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Customer Letters

Joe GorgesMr. Imperato I purchased my first Henry a year ago the H001 took it hunting all season for small game what a rifle I knew the quality so I just purchased the H012 44mag outstanding there is just something about the Henry that is hard to explain Heritage ,Quality, & most important USA MADE. I thank you & all the hard working employees at Henry Repeating Arms.
Sincerely ,
Joe G.


Joe Gorges


The good ol’ boy philosphers who sit on the bench in downtown Lynnville, Tennessee, population 327. They are looking good in their Henry gear !

Thank you,


Col. Littlton

Marion BarnesAnthony, just to prove I’m true to my word.

I sold my metal detector to purchase my Henry. Im so in awe of it, might have to throw hubby out and move Henry in…lol Can’t wait for my package to arrive and get a better photo for you to see my loyalty to Henry.

Cheers…Marion Barnes ( Henry lover from Oz )

Marion Barnes

Brian HallTop 2 are my Cass County ingraved, then Dads 1860, 45lc ingraved, dad’s military ingraved, dad’s silverware ingraved, then bottom 4 are all golden boys, 2 are 22lr then a 22mg 17hmr. We sure love your guns!!!!!! Thanks again for all your help!!! Happy Easter!!! I am not surprised you are working on Easter… Thank you !!

Brian Hall

Mr. Imperato,
This month (March 2016) I took receipt of a Henry Big Boy Steel chambered in .357 Magnum. Being a US Army Commissioned Officer stationed here in New Jersey I am partial to American made products, thus the only other lever gun I own is a Marlin. I take pride in knowing my firearms inside and out and I’ve fired and subsequently disassembled your firearm. My conclusion is that your firearm is a superior product, the Cadillac of American made lever guns. The fit, finish and attention to detail that make up your firearms is the standard that other manufacturers should emulate.


Major Derek Enz

Richard-R.-RobertsGood afternoon Anthony & Lori,

I wanted to send you a note and thank you for all of the help while ordering and processing our custom rifle order. We received the rifles on Friday and everyone loved them. A couple of us already took them to the range and broke them in.

To say the least, the rifles are beautiful. From butt plate to muzzle, each rifle was perfect. We all loved the black etching on the stock and were happy we didn’t add our colors to our logo.

Once the weather warms up a little, we are all bringing our rifles together to take a group shot in front of our business, to help commemorate our 40th anniversary of EPA. When we get the pictures taken, I will send you a copy.

Again, thank you for helping us make our 40th anniversary memorable and for making an American-made product that we can all be proud to own.

Best regards,

Richard R. Roberts

Cody TannerMr. Imperato

We were able to raise 5000$ with a raffle of the Freemason Tribute Rifle. We plan to double the number of children we buy Christmas for as well as feed additional families. Enclosed I have attached a picture of the raffle winner and myself. The winner was Robby Wood. And he was more than enthusiastic to accept the winnings.

Cody Tanner Proud supporter of Henry Repeating Arms for life

Vern BahlmannHi Anthony : I want to thank you so very much. I am very proud to be the owner of two of the finest rifles made!!! To top it off they are “AMERICAN MADE” 100% . Thank you again, I’ll keep in touch my friend, God Bless,

P.S. attached is a photo you my enjoy !!

Vern Bahlmann

Jeff BabcockDear Mr. Imperato,

I emailed you last week stating I had purchased a Henry Rile – a Big Boy Steel to be exact. I loved the look when I took it out of the box, and I love it even more now that I’ve been to the range (3x)!

It shoots like a dream. You should see what it does to a 1/2 liter water bottle! LOL. The bottle is about 2 ½ inches across. From 25 yards, I hit them 4 out of 4 times. I’m an OK shot, but this rifle makes me a better marksman.

Just wanted to let you know, I think you have a GREAT product.

Thanks for keeping it American!

“Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you,
Jesus Christ and the American G. I.
One died for your soul; the other for your freedom”.

Jeff Babcock

Tim NewellMr. Imperato, I wanted to thank you and your excellent company for making Christmas at the Newell house a very merry one. I had the good fortune to converse with you last year in reference to my very first Henry purchase, and how in love with my Henry big boy in .45LC. What you don’t know is that both of my children and my wife also love my Big Boy. So, for Christmas this year, I got my wife the Big Boy Steel in .45LC, as well as the American Beauty in .22. Of course, I also had to get both of my children a Henry, so I got the Golden Boy in .22 for both of them.


Tim Newell