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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

Eli is a big Henry fan !elaine-childers

Elaine Childers

I must say everyone I showed this rifle to was impressed. I spoke to a couple of dealers and your 357 mag rifles are a very good seller for them.

Thanks for your help and support.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.

gary-nicholsMr. Imperato;

I wanted to thank you for your gift package containing Henry swag. It was kindly appreciated, and has been distributed to members of my American Legion Post 453 here in Dallas, TX. I wanted you to know that Henry rifles still holds great value in the eyes of the American sportsman and shooting enthusiasts. Our Post purchased two Henry’s, one Model H006 in .44 Magnum, and one Model 4004V in .17 HMR. We sold $1 raffle tickets for a chance to win both rifles. After 5 months of ticket sales we sold $9,409.00. The funds went towards renovations at the Veteran’s Resource Center/Homeless Veterans Center here in Dallas, TX. I am attaching a photograph of the winner with their Henry’s.

We hope to be able to raise enough funds to purchase two more weapons for the 2017 season. The demands at the Veterans Resource Center are high, but we are up to the task.


Sergeant Major Gary L. Nichols American Legion Post 453 Dallas, TX

James FirimonteMr. Anthony, I would like to compliment you on your fine firearms. I have a classic 22 Lever Action Rifle that I have bought for controlling predators around my property. I have a nice flock of backyard chickens that I raise here in Florida which will always draw a meal for anything especially at night. I like shooting the 22 shorts mainly not to disturb my neighbors at night. I have owned several 22’s and still do, but the Henry is my go to rifle when predators are lurking around the chicken coop. Keep up with this fine tradition of building fine rifles. Even though I own a 45/70 from your competition, My next purchase will be a Henry 45/70!



James Firimonte

Tommy BlewwettI am very happy with my 17HMR. My wife tends to spoil me on my birthday and Christmas so I am now looking forward to a 22 Magnum. My Golden Boy and the 17HMR outshoot any gun I have ever owned. Smooth action and quality raw product give an excellent end product.

Thanks again for your high quality American firearm .


Tommy Blewwett

dave-powellI need to start by saying “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU” !!!!!!

A couple weeks ago I e-mailed you about trying to get a Henry (Lone Ranger) in the 308 cal. I was really impressed by your 30 minute response time back to me. You directed me to have Randy from Globber Sports in Carrollton, Kentucky e-mail you his FFL and you would assist him on getting one for me.

I got the call from him last Wednesday saying it was in. I picked it yesterday and I couldn’t be any happier. The rifle looks GREAT!!!!  

There was several other customers in the store that was really impressed with the rifle also.

In close, again, “THANK YOU” for for everything you did to make this happen for me. It’s caring people and businesses like yours that is truly a blessing.

Most grateful,

Dave Powell Alexandria, KY


i’ve talked with your company two or three times on the phone in the last couple yrs.I am very pleased with the people are always helpful and kind.its nice to know i can get parts over the phone and get answered promptly.i have dealt with other gun companies that put me on hold very long and then say i have to order online.i am done with their product.speaking of product i am very happy with your guns,and your slogan on God and guns,and made in america.i hope you folks prosper.keep doing what your doing.

with love in jesus christ,

Ben Speheger

Dear Mr. Imperato

I just bought my first Henry, 45-70 a few weeks ago, and I must say it has been the best gun I have ever bought.  I have been researching the Henry guns for the last couple of years and decided to purchase the Henry 45-70.  I just starting  hunting a few years ago in PA for Bear.  This will be my first time using the 45-70 for the hunt.  Some of  my friends are somewhat jealous with envy over the 45-70.  I have received many compliments about how nice the Henry is.  It is a great honor to own something made in American and with such pride.  Thank You A Proud Henry Owner

Kevin Needham

Thank you for helping me with my issue. You have made a young boy very, very happy! The attached pic is of my 6 yr old son, his Henry mini-bolt with scope and his first 5 round group from the standing supported at 50 meters. 

Thanks again!

Tim Brooks


Dear Tony.

The 22 is becoming famous. I ran a good ammo test today from the bench at 25 yards. It will be part of a feature article at Outdoors Unlimited Magazine. 9 different dime sized dots were used, with 5 shot groups recorded. The scope was a Bushnell Banner 3×9 commonly used by many squirrel hunters.

The Bushnell Banner 6×18 has won more World Squirrel Rifle Championships on a CZ-452 than any other. Today using different ammo two Black Death Targets were achieved. I was only using the dots as an aiming point as the rifle was zeroed with Wolf Match Extra and no other sight adjustment was made. The scope was set on 4 power.

The results (without a vice) showed that you can even hit a dime with Federal (junk) ammo the worst group of the day. What is great is bolt action riflemen are challenging the Henry, I like that.

I wasn’t going to do it but I’m going to try to beat my CZ in a head to head accuracy test, even though they are not in the same class…Cowboy against Sporter. There is really nothing left to do, the Henry is perfect…here is the general ammo test.

John Simeone Outdoor Writer, ODU Magazine

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato