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Customer Letters

CaterpillarCaterpillar celebrated a landmark fundraising effort for United Way this year, raising $32,000 for the charitable organization. “It’s really about United Way,” said Marty Groover, facility manager for the Danville plant. “We have great employees and they care about their community.” The 97 employees at the Danville location raised half the funds for United Way and the Caterpillar company agreed to match that.

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Marty Groover & Shawn Carmen Caterpillar

Roger WilhelmA few months back I bought the Henry Big Boy in 44 cal. and I was so impressed with the quality of workmanship that today I purchased a Big Boy chambered in 357 and a Henry  Survival 22.  It is great to know that the USA can produce such high quality firearms that are truly a “made in the USA”.
Thank you for such a wonderful firearm.

Roger Wilhelm

I just wanted you to know that I own close to 100 guns and this is the best gun out of a box that I have ever bought. It is extremely accurate and so much fun to shoot. I took an 11 year old girl that had never shot a gun shooting and after 2 shots we realized she was left eye dominant she didn’t miss a shot for the next two hundred rounds!(Golden Boy 22 Long Rifle) just wanted you to know its a great gun and will be buying more in larger calibers.

Clayton Crump Wingo, KY

The Kirschners

Thank you so very much for your special delivery and wedding gift of my husbands .22 Golden Boy with the inscription “Josh & Ashley Kirchner – We Bit The Bullet”. Josh was shocked !! All the groomsmen were too. My future bride friends asked how they could measure up. I told them about you ! Thank you for adding so much joy to our day and for a cherished inscription that will outlive us, but not our love for one another!

The Kirschners


Larry KlinkDear gentlemen, I have attached an article for publication in the Winter and Spring additions of the Sword and Shield and for the Fall (If not too late), Winter and Spring editions of the Mid-Knight News.  There is also an accompanying photo of part of our chapter with our premier raffle prize to be given away to one lucky knight. Thank You for your consideration.

Larry Klink Secretary MN-IV

Rick Sanders

Mr. Imperato, thank you so much for personally fielding my e-mail. That says
a lot about your character and dedication to the Henry company. Your actions
definitely reassure the fact that Henry rifles are the guns for me.
Below are a few pictures for your viewing. Hopefully they will show my love
and enjoyment for your product.
Henry rifles have built the same bond between me and my boys that I spent
many years building with my father.
Thank you for the information on the railroad rifle. I am super excited and
saving my change now so I can get it as soon as it come out.

This picture marks my retirement of over 20 years to the United States Air
Force. My wife and three boys awarded me this beautiful Henry Military
Commemorative .22 lever action rifle for my service to this great country.
This fine rifle will be an amazing addition to my Henry collection and a
heirloom to be handed down to my boys. This rifle will be a reminder that
not only I, but they sacrificed so much for our country by supporting me on
my eight tours to the Middle East, three of which where in Iraq performing
convoy operations. More importantly they will remember my homecomings as we
had a tradition of always taking our Henry rifles out for a great, sometimes
fierce father son tin can shooting competition. For our families, for our
country, for our Henry’s!

Rick Sanders

Marvin Magruder Our 4-H shoot was this past Saturday. Anthony scored 117 out of a possible 300, not too bad for a 9 year old.

Marvin Magruder

larry mathewsHello Anthony,
Attached are some pictures of the first winner of the Henry Golden Boy 22 Caliber Rifle. Winner Jim Wilson (shown in middle) name was drawn at the Dalllas Arms Collectors Association Gun Show held on August 3, 2014. Rifle was presented by DACA member Rod McCoy (left) and DACA Board Member Larry Mathews (right).

I thought you could use a picture on your web site.


Larry Mathews DACA Board Member

I just got one of your new Ho11 44/40 at a  gun show in Oaks Pa .This is a master piece . I now have 14 of your rifles and each one is perfect .Thank your for Doing what you do in the USA .

Bill Jenkins


Bought a Henry Lever Action .22 cal for my 12 years son for Christmas, This is an acceptional firearm for him . He has become an avid outdoors guy and has been very successful in local trap shooting and other hunting and shooting activities. What a great way to bond with my son and develope a respect for firearms. This choice of gun was definetely a good one , thank you for your time and watch for up and coming world ranked target shooter. ( My boy’s dream)

Ray Brown Ontario, Canada