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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

I just bought a frontier model 22 lr I like it better than any 22 I own. Really fun to shoot. Keep up the good work. Keep U.S.A. alive.

Terry Hanks


Here is the picture that you asked for. We purchased two of your survival rifles today. I am very excited to see them. Thanks again for all of your help!

Breanne Beard

eric-foxworthyI recently received a Valentine’s/birthday/Christmas present this year. I am now a proud owner of a Henry (a rifle I have always wanted). It looks great hanging in my cabin and I can’t wait to shoot it!
I couldn’t decide which picture was my favorite so I thought I’d let you decide 😊
Thank you,

Happy Henry owner,

Eric Foxworthy



I got a new Henry.22 for Christmas. I had to wait until this past weekend to actually get to shoot it, but it was worth the wait!! I LOVE IT! What great fun! Smooth action and a pleasure to shoot.

Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

Carol Doerksen Scottsdale, AZ

Mr Imperato

I purchased a henry 22 blue lever action in tombstone arizona in 2002,and then a used 22 golden boy in knoxville tn in 2006. I have been a police officer for 34 years and have always loved shooting. I own many guns and have never written to anyone before such as yourself. I must say that I hold these two rifles on a pedestal compared to my other firearms.I have had very good times using these guns,shooting thousands of rounds in them without a problem.Thankyou and your company for making this product and keep up the good work.Down the road when i can afford it I plan on purchasing a big boy.

Sgt Darrell S. Evans Knoxville TN


The Henry rifle you sent to Kevin is a big hit in our small town of Oakley Kansas. Thank you very much.


Marshall Rhea

Dear Anthony,

I want to thank you for the personal interest and assistant that you provided to me in getting the subject rifle delivered to my store.

You have certainly have proven your commitment to supporting your dealers to a level I have not experienced before. Your efforts are really appreciated and our efforts to sell and stock your firearms will receive substantially more emphsis.

Thank you again for setting the standard for truly superior customer service and leading by example.

All the best,


michael-weisMr. Imperato,

I am sending you the picture of me with my Firefighter Tribute Rifle. Just to let you know that I liked this rifle so well that I purchased another Henry in the .22lr. I purchased the Lever action .22 Octagon Model H001, this is the rifle that I will shoot. My Tribute rifle will go to my oldest Great-Grandson when I leave this life. He is only 6 years ofd and likes to shoot his BB gun and his grandpa’s .22.

Once again thank you for building such a fine rifle. My friends at the coffee shop were really jealous of the Firefighter Tribute Rifle, I reminded them that they could own their own!!

May your company enjoy many more years of success,

Michael Weis Bulverde TX

Mr. Imperato,

I just purchased a .22 carbine sn. c 041616h. I just want to let you & the employees at Henry that my boys & I just love it! Fantastic craftsmanship! We can not wait to go back out with it again. I am recommending Henry to my friends as well saving up for another maybe in .17 hmr!

Billy Powell

dominic-deliaHello Sir,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I’m no one famous or special, just a retired Army veteran and I wanted to tell you that awhile ago my buddy gave me a Henry .22 as a gift. It impressed me so much that I have finally saved enough now to buy a Big Boy .357, which my gun dealer just ordered for me. I just wanted to say that the Henry .22 I have is the most accurate rifle I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned hundreds in my lifetime. I can cut grass stems at 35 or 40 feet with it offhand. I Big Boy I’ve ordered is probably going to be the last rifle I ever buy, as I don’t hunt anymore, so I wanted it to be the best rifle I ever owned. If it is anything like the .22 Henry I already have, I know I won’t be disappointed.

Thank You for producing the Henry Rifle again, and thank you for Making it In America (Or not at all) 🙂

SSG. Dominic Delia U.S Army (Retired)