Customer Letters

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for producing such high quality firearms! I have purchased 4 different rifles for myself and my older children and every one of them is a dream to shoot. I love their nice smooth action, accuracy, top quality materials and fine workmanship. I am very impressed that you are selling such excellent guns at affordable proces, and they are AMerican made too! I have 6 more members of my family to get guns for and you can rest assured that they wille ach be proud owners of Henry Rifles too! I just got the Varmint Express 17HMR and it is definitely my favorites, but the .22 are great too as ammo is less expensive and the versatility of the 22 short-22 1r is great for varied applications. There are not many companies in today’s tough economy that are producing truly superior, all American made products and keeping the proces reasonable too. THANK YOU FOR BEING A COMPANY WITH THIS KIND OF DEDICATION AND INTEGRITY!
P.S. As a 5th generation full time farmer, your Farmer’s Tribute Rifle would be my dream rifle to mount on my wall above my fireplace, under our family photo. (And, yes I’d get it down to shoot sometimes too! 🙂

Alma DeMille Genola, Utah

bolton photoHi Mr. Imperato,

We thought you might enjoy seeing how happy receiving your Eagle Rifle made our Eagle Scout son, Matthew.  We weren’t able to take the rifle home due to California 11 day wait laws but we made receiving it a scavenger hunt ending in the gun department at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Thank you for your help and follow through.  This rifle is something Matthew will always treasure!  It is a work of art.

Thank you again,

Kathy and Allen Bolton

Joey SchleicherMr. Imperato:

I bought my first Henry Rifle a little over a year ago. It’s a .22 cal. octagon barrel and I must say it’s the BEST rifle I have ever bought! I was blown away by the showmanship and even more by the high quality of the rifle. Right out of the box I was shooting 25 yds+ open sights and hitting a dime sized target one round after another. None of my other .22 cal. rifles match up to the Henry.  Thank You so much for your devotion and say thank you to all the employees on making a quality rifle I’m proud to own.

One very satisfied customer:

Joey Schleicher St Libory, NE

rick-jamesMr. Imperato,
I’m sending you a picture of Mr. Crawford & 2 of his 3 sons you got the 1860 Henry’s for.  The picture is of his son Chris (with cancer) holding the .22 you so generously donated for the next blood drive. Chris / Mary (left) are the owners of Advanced Arms, then Len Crawford, Chris Crawford ( holding the Henry), Josh Crawford & me – Rick James.

Thank you again and God bless you, your family & everyone at Henry Rifles.

Rick James


Hello Col Jacobs,
Here are the two photographs:
USO of Metropolitan New York annual Golf Outing Fundraiser: 6-9-14 and 6-11-12
Thank you for your service to our country and dedication to supporting our troops via the USO!
And we thank Anthony Imperato of Henry Repeating Firearms !

Nick Albano USO Volunteer of the Year (2009)

Thank you for helping my Dad get me the awesome rifle for my birthday. It is REALLY cool that the man in charge is so personal with the customers . Keep up the great work and have a GREAT day. Sincerly customer for life …

Dean Holmes


Dear Antony,

My name is Alexey and I live in Moscow, Russia. Like many boys since childhood I dreamed about a real cowboy rifle, especially after seeing the “Magnificent seven” movie…. Today, already five years, I have the great pleasure shoot with your Golden boy rifle. And I use my Henry rifle in our fun-shooting project, which would like to tell you few words. am a member and range officer of Russian Practical Shooting federation, member of MLARF – Russian muzzle loading federation. With my friends IPSC-shooters we organized different shooting matches in Moscow (standard IPSC matches, zombie-hunting, night shooting…). But our main and unique project is MKPS – Makhno-Kulak and Partizan Shooting (or just Partisan shooting).

Short history of the project.

In 2006 we saw for the first time the video of Cowboy action shooting on youtube. Most of us have 2-barrel shotguns, but we are hunters, an 99% of time these guns doze in the safe. So we decided to organize some shooting match, similar to CAS, when we can use from time to time our shotguns.

We decided to take historical period from beginning of XX century till the end of 50’  (October revolution 1917, civil war, WW1, WWII). And like CAS is based on a famous western-movies, MKPS use famous Russian movies as well as westerns. Actually the name of federation – is only word game, and the mention of Makhno and Kulaks has nothing to do with our political views еtc– but only used to refer to the historical period. For 8 years as we do this project and it has found its fans and even the followers. Similar partisan matches are held in St. Petersburg and Voronej.

On behalf of all shooters-participants of our project, I want to thank you for the magnificent rifle, which is admired by all peoples at shooting range.

With best regards from Moscow,

Alexey Moscow

dan-millenHere’s a picture with the winners from the wounded warrior event.  Since there were 2 wounded warriors on the winning team, we ended up buying another rifle from Ellett or Bill Hicks.  We also decided to get a 3rd rifle for the wounded warrior that was the runner up.  So we ended up buying 2 more and giving out a total of 3 rifles.  Thanks again for all your help and please thank Anthony for me as well.  Have a great day.

Dan Millen

I own 2. I am a machinist by trade have been for 35 years.
Simply said these are the finest made guns I have ever owned.
Keep up the great work.

Kerry Stover

buck-colemanHello Anthony,
Attached is a photo of two of the four grand kids that got Henry Golden Boys
I purchased all four rifles from the GUN BARN in Otisville Michigan. We now want to set up a safe class for them.  I knew they would be happy, but they are crazy happy.
As a young boy I always wanted one, now I have four (happy grand kids)
A special thank you to Ol’ Henry
ps; check out the smile on Riley (granddaughter)

Buck Coleman