Customer Letters

brad-rouserMr. Imperato,

I just wanted to share with you information and a picture (attached) about the gun raffle that our hometown cancer fund is having. The gun raffle is made up of all Henry rifles. We have a total of 14 Henry Rifles on the ticket. You will see 12 of the 14 Henry Rifles in the attached picture.

We are a non-profit organization which we have fundraisers thru out the year. The monies that we make on the fundraiser, we actually purchase gas cards from our three local gas station then we give the gas cards to our cancer patients so that they can get to there treatments and/or doctors appointments. It’s a win/win for our cancer patients and our local gas stations.

The picture was taken at a gun show that I recently setup at and sold Henry Gun Raffle Spectacular tickets.

I’ve spoken on e-mail with some of your staff. Please allow me to say that they all where very polite and helpful.

Thank You for producing a great product!!!!!

Brad Rouser

I’ve always wanted a Henry. Finally pulled the trigger and bought a 22mag golden boy at age 59 and just turned 60. I had to get the scope mount my eyes don’t work real well with open sights anymore. I just got through dialing it in and quit cause wind picked up quite a bit. Final adjustment in a 1″ target both shots at 50 yds are touching and 100yds are 1/2″ apart. A truly magnificent and accurate rifle. I am very very pleased.

David Crull


Robert C Diem East Earl, PA

michael-j-smithNever done this before so here it goes. Bought your 45-70 a few months ago. Looked and felt ten times better than what I had expected. The walnut is perfect. I have always liked wooden stocks and appreciate what it takes to make a good one. I shoot and own quite a collection of military weapons and am a master shooting instructor for the CMP. I bought the rifle because Ohio is now allowing straight walled cartridges for deer season and my wife (bless her) said I should buy a Henry because of the TV commercials and its USA made. I have never been excited buy hunting deer with a shotgun. I can truly say I have never been impressed with a weapon design or finish until now. I can find problems with anyone of them on the market past or present. In a market fueled by black guns and hyper speed long range bullets it was a genuine pleasure to shoot your rifle and after about a dozen shots was able to grape cluster( Pile bullets in really tight group) at 100 yards. So I tried it at 200. Had no problem shooting a 3 inch group at that range with a minor adjustment or as we say Kentucky windage. Thank you and like I said this is the very first compliment I have ever sent to any rifle manufacturer. Thank you…

Michael J Smith Hudson OH


Recently received your catalog in the mail and wanted to thank you for the quick response.

I have purchased (4) of your rifles. As an retired tool and die maker where precision and excellence is the name of the trade, your products meet and exceed those requirements.

It’s a pleasure to own such fine rifles.

I do plan to purchase possible (2) more in the near future.

Thanks for producing fine historical and new rifles.

Best wishes

Patrick A Weidenhamer

Just purchased my first Henry .357/38 spec March 7, 2015.

Thank you very much !

David Louie Dover, DE

Dear Mr. Imperato

I recently purchased a Big Boy in .45 Colt and I want to say this is the finest weapon I have ever owned. The workmanship is outstanding and it was dead on and accurate right out of the box. Only problem is now my wife wants one! Best wishes and thank you for a great American made rifle.


Keith Meador

We are trucking company based out of Michigan and for the last 4 years we give away two Henry Rifles for the two top drivers. They are 44 and or 45 Big Boy classics. We purchase them from Jay’s Sporting goods in Clare, MI. Was checking to see if we could get a couple Henry hats and or T shirts for some of the past winners to wear to help inspire future winners. Any help would be great. We are very proud to use Henry Rifles as our most recognized achievement in our company. We can provide pictures as well from past winners at our awards meeting.

Thank you,

Chris Helms

I don’t have a huge collection of rifles, but what I do have are very I modern, rather expensive and task specific. I had wanted a Henry for a long time and recently purchased one (H006 C). It instantly became my favorite rifle! What a blast to shoot!! It is light weight, well balanced and accurate. In terms of aesthetics; it’s a knock out! (In my humble opinion.)

I originally bought this gun as rather expensive wall art for my very rustic home. Though it is a piece of art, it is also a fine weapon. I fired ten shots at the 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ target. I needed to adjust the sight a bite; which accounts for the low shot. These shots were made from about 40 yds.


Richard... in the Nevada desert Nevada

michael-cardinHello Anthony,

Just watched the Henry television spotlight and wanted to email you and thank you for making an all American product, also for the quality of the product. As Americans we should take pride in what we do and not base our pride on the lack of pride of others. I am self-employed as a carpenter and work out in the elements everyday and have been very blessed to be born into a great family. As of now I own several Henry rifles and have a few more in my sights to purchase, of course I have to save up for each one. I own a Henry 22lr blued, a golden boy silver 22lr, golden boy 22lr, a silver eagle, Abraham Lincoln 22lr, 357 Golden boy, military tribute 22lr, Vietnam tribute 30/30, an 1860 non engraved 44-40. Hoping soon to own the survival 22lr , .45 long colt and a golden boy 30/30.

Thanks again for a great shooting gun that I can pass on to my sons someday. I heard you say Kentucky was per capita the beat state for your business and that’s where I am from, I usually purchase mine from Elizabethtown Gun and Sporting Company, look forward to many more days of hunting and plinking, keep up the great work.

Michael Cardin Sonora, KY