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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

buck-colemanHello Anthony,
Attached is a photo of two of the four grand kids that got Henry Golden Boys
I purchased all four rifles from the GUN BARN in Otisville Michigan. We now want to set up a safe class for them.  I knew they would be happy, but they are crazy happy.
As a young boy I always wanted one, now I have four (happy grand kids)
A special thank you to Ol’ Henry
ps; check out the smile on Riley (granddaughter)

Buck Coleman

jeff lundgrenI recently gave my son your Henry Big Boy Eagle Scout centennial 44 mag. rifle.  He had just graduated high school and earned his Eagle Scout rank.  What a great rifle!  He was blown away when it was presented to him in front of family, friends and others scouts.

My son loves the big bore stuff, so the .22 would have been nice, but this rifle was the perfect gift.  His biggest decision now is whether or not to shoot it ( my advice is shoot it).  My question is:  How many of these rifles did Henry make?  My sons rifle’s serial number ends with 0365.  Is that the production number?
Thanks again for the perfect gift for such a fine young man.


Jeff Lundgren

ken-raberGood morning Mr. Imperato,
Here is a picture of one of my prized possessions. My new Henry Silver
Eagle. By far one of the most beautiful rifles I have ever seen/owned.


Ken Raber

I just wanted to tell you that I now own 4 Henrys, 1 Big Boy 44 mag and three Yellow Bot 22s. One 22 is an RMEF special edition, one is a personalized for my Grandson, 4 years old, I bought this one as a tribute to my wife whom I lost on Dec 26, 2011. The inscription pays tribute to her love for our Grandson and a life cut short by disease. I was asked recently what is so special about a Henry rifle, I told the gentleman first the Western mystic of a lever action but most importantly that they are made in the USA and will ALWAYS be made here or not at all. He stated that “I need to look into owning one of those Henrys.” I and another gentleman whom I didn’t know both stated you will never regret that decision. Anthony, thank you for staying true to the Red, White and Blue and for “thumbing your nose at the liberals who seek to destroy the great Constitution and our great country. I pray God’s richest blessings on you and your company and I consider it a great honor to
be a “spokesman” for your great AMERICAN company. Please feel to use any or all of this message in any way that you see fit.

Michael Chapman Alabama

Dear Anthony, Prior to Mass, I enjoyed watching you on a Sunday morning Henry commercial (Sunday, June 22, 2014 @ 6:15 AM). I own several of your quality rifles. I will never forget a happening of several years ago. It was about the time your Dad passed away. It was a Saturday evening , and I had a question concerning one of my Henry rifles. I called your business number to leave a voice mail. I left my message, and to my surprise, you personally returned my call 15 minutes later, on a Saturday evening! That was service beyond reproach! From that day forth, I continued to purchase your rifles. As a totally and permanently disabled Vietnam Era veteran, the last thing I need on the range is a firearm that causes me issues. The quality and the build of your rifles have never let me down. Your rifles are the best; your customer service is the best.

Thank you Anthony. God Bless you, your family, and your crew.

Michael J. Malaro

HENRY-SANDOZDear Anthony,  I would like to thank you for the Henry Rifle.  It is beautiful and I’m so proud to finally own a Henry Repeater.  That’s something I’ve always wanted.  I thank you also for acknowledging my efforts concerning the Mojave War Memorial Cross.  Luke Mintz, owner of Independence Guns and Ammo here in Yucca Valley was very helpful with receiving the rifle, and all the paper work involved.  We are also thankful for our good friend Kevin Flink’s involvement.


Henry Sandoz

I purshiped  a rifle in the 45 colt, and I would tell you it is the most accurate rifle I have ever shot,  at between 75 and 150 yards it would nail a beer can in the center  and it had very little recoil   I have not had a better rifle  Thankyou for such a fine product

Terry Rindal


Dear Mr. Imperato;

I just wanted to drop you a note to say “Thank You” for providing a quality product that will last for generations.

I purchased a Model Mini Bolt Action .22 caliber Series H005 with the stainless steel barrel as a gift for my youngest grandson’s 8th birthday. As a long time volunteer with the Boys Scouts, I wanted his first gun to be a well built, easy to handle, and safe product for him to learn proper gun handling. This rifle met and exceeded all of my requirements. That it is a single shot gun was a requirement from my Scouting activities. The double safety insured that care would be taken before each shot.

After completing all of the requirements in the Boy Scout Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Book, as well as the NRA youth safety program, we went to the range for his first shoot. As you can see from the pictures, we used eye and ear protection, and he followed all of the safety procedures he had learned. What came as a bit of a surprise was the accuracy he achieved “Out of the box”. At fifty yards, he was able to shoot a very respectable sequence.

My grandson is now 12, and has taken his first deer with a 20 gauge single shot shotgun. Despite his being older and stronger, all of our trips to the range still include at least one box of .22’s for his Henry. After each trip, he carefully cleans and oils his gun. He has told me that he intends to use this in the future, when his own son or daughter goes to the range for their first shoot.

You are quite right in your commercials when you say that a Henry will be a gun that you are proud to own. To that, I would add that a Henry is a gun that you will be proud to pass on.


Thomas Glennon West Des Moines, Iowa

Anthony I’m not bragging but I want to let you know I own 1 golden 39 a marlin lever action .22 cal. 1 bl 22 browning short stroke lever action 3 bolt action .22 cal 2 semi auto .22 cal rifles 2 browning Buckmark .22 pistols I do a lot of shooting I have to say none of the above can match the distance or accuracy of my golden boy .22 cal. Rifle again I am not bragging I am stating fact as I see it.

Ed Kriegel Iowa

Just bought my 3rd Henry .22 rifle. I love The look,quality finish and dependability. Keep up the great work!
I have so many more Henry’s to buy.

Larry Butcher

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato