Customer Letters

Mr. Imperato, I am a retired San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Detective (California) and I recently purchased a Henry Golden Boy 22 and 30-30 caliber rifles and I am absolutely in love with both of these fine American made legends. Thank you for continuing to manufacture these outstanding rifles!



Robert Sanchez California

My husband and I would like to thank you for your generous donation to help with our son, Matthew’s, medical expenses while fighting Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Matthew serves our country as a sergeant in the U.S. Army National Guard. It is comforting to know there are businesses like yours that care about people. We truly hope to pay it forward, so that one day your kindness will be repaid. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity during this difficult time for our family.

Cassandra Lizana


Dear Mr. Imperato,

I enjoyed reading some of the customer appreciation letters to HRAC on your website. Of course, there are almost too many to read. You have listed 119 web pages (as of this date) with probably an average of 10-12 letters, or more, per page. So I’d estimate at least there are +1500 letters to you. I believe all the excellent qualities of your Henry rifles and the kudos for your company’s excellent service have already been stated. So what can I add that is new? Maybe by sharing my story of how I was introduced to Henry lever-action rifles.

Unlike many Henry owners I read about on your website, I am very new to rifle ownership. I retired one year ago and owning/shooting firearms has become a most enjoyable retirement hobby for me. Early on I purchased only two revolvers and a derringer. But this last March my son-in-law gifted me with a four-year old Henry Lever Action, H001. It had less than 50 rounds shot through it, so it was all but brand new. The wood was a pleasure to look at and touch. But the shooting accuracy is what most impressed me. Simply a pleasure to shoot.

So with that first impressive Henry in my possession, I went to your Henry website. Oops, was that a mistake-I don’t have the finances to buy all the Henry models I would like to own! Still I purchased my second Henry- a Big Boy .357 magnum, H006M. I did not think I could improve on the accuracy and smoothness of my .22LR Henry, but the Big Boy pleasantly surprised me. It is also an excellent and fun-to-shoot rifle. My first day sighting/shooting the Big Boy was at my son-in-law’s shooting range. That was a memorable day for both me and him. By the way, our day on the range was also a battle with high winds. So that made our sighting/shooting results ever better!

Sighting the rifle was a snap. Nothing to do. The iron sights were impressively right on target at 150 yards, 100 yards, and 40 yards. I never even touched the sight adjustments. Also quickly learned what ammo the Big Boy likes. Even though I shot .38 special rounds, this rifle is definitely a strong .357 caliber.

To continue the first day on the range. My son-in-law is an ex-Marine sniper, who served in the VietNam war. I cannot describe what a superb marksman he is, no matter what type of firearm he uses. His shooting of my Big Boy was the highlight of our shooting day together.

As I mentioned, we shot at a variety of distances. We also tried some five-shot rapid fire at 40 yards to put the lever action through its paces. His first group was all five hits within less than one inch! He shook his head in astonishment when we approached the target. He took the target down and wrote on it the date and specifics of how he shot. The target is now hanging on the wall in his shooting shed. Finally, my son-in-law said he is ready to buy his own Henry .357, because I won’t give mine to him! Needless to say, he was most impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this rifle.

So that is the story of my first range outing with this great-shooting Henry Big Boy. Thanks for making such a quality rifle, and of course it’s so important that it is made in America. The workmanship is excellent. Although I cannot buy all the Henrys I would like to own, I am heading toward my third one. I am seriously considering the Henry Lever Octagon .22 Magnum, and have two shops looking for that rifle now. Along with other Henry owners, I might be soon asking myself, where does it end?

I’m glad to own my two Henry rifles, and am including a picture of my Big Boy. I’m in process of setting up a Nikon scope, so have removed the iron sights and mounted the Henry scope mount. An enjoyable project.

Thanks to you and your entire staff for your good work. Not least, I spent quite a few emails and phone calls working with Mr. Kevin Maguire in your Customer Technical Service Area. He was most helpful in answering all my questions re. my new rifle, especially how to clean/maintain my Big Boy. So I wanted to let you know he provided me the excellent customer service you promised.
Take good care.
A satisfied first-time Henry owner.


Bob Bosanac

Just bought .22 ser# T45396H Thanks for making them in USA..was going to buy new rifle from another company until I found out that the “iconic classic western rifle” was made in Japan..I went to Gander Mt. and bought your Henry rifle instead…

Tom Shankster

joe-riekersMr. Imperato –
Attached is a photo of a big hog I shot with one of your Henry Big Boy rilfes just yesterday.

Joe Riekers

gary-worosyloDear Anthony,
I would like to thank you again for your assistance with my latest Golden Boy, the third one I bought this year, SO FAR !!! I can’t say enough about the quality of your products and the service you provide your customers. We need more of America to espouse the standards that you have set and maintain and the commitment you make to your customers. You should be very proud of your products, your personnel and yourself.


Gary Worosylo Lifetime NRA New York Mills, NY

I have Winchester rifles that are antiques, Ruger firearms, Mosen Ghant rifles – but none compare to my Henry’s! Thanks so much for high quality rifles.


Dear Henry
Just got my Henry 357 this last weekend! Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help! I have never had anybody or any company go out of their way to do such a great thing for me. I can’t thank you enough, but, can say you have a customer for life and a free sales person for all your products for life to.

Bruce Hubbell


Mr Anthony, We received the Henry Rifles that Kevin Mcguire helped us with the personalized serial numbers and the rifles are absolutely beautiful. My grandson is too little to understand but I hope one day will cherish this rifle. I am enclosing a picture of Levi and I with the rifle and again,

Ricky Powell

cliff-swartI got my new henry rifle. it is a beauty. so i made a gun rack out of native walnut and have it displayed in my office. good program.



Cliff Swart