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Customer Letters

Henry Customer Letters

steve-culleyA few years back I got tired of buying cheap Chinese junk for my grandkid’s Christmas and birthday presents and decided to buy them something that would last and maybe even be passed down to their children. I embarked on a program to buy each one a Henry lever action .22. I finally got it done recently, the oldest is 11 and the youngest got hers at 1 month of age. I am very proud to have purchased a fine American product as well as passed the shooting sports on to my grandchildren.

Steve Culley Richland, OR

Just want to say that i love your rifles. Thank you for taking pride in your products and having them made in the good old USA. Your customer service is great and your guns are just as good as any other. God bless the USA.


Tom-GiaguzziDear Mr. Imperato – Enclosed is a photo of myself and my Henry Rifle in .22 Magnum. I was really impressed with the quality of the firearm, and after looking and several different brands, decided that the Henry Rifles are tops in workmanship. When I picked up my rifle , several customers commented on the fit and finish, not to mention the octagon barrel ! After having shot several boxes of ammo, I am impressed with the accuracy and function as well . Hats off to you and your staff in making a firearm anyone would be proud to own.

Tom Giaguzzi

Dear Mr. Imperato

i just purchased a BIG BOY H006 .44 Magnum from you and i love it. I have always wanted a Henry lever action rifle and now i have one, and i intend to buy more. This is the Best rifle that i own and i have a lot, 15 to be exact. but the Henry is the Best shooting of them all Yes sir it is a fine work of craftsmanship.

Please keep up the good work and thank you for making a dream come true.

Charlie G. White Johnstown, PA

john-fowlerThis is pictures of Chris Fowler, one of the boys that worked at Hartford Days. You may remember his father, (John) he was the one who chased you down to sign Chris’s buddy’s rifle box. Chris was very happy to meet you and to get his own lever action rifle. Also, thank you for having the time to sign the box and for pictures. As soon as he got home from working at the Bullet Stop he was out shooting. He is one happy boy! Thank you once again for your time.

John Fowler Queen City, MO

caleb-dauelDear Henry Repeating,

My 11 year old son Caleb shot his first deer this year, it was a buck! only 25 minutes into the opening youth deer hunting season here in Wisconsin, this buck walked rite into Caleb’s site. We were in a tower stand so he was able to bench rest his new Henry “Big Boy” .44 magnum. I assisted him in by keeping him quiet and calm until the proper shot presented itself. With a grunt noise I stopped the buck to grab his attention for the few seconds Caleb needed to place the shot. Caleb touched off the .44 and dropped the buck rite where he stood about 25 yards away, no tracking required.

The excitement and joy this young man experienced in these few seconds it took to drop this buck will always be in our treasured memories. We compliment the fine craftsmanship and swift power of the Henry “Big Boy” .44 mag. This rifle has received many compliments from our fellow hunters and shooters at the range and in the field. We would like to thank you for your quality workmanship your dedication to building rifles in the U.S.A.

Caleb received this rifle just a month ago due to his good grades in school and his interest in hunting. After this experience he has stated he is now hooked on hunting for good and cannot wait until our next outing.

Thank you again for the fine work you did on Caleb’s rifle he will cherish this for a lifetime.

Kind Regards,

Scott & Caleb Dauel Wisconsin


I have had my Henry Big Boy 45LC for about 6 years. It is the most reliable and accurate weapons I have ever had. Just pulling it to my shoulder it feels like it was custom made.

That being said I wanted to say that we (my wife and I) do hose shoes and breed shows. When I have the opportunity, I ride my Arabian with full saddle and my Henry in the scabbard. It is a real crowd pleaser.


Alan Donnan

Angelo-SorianoDear Anthony

I decided that he needed some thing that would shine at the range, well on august 14th after 2 months of waiting it finally came, a Henry .22 golden boy rifle – it was worth every penny. After looking at the detail on that rifle nothing comes close out of the box beauty than your golden boy/big boy series of short “impecable”!!!! it is just an exqusite thing of beauty,and we were the talk of the range.

Well when it was finally my turn to shoot it it had an authentic feel to it, the weight,lever action sighting and again not mention the detaialed craftmanship made it all feel so incredable. the balance the feeding the ejecting all felt and acted harmonious, i had a piece of americana in my hands that cannot be matched by any other.

I just want to say that you and everybody responsible in building my rifle made me feel what a grandpa should feel, i know long after im gone that ole henry is going to be the hands of his grand kids and he will understand how i felt, here is a photo taken in 2011 -thanks again for a life time of more memories to come.


Angelo Soriano San Jose, CA

I have worked grocery retail for 25 years and know how important customer service is with all the competition out there! Thomas Kotz responded to my email and i had a new front sight in less then a week. Thanks to you, Thomas and everyone at Henry for SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Michael Sean O'Day

Dear Mr. Henry,

A little less than a year ago I received a .22 Golden Boy as a Christmas gift. I promptly loaded it up and went out and found just how great your guns are. The brass receiver, walnut stocks and octagonal barrel and most of all the PIN POINT accuracy made a believer out of me. Now I am buying the third Golden boy for our family! The second one is engraved with your plate for my son Nick, and the third for my Dads birthday September 21st which I will hand deliver when we meet a long beach island where I spent all my summers.

I have been shooting since age 12, then spent 4 years in the Navy Special Operations Community as a hard hat diver and have shot a lot of guns and own even more. Anthony, the Henry takes the cake, man what an awesome product straight out of the heart of the U.S. East Coast where I grew up.

I hope you sleep easy knowing that the age old tradition of Henry is in good hands,Thank You.

Craig Hayek

The Henry Guarantee

From Owner, Anthony Imperato

“Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.” - Anthony Imperato