased a Henry Mini Bolt 22 youth rifle for my son Brody on his 6th birthday . His first day at the range yielded him a tremendous experience . I must say the ease of use and his ability to safely learn to shoot was outstanding . He has only shot BB guns so it took him a few shots to acclimate to the fiber optic sights but with each shot he figured it out as the pictures I have included show . Most importantly because of the features of the Henry Mini Bolt I was able to teach Brody how to handle and safely shoot his rifle . Thank you for providing a safe and quality product that allows me to introduce my son into shooting sports . Our father / son time on the range is priceless .

Shannon Tigue

Just got my  fourth Henry rifle, the H006 in .44 mag.  I am so impressed with the quality of this rifle. The finish, fit, smoothness of the action and the accuracy is outstanding. Keep up the great work.

Michael Baker Warren County Sheriff, Retired

Dave-WagnerHi Anthony,
It was great meeting and talking to you yesterday at the NRA show! I am the guy with the cool glasses! I own three Henry rifles and am very happy with them.

You gave me your business card with the number for the Campfire Mug (HM001) on back and told me you would send me one if I sent you my name and address. That would be so great!

Keep up the great job on your products so I can add to my collection!

Dave Wagner Cincinnati, OH

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato