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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

I now own 2 Henry’s the 357 Big Boy and the 22 Frontier and I love them, very versatile and very reliable under bad conditions, thanks for making a really good gun.

Richard Purk

Great service, great product! My 16yo daughter is already making shooting plans for us. She’s got the lever action bug. She wanted a Rossi she shot a few months back but has fell in love with the Henry. You got another family loyal to your product. Thanks again, here’s a pick of her with “my” rifle!

Thx again,

Rob Smith

Sir: just a fast note, I purchased a Henry Frontier model last year and was blown away by the quality of your product. This year I sold my Marlin 30/30 and purchased your 30/30 round barrel and all I can say again is WOW.

A perfect ,well made and best it is 100% American made.

Your company is a AMERICAN treasure, Thank you

Chief William Boyden Fenwick Island Police Dept.


We just shared a few pictures of our son’s first Henry Rifle on your facebook page.  We wanted to extend many thanks for the craftsmanship and quality! Hope 2015 is a prosperous year for Henry Rifles!

Ange & Nicole Salvo Rimersburg, PA

Kurtis Kolb

The first time I saw a Henry it was a Golden Boy inscribed with an NRA logo and I fell in love with it. I did some research on Henry and found that they was just starting to produce guns. I thought that this would be great because I could own every Henry made, which at that time was about 10. After that it just kept blossoming until my wife would just say “ another Henry?”. My most cherished Henry is the 30-30 Golden Boy that my children gave me for Christmas the year my wife died from cancer.

Kurtis Kolb Green Iron Equipment Ellendale, ND

I just recieved my Henry Firefighter Tribute Rifle. This is an amazing piece of American craftsmanship. I am proud to own this rifle. I spent 25 years in the fire service and thank you for this tribute to the fallen heroes of 9/11/01 and to all of my brother firefighters that have given  their lives to save others and to my brothers that are still on duty stay strong and safe.  I cannot wait to show this rifle to my coffee club friends and let them drool over it. Maybe they will order their own? Thank you again for such a fine rifle

Mike Weis

I got your e-mail about the Henry American Beauty Rose rifle. You are too late. I already got my wife one for Christmas and she loves it. That makes her about 4 or 5 Henrys for her collection.
You have wonderful guns.Johhny-and-Teresa-Chalk

Johnny Chalk Portageville Mo.

While low-quality and blurry, I snapped a quick photo for you; I am so proud.

Again, thank you, sir.

Kim E. Detlefsen

Kim E. Detlefsen MBA CFE Certified Fraud Examiner Forensic Accountant

Martin DaileyMr. Imperato,

I live in a very rural area in western oregon. I’m the 7th generation to live in the area I do, so you could imagine there would be a few stories floating around about past generations. I mainly got the stories of my grandfather. And they always seemed to have something to do with his rifle.

My grandfather religiously carried his model 94 winchester 44 mag. And whether the stories were true or not, I was told he was an excellent shot. Many many wonderful stories and I always felt as though I needed to live up to them/him. I always shot the rifle and kept it close. In 2011, 2 days before Christmas my home was robbed. My grandfather’s rifle was gone. It was worn out and old but it had more sentimental value than I could ever explain, and I had to face my father Christmas eve and tell him I lost HIS father’s rifle. It was very emotional and tears were shed. I thought he would never forgive me.

3 years later I was getting married. My father stopped by one night with an early wedding present for my fiancé and i. He brought two boxes in the house that said Henry on the top. I was over joyed! I couldn’t believe it. I opened the first box and saw your Golden Boy .22 caliber rifle. How wonderful. My father got us matching .22 rifles. When I thanked him he insisted I opened the second box. Inside was your .44 mag. Rifle. It was just like my grandfather’s. Only beautiful, new, and mine to make my own stories with. It was something I knew I could cherish forever and someday my grandchildren could hear stories about. And give to their children. I couldn’t help it but it choked me up and thoughts of that day still do today.

Sentiments aside. Your rifle and I have an understanding with each other that came instantly and natural. It is with me everyday and is shot at least twice if not three times a week. I load my own ammo, just for it, and take the utmost care of it. It is so well built and well balanced of a gun that it brings never ending joy just holding it! Getting to shoot my rifle is a plus! Haha.

I just wanted to thank you ( and all of your employees ) from the bottom of my heart for building a new piece for my heart, that I lost with my grandfather’s .44. You’ll never know what your rifle did for me that day, and everyday a feel it by my side. Thank you thank you thank you.


Martin Dailey Smith River, Or.

my henry rifle is one of the best things I have ever bought it is smooth as silk.
-robert dante marcoaldi

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato