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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts

Sharon Servis  Wanted to share something so special with you. You had helped my husband, Billy Joe Servis, obtain a couple of Henry rifles when we were having trouble getting them. He has several of the very nice collector guns. Well, this week his two brothers came from out of state for a long awaited visit. My husband gave each of his brothers, as well as our son and grandson, one of those beautiful rifles. I did a photo shoot of the brothers in their precious moment of sharing. I could send you a digital copy of the picture if you would like to see it.

Sharon Servis


Dear Anthony

Hope you can enlarge and read the card . Doctors writing !!!! Let me know if you need a translation ! BJ’s 14th birthday will be remembered for a long time , great gift !!! Thank you for helping make it something special . Will be in touch , As always all the best wishes to you and your family.


William J. Scarpa Jr MD

doug turkI just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your ad campaign is
working well.  My 5 year-old has been  hounding me for a Henry rifle after
seeing your ads on  TV.  He also knows that his grandfather and I are lever
action fans and have several Henrys of various calibers.

I purchased a mini bolt for him and he absolutely loves  it!  We went out
back today for some target practice  and it made firearms fan out of him for
sure, as well as a  Henry fan for life!  He is already eyeing my Goldenboy

I’ve got to tell you, he has a sister that is several years  older.  I
purchased a similar common competitor’s rifle  for her about 10 years ago.
NO COMPARISON!  The  Henry Mini Bolt is a much higher quality gun.  The
fiber optic sights are a great addition for first-time  shooters and the
metallurgy on the Mini-Bolt can’t be  touched by the competitor.  Even on a
“rookie gun”,  Henry’s quality impresses the grown folks!


Doug Turk

Doug Turk

Richard JansenDear Henry Rifle & Anthony Imperato

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Henry Rifle Company for its superb job in arms manufacturing.  I currently own my first Henry Rifle as of this year, (a 22 Mag Gold) and it is a beautiful piece of American know how.  I am a retired Army LTC and a former Vietnam Combat Veteran.  I loved the look of the rifle so much, I hated to shoot it at the range, but I finally gave in and wanted to comment on how accurate it was right out of the box!  This weapon will become an heirloom and a treasure for the remainder of my life.  A special thanks to Anthony Imperato for keeping the American Dream alive.  Please continue the great work and may GOD Bless all of you.  Thanks again.

Richard Jansen LTC(r) Knoxville, TN

Alexis EstradaDear, Mr. Anthony
Thank you very much for you help and high quality product. You recommended, Mr. Neil Federov at the Bass Pro store in Las Vegas. He was an immense help and a wonderful person! Through both of you, I was finally able to aqquire My rifle I have been looking for, for several months. I am a very HAPPY,AND SATISFIED customer! I would also like to let you know , you know have a customer for life.
I attached a picture of me along with my .17 HMR Golden Boy.
Thank you very much!
God bless! And have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year!

Alexis Estrada Las Vegas

I am proud to own a rifle of such superb quality. I am in my 60’s and have owned several guns in my day but have never seen such quality. I currently have a 30-30 Golden boy and find this is not just a rifle, it is a work of art. Thank you for producing such a fine piece of workmanship. The other reason I chose “Henry” was the phrase “made in America or not made at all”. I will continue to purchase Henry products and have many friends who now own Henry. Thank you again, I am a proud owner.

Tim Gear

tomm-swannIn 2009, my wife and I were blessed with triplet grandchildren. For their first birthday I wanted to give them something very special that they could keep for their lifetime and maybe even pass on to the next generation. After watching your infomercial on TV, I made the decision to buy each of them their own Golden Boy 22.

When I contacted Henry by phone, you personally answered the call and was very gracious in helping me personalize my order of the Golden Boys with special serial numbers for the rifles using the names and birthdates of the triplets. I even ordered a Golden Boy HMR 17 for myself. I placed the order through my friend Any Story of Storys Sporting Goods in Opelika, Alabama. I really appreciate that you took the time to personally help me.

My son and daughter-in-law are both in law enforcement in Alabama and absolutely love the rifles and although I have not caught them, I have a suspicion that they might sneak them out to the range when the grandkids are asleep. They are looking forward to teaching the little ones how to safely handle and shoot the Golden Boys when they reach the appropriate age.

I have enclosed a picture of the triplets with their Golden Boys on their 5th birthday. I hope you can use it in your catalog or advertising.

Thank you again

Tommy Swann Douglas, Alabama

yetter“Get your Henry rifles and meet me at the Stonewall”  We held a photo op Saturday for new postcards. It was well attended and the camera phones were flashing. We celebrated with a cold Sarsaparilla and then returned back to our ranches to continue our work. Photos courtesy of Maureen Cain for the Saint Jo Chamber of Commerce and the Museum at the Stonewall Saloon. Thanks again,

Eddie Yetter

I finally bought a Henry Rifle…the carbine model with the large loop. I have bolts, semi-autos, single shot break open but did not have a lever gun in my collection until now.

I’m happy I chose a Henry to fill that void in my collection. The quality of workmanship is impressive even if one does not consider the very reasonable price. The rifle is fast handling with a smooth action. This will be my squirrel/rabbit gun.

Keep up the great work and please pass along my thanks to the great staff at Henry Repeating Arms. I’m sure I’ll add a larger caliber to my collection in the near future.

Very best regards.

Dennis Dietz

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato