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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

Kristofer J. SadeckGood Morning Anthony. I recently bought and now own the Henry classic lever action .22 lr rifle. I have to say that the accuracy on this rifle is lethal at 100 yards with open sights! I can’t get over how smooth the action is!! It is extremly well built and i love how it holds .22shorts, longs and long rifle! It will be pass down in my family for many generations to come! i can’t believe how easy it is to adjust the sites unlike other rifles out there. I’m now looking to buy the henry 45/70 government rifle with ghost ring open sight next for my bison hunting trip. Keep up the great work and thanks for making a true American rifle!

Kristofer J. Sadeck Marion, MA

larry hartAnthony,

I can not express the thanks for your support of our Buckmasters American Deer foundation Heart of Texas Chapter Charity for the past 5 years. The Henry Repeating Arms Jacket and door prizes you sent us helped make drams come true. Our charity event set a record for the most net funds raidsed in BADF history. With those funds we were able to sponsor 8 Life Hunts for kids with serious illness and disabilities. We also were able to sponsor 4 Purple Heart Veterans hunts and our Project Venison Food for the Hungry project help feed over 1200 families this past year. Our Henry Rifle we have each year is always a great fund raiser and we always display it with the Henry Banner Made in the USA proudly! Again we ask for you kindness as this years BADF banquet is schedule for May 17, 2014.

Your friend always and many thanks from the heart,

Larry Hart Buckmasters American Deer Foundation, Heart of Texas Chapter, Youth and Disabled Hunts Director

Just purchased a .22 magnum at J &R Guns in Livermore, CA.  What a great gun.  My daughter will have a great time learning how to shoot with this rifle.  I’ll have some fun with it too.  Next purchase:  Henry .44 magnum Golden Boy.  Appreciate the quality of your U.S.A. manufactured guns.  Keep up the good work.

Dr. Richard Ellis

Mr. Imperato,

I have long been a huge fan of Henry Rifles and recently purchased my first Big Boy. I qualified with it and have replaced my patrol rifle with my Henry. The accuracy of the rifle is astounding.

Thanks for an excellent product.  If you ever want a hired spokesperson, call me. It will be the easiest decision I have ever made.  You can find out about our department by looking up “brimfield police” on facebook. You may be surprised!

Thanks again,

Chief David A Oliver Brimfield (Ohio) Police.

joe henryMr Imperato,

I just wanted to send a short note and 2 pic’s of the Henry family with their Henry rifles.

I’m on the left (Big Boy .44), my son Jamie in the middle (.30-30), and my son Jake on the right, all of us with our Henry rifles.  We’re very pleased with them.


Joe Henry Broken Arrow, OK

Jay Andre Dear Mr. Imperato

I wish to extend my thanks to your for such a fine rifle, and to your wonderful customer support staff, especially Allison, without whom, none of this would’ve been possible.  Thank you again sir.


Jay Andre

Jay Andre

Mr. Imperato and your Henry Rifle Team,

Thank you! I just received my first Henry Repeating Rifle, a Golden Boy .22LR ser# GB343786, what a great rifle! I have been researching them and dreaming of owning one for about a year now and to my surprise my Step-Father (more like a Dad) purchased one and gave it to me on March 7, 2014, for a real early birthday present.

In 1997, my older brother inherited a limited centennial edition Marlin .22LR lever action rifle from our Daddy when he passed away. Both of us grew up shooting that Marlin lever action. It was a rifle both of us wanted. In a way, I’m glad he inherited it and I got a chance to dream of owning a rifle that was comparable. Never did I dream that I would own a rifle that not only is comparable, but actually exceeded all my expectations for handling, smoothness of the lever action and pure beauty.

My wife and I shot the Golden Boy for the first time this past Sunday at an indoor range. This was my wife’s first time shooting anything. This Golden Boy made it so easy for her to learn and shoot well. She did great and now loves to shoot. I may have made a mistake by taking her because I might not get a chance to shoot it again if she’s around.  Looks like I’ll be purchasing more Henry Rifles in the future.

Thank you, and your team, for a manufacturing such a great and fully American Made rifle. THANKS SO MUCH TO YOU AND ALL OF YOUR TEAM!

Customer for life,

Dwight Holmes

Terry TurleyMr. Imperato,
As promised, attached is the pic of me holding a beautiful Henry Arms
limited edition of the IBEW 466 100 yr anniversary rifle.

Terry Turley

Dear Mr. Imperato,
I now have 5 Henry Rifles, but I also now have “THE” Henry rifle, H011  Serial number BTH01833. This is the best! Thank you for making these once again, this is the ultimate Henry. Does not get any better than this!
Thank you,

Wayne L. Washler

Dear Mr. Imperato,
I recently purchased a Henry .22, and I wanted to thank you and your team for a fine product. I own a variety of large caliber hunting and sporting rifles from several manufacturers, and my new Henry is an equal or better value in all respects to these “high-end” guns. The craftsmanship is superb.
Although this is my first Henry, I guarantee you that it won’t be my last!


Tim Vail Parks, Arizona

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato